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California to Require Breastfeeding Rooms at Airports California governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that will require the state’s major airports to provide a breastfeeding room for mothers by 2016. The bill details that the rooms must be private and include a chair and electrical outlet for pumps–while those in newly built terminals will also be required to have a sink. No mention is made about whether multiple ...  Continue Reading
The Beauty of Siblings at a Birth Big Brother At Birth- Photo by Erin Wrightsman, used with permission. I love sharing different perspectives on birth and giving different people a platform to share their passion and thought. About a week ago I met Jessicca Moore, a woman making a movie about medical doctors and other personnel who birth at home. I love this premise as I  myself ...  Continue Reading
Last Call: Why I Want One More, Even Though I Shouldn When I was younger, I dreamed of having three children. Three kids felt chaotic, messy, and fun; three kids was the best kind of party. I feel incredibly lucky to actually have three children who kick my butt each and every day. My plate is full, blessedly so. So why can’t I stop thinking about having another ...  Continue Reading
How to Experience a Baby CC by 2.0 sabianmaggy I’ve never admitted this before because it sounds entirely weird, but it was such a powerful experience that I now look back at it as a sort of ceremony. In case you want to give baby choreography a try, I’ll explain. First time motherhood confounded me in a way I could not, still cannot, put ...  Continue Reading
Bedsharing Through the Good and the Bad With a finally passed-out 17-month-old on your shoulder, you have to slither into bed as gingerly as you can: waddling on your knees like a penguin to the middle of your mattress, turning around and then laying back as slowly as possible—utilizing all the core muscles you have left after having two kids (sit-ups being absent in ...  Continue Reading
20 Reasons You Should Hire a Doula In our current obstetric culture women have lots of commentators on what they should or shouldn't do, but few people who are just there to support them and their partner in their birth. Few who understand how to emotionally "be there" for the birth and preparation leading up to it. Few women have a strong circle of ...  Continue Reading

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