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Managing Your Anger: How to Cool Off Before You Melt Down It’s one thing to understand how remaining calm, supportive and objective can be a great service to our children and another thing to do it when we're exhausted, frazzled, and sleep-deprived. It's also another matter when the emotional wounds from our own childhoods come roaring forth like a fire-breathing dragon. Until one has children, it's often easy ...  Continue Reading
The Beauty of Saying No to Children I don’t know where I came up with it, but when I had my first child about 10 years ago I wanted to try not to use the word “no” with him. Maybe I thought that if I didn’t tell him “no” then he wouldn’t shout it at me. Maybe I had some misguided view about the ...  Continue Reading
Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Midwives It’s National Midwifery Week! And I feel so lucky to have found wonderful care with practices of CNMs in two different states. Midwives have delivered my two children, have counseled me through miscarriages, have overseen two healthy pregnancies, have discussed my birth control options, have provided my well-woman care and have helped my family thrive. So without ...  Continue Reading
Focus on Attachment Parenting: 8 Articles We Love October is Attachment Parenting month! Celebrate with this roundup of some of our most popular AP articles. Why Early Attachment Matters Here, we look at what Attachment Theory tells us about the importance of early relationships for the development of an individual’s basic sense of security in life.  Through bonding with this caregiver, a child develops expectations about the ...  Continue Reading
Were Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers Attachment Parents? At Pathways to Child Flourishing, Attachment Parenting International’s 20th Anniversary symposium, Peggy O’Mara (founder of shared this statement about her parenting journey, “In the 70s there was no name attachment parenting just a desire to parent more naturally…Attachment parenting is not about rules but a way to see the world.” While the term attachment parenting is just twenty ...  Continue Reading
5 Problem-Solving Products You At Mothering, we’re lucky to be introduced to a variety of fascinating products for kids and families each month: many developed by small family businesses. We’ve always enjoyed sharing the items that really impressed us, especially those products that nurture the healthy, active, inquisitive and green lifestyle of our readers. In the last couple of months we’ve had the chance ...  Continue Reading
16 Ways to Give Kids the Confidence They Need to Shape the World Our children will grow up to shape the world. They need plenty of creativity and grit for the task ahead. Nurturing them in loving relationships with plenty of freedom to play is wonderful preparation. Here are some other positive ways to foster their engagement as they grow. 1. Encourage make-believe worlds. This happens with blocks and dress-up. It ...  Continue Reading

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