The C.A.R.E.-Code Alliance: Why Families Deserve Companies that Protect Healthy Infant Feeding

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Candy Crafts: Creative Ways to Use Up Unwanted Halloween Treats Candy is a traditional part of Halloween. But since it contains so much sugar, corn syrup, and artificial dye, many parents don’t want their children gorging on Halloween loot. Whether you’re planning a Halloween party, or using up candy after Halloween, these activities will help your children enjoy their Halloween candy without eating it.  Continue Reading
A Letter to My Waiter … From Me and My Baby I’m a complete and utter foodie AND a new mother. I’m also an ex-waitress of 15 years. Let me assure you, I’ve read everything and will DO everything to make sure this experience is pleasant for you, me and the people around us. I’ve made sure she’s not tired. I’ve made sure she’s not hungry.   Continue Reading
Our Family We are big fans of Halloween over in our house.  You can usually find us counting down the last days of September as we anxiously await the day we can put up our Halloween decorations.  We paint our big picture window with a huge pumpkin; we put the scarecrow out on the porch, and we hang up ...  Continue Reading
The Rescue Dog Who Rescued Us Toby came to us from a dog rescue in rural Tennessee. Along with dozens of other formerly abandoned dogs, he traveled to New England on an enormous tractor-trailer we met up with at a highway rest stop. A burly, tattooed man called out my name and beamed at me as he placed a shivering bundle of white ...  Continue Reading
Managing Your Anger: How to Cool Off Before You Melt Down It’s one thing to understand how remaining calm, supportive and objective can be a great service to our children and another thing to do it when we're exhausted, frazzled, and sleep-deprived. It's also another matter when the emotional wounds from our own childhoods come roaring forth like a fire-breathing dragon. Until one has children, it's often easy ...  Continue Reading
The Beauty of Saying No to Children I don’t know where I came up with it, but when I had my first child about 10 years ago I wanted to try not to use the word “no” with him. Maybe I thought that if I didn’t tell him “no” then he wouldn’t shout it at me. Maybe I had some misguided view about the ...  Continue Reading

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