A Letter to My Friends About Why I Can’t Attend a “No Children” Event

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BPA-Free and Plant-Based Plastics More Dangerous Than We Thought In my house, we only permit BPA-free toys, sippy cups, and other plastics while trying to minimize our use of plastic altogether. Doing so is supposed to spare us from hormone-disrupting chemicals found in  bisphenol-A. But these plastic items still aren’t safe (if by safe we mean products that don’t leach other hormone-disrupting chemicals). Research now indicates that nearly every plastic product ...  Continue Reading
25 Most Popular Baby Names of the 1960s It’s always interesting to see how baby name trends have shifted over the decades. Last week we shared a fascinating look at popular monikers from the 1950s that was created by the family history site Crestleaf. This week they’ve utilized their Historic Records Database to dig into baby names from the 1960s. Did anyone name their kiddo one of these groovy selections? Find out more ...  Continue Reading
Why I Don’t Have Working Mom Guilt I started my son in full-time daycare a few months ago, when he was almost two. Before that, my partner and I traded off childcare responsibilities and got a ton of help from a nanny that came a few days a week to allow us to both work simultaneously. It felt good to be able to keep ...  Continue Reading
 Pulling On Words: Working Through My Son “Uh… Uh… Uh… Up! Boo! 1…. 2…. 3… G-G-G-Gooooo! Weeee!” This is our slide mantra. I say these words every time he goes uh-uh-up and d-d-down. I chant them on the first round and the twenty-first round. I repeat them when we’re alone in the park and when others stand by, witness to how ridiculous I sound. Every ...  Continue Reading

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