I’m Not Supposed to Wear a Bikini But I Wore One Anyway

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Breastfeeding is the Bomb: Here Breast milk is beyond science. We have yet to fully understand it, and we will certainly never reproduce its equal in a laboratory. It is a mystery, like quantum physics and black holes and the appeal of Bikram yoga. I get a bit fired up about breast milk.  Continue Reading
6 Healing Steps to Process a Traumatic Birth Some people say ‘healthy baby, healthy mama’ is enough when it comes to a birth. For me, that is not enough. Yes, the “destination” is imperative, but the journey matters, too. It is possible to both celebrate an amazing new life and mourn the journey it took to get there at the same time.  Continue Reading
5 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Make Your Child "LISTEN!!!" One of the most frequent questions I get is, How do I get my child to listen to me? What lingers in the roots just beneath this question is, How do I get her to respect me? The two are intimately entwined. As so often happens with Life’s sticky questions, sometimes we can unstick things a bit by ...  Continue Reading
Lowering the Bar. At Least for Today. There are days I feel totally and completely incompetent. Take today for instance. My bedroom floor is littered with toys, books, and clothes. There are far too many water glasses on my dresser. My kitchen is messy and all of my daughter’s cloth diapers are dirty, so she’s in a disposable.  Continue Reading
The Politics of Diapers: a Timeline Originally appearing as a sidebar in a 2003 issue of Mothering magazine, this timeline is a fascinating look at the history and politics of the diaper industry and the important work of environmental and cloth advocates.  Continue Reading
Why Early Attachment Matters The quality of love a caregiver gives during her child’s first years of life has a tremendous and long-term impact on that youngster. A life that could be described as emotionally healthy, happy, harmonious, constructive, and productive depends on the quality of love received at an early age.   Continue Reading
50 Moms Share 5 Words of Advice for New Parents We recently asked our Facebook community the question, “If you could share ONLY 5 words of advice (no more, no less) with a brand new parent, what would they be?” The response was overwhelming, with nearly 2500 parents offering their wisdom. We’ve selected 50 of the most “liked” responses to share with you below. To read all of the ...  Continue Reading

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