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What Lena Dunham Did  What Lena Dunham did is not ok. It’s natural. It’s common. It’s not shameful. It’s not dirty. But it’s not ok. What Lena did, as recorded in her memoir, is sexually experiment on and with her younger sister, for several years. Since her admission, Lena has been accused of sexually abusing her sister, while many have spoken up to ...  Continue Reading
Not Your Mother Did ya see Heather Havrilesky’s clever rant in the New York Times this weekend? A snippet: We smugly shake our heads at the backward attitudes of “Mad Men,” but at this particular moment in our history, some combination of overzealous parenting, savvy marketing and glorification of hearth and home have coaxed the public into viewing female parents as ...  Continue Reading
5 Tips for Creating Real Community From a Once Lonely Mom Recently I wrote a post about the unexpected ways I’ve found community through my kids. I shared that for me this was not part of my initial plan, that community had happened but was not something I had sought. That was a bit of an oversimplification, though. One particular response to that post has echoed in my head, because I ...  Continue Reading
In Defense of Grandparents Grandparents. They get a bad rap these days, don’t you think? Then again, maybe you are even one of those people annoyed by grandparents… They say things about how their kids slept on their stomachs and survived just fine, thank you very much! Or how their kids just rolled around in the back seat of the car and are just ...  Continue Reading
Playful Parenting of Older Children and Teens But how does playtime change as kids get older? How can parents adapt their approach to playful parenting after kids outgrow the desire to get silly, wrestle, and pretend? How can we achieve the same results with our teenagers that we can by playing “tickle monster” with our toddlers?  Continue Reading

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