Silly Things You've Been Told About Breastfeeding?

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Trophy Kids and the Cycle of Artificial Self-Esteem There is commonality among the varied approaches, styles and philosophies of parenting and child rearing—regardless of what parenting style or philosophy is practiced or embraced, it is clear that we all want the best for our children. But how far are we willing to go to protect our kids’ sense of self and self-esteem? Are we willing ...  Continue Reading
Still Pregnant: Living with a High-Risk Pregnancy Am I still pregnant? Is the baby’s heart still beating? Will it beat tomorrow? Will I hold this baby, or only see its form floating on a cold, black ultrasound screen, the ghostly white figure preserved as still as a photo, like the baby we lost a few months before Elena was born?  Continue Reading
The Ultimate Guide to Green School Supplies Looking for eco-friendly solutions for school shopping this year? We’ve created six easy to use guides that break down some of the best green options for back to school basics. From easy to find brands who are making an eco effort to more unique, stylish and sustainable supplies that you would normally have to dig to find. We hope ...  Continue Reading
Busting the Myth of the "Natural" Mother The notion that there is one way or experience of mothering is not only inaccurate, it is quite literally dangerously false. Only by sharing our truths and challenging the prevailing, warped narrative of motherhood will we combat the shame and silence that threaten our health and happiness.  Continue Reading
Newborns Sleeping Through the Night: A Dangerous Myth It seems as if every decade delivers a new scheme to get even our youngest babies to sleep through the night. And yep, I figured we were just about due for a book titled The Sleepiest Baby on the Block or 50 Shades of Baby Slumber when, this past lovely Sunday afternoon, I was confronted by the ...  Continue Reading
Beyond Screens: Creative Ideas to Keep Kids Busy Our kids are shaped by what they see and do. Very young children can become wired for overstimulation by screen time as well as the kind of commercial playthings that use sound, light, and movement to hold their attention. Here are plenty of toy and screen-free play ideas to help children play more creatively, cooperate more easily, ...  Continue Reading

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