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Showing My Child That Her "Ugly" is Still Lovable One of my precious daughters, I’ll save her the future embarrassment of sharing which one, spent the better portion of three hours today crying.  Long, drawn out, right in mama’s ear sobs.  Everything was just so tragic.  At once she was too hot, then too cold.  Then she learned that bees would be out in a couple ...  Continue Reading
For the Love of an Ordinary Day Life with children is never simple, but when your child becomes ill, your world transforms. It can happen so fast. Suddenly, the rug is pulled out from under you. There is barely a moment to grasp the magnitude of the situation. Something shifts inside of you, and immediately take on a new identity: the warrior. One of my ...  Continue Reading
The Swing Set I Had Already Chosen By Alona Martinez for Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers The baby I lost was going to have a playset from Costco. I knew this, just as clearly as I knew I’d practice stirring porridge slowly and lovingly, the way my mother taught me, making sure I’d get it just right. I’d add a dash of salt and a generous ...  Continue Reading
The Urge for Another Baby I have five children, and five children is a lot in these modern times. Five children means a larger car, a hard and expensive time booking holiday accommodation and mountains of washing and food. It means four school lunches to pack each morning and busy nights driving children to soccer and ballet and swimming lessons.  Continue Reading
Mandatory Vaccinations I recently read that the two senators in my home state of California will be pushing a bill forward removing vaccine exemptions for children. This will essentially mandate vaccinations for children to enter public school. Frankly, I am horrified. I try not to be riled up by stuff like this, but mandatory vaccinations? Am I horrified because I ...  Continue Reading
First Foods for Baby: Easy Homemade Solutions Whether you’re starting baby on solids at six months or ten, introducing foods for the first time can be both exciting and stressful. Finding selections that are safe and healthy is a top priority—but with hundreds of colorful baby food jars, boxes and bags lining the shelves at the supermarket, the choices can be overwhelming. Given all of the options available today, you might ...  Continue Reading

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