How Attachment Parenting Produces Independent Kids

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Bedsharing Through the Good and the Bad With a finally passed-out 17-month-old on your shoulder, you have to slither into bed as gingerly as you can: waddling on your knees like a penguin to the middle of your mattress, turning around and then laying back as slowly as possible—utilizing all the core muscles you have left after having two kids (sit-ups being absent in ...  Continue Reading
20 Reasons You Should Hire a Doula In our current obstetric culture women have lots of commentators on what they should or shouldn't do, but few people who are just there to support them and their partner in their birth. Few who understand how to emotionally "be there" for the birth and preparation leading up to it. Few women have a strong circle of ...  Continue Reading
Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy: Why it How do you make your decision about how long you will breastfeed? As with most things in life, you have the freedom to make your own decision based on what you feel is best for you and your family. But if you decide to continue past infancy, know that the incredible benefits of extending breastfeeding far outweigh ...  Continue Reading
Hands Out of My Vagina I first met Amanda Devereux over a year ago at a childbirth educator training I was part of in Texas. She stood out: a Registered Nurse turned doula and mother of three, she proclaimed she had “found her tribe” when she met all of us. There is something special about being a birth junkie surrounded (finally!) by ...  Continue Reading
What if it Was Your Son? Walking across the blacktop of my son’s elementary school after the last bell rang, I couldn’t help but scan the faces of the boys at the handball courts. “You’re out!” a blond boy called, tossing back his hair to reveal a streak of dusty soot as if he’d recently emerged from a coal mine. “It’s a sticky!” ...  Continue Reading

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