10 Reasons You Should Start That Creative Project

It's the perfect time to tackle that project you've been pushing aside.Spring is just around the corner, and it is accompanied by budding leaves, blossoming flowers, and a general sense of optimism. It’s the perfect time to go back to the drawing board and revisit that idea you had; to tackle that project you’ve been pushing aside.

We all have reasons for not getting that passion project started. If last year wasn’t the year for it, maybe this year is. Devoting yourself to something where you can express your artistry and imagination will serve as a very much needed creative outlet, plus it comes with some amazing benefits.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to start that project now.

1. It Will Relieve Stress and Anxiety

One of the benefits to expressing your creative side is it reduces stress, and helps you get in touch with your inner self. Because you’re enjoying the moment, your brain feels rewarded and leaves you mentally relaxed and calm. When you’re fully immersed in your creative project, you’ll find yourself in a state of focus, where your body and mind flow together in the “zone.”

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2. It Will Improve Your Mood

Your side project is a form of expression. Be it writing, drawing, or yoga, your creativity will elicit positive emotions from within that will most likely make you feel happy. When you express your feelings through a project, you instantaneously feel uplifted and motivated.

3. It Will Make You Optimistic About Life

We all have our creative sides and it doesn’t have to be something that involves art. As long as you use your imagination and you’re exploring your individuality, it counts. People who express their creativity are happier. Why? Because they’re enjoying what they’re doing. They’re having fun!

A study at Harvard analyzed 70,000 women and found that those who are more optimistic have lower risks of dying from health problems like cancer, heart diseases, stroke, respiratory diseases, and infection. The power of positivity is a proven and tested way of thinking. When you face the day with a smile, you feel better and everyone around you as well.

4. It Will Help You Discover New Things About Yourself

When you dive into your creative project, you get into a trancelike state where it is just you and what you are doing. At some point, you will express emotions and feelings you never knew you had. Through artistic experience, you start to explore a world outside your comfort zone, ask questions you never thought you’d ask, discover new talents, and seek new desires.

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5. It Will Improve Your Cognitive Skills

Your creative project heightens your brain activity by stimulating the areas for reasoning and focus. It makes you more attentive, enhances memory, and helps you think faster.

6. It Might Turn Into a Business

When you want to try something new and it turned out you’re amazing at it, it can be turned into a money-making business venture. Someone will find your skills valuable and you can easily monetize it. There are a lot of successful entrepreneurs who started their business as a mere hobby. Think of it this way, your creative project could be the window of opportunity to do what you love as your career. Who doesn’t want that?

7. It Makes You More Productive

The idea of a side project creates a cycle of productivity wherein you make down time fulfilling. Because you’re doing something outside work and home, there’s no pressure, there’s no deadline. If you fail, so what? This sense of renewed energy and excitement can be your drive to accomplish the rest of your activities.

8. It Creates Quality “Me” Time

Most people forget that mothers are also individuals with dreams and aspirations. Well, you should know that you don’t need to give up on those. It lets you become a better person from the inside out. “Me” time is not being selfish. It gives you time to unwind, to relieve your mind and body of stress.

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9. It Helps Boost Your Confidence

We always have that low motivational point in our lives. Moments when we feel we’re good at nothing. Starting your creative project might ease you up with those feelings. When you commit yourself to a side project and realize how good you are at it, you’ll start to value yourself again. That sense of accomplishment makes you more confident with your capabilities and conveys personal growth.

10. It Makes You a Better Mom

This probably is the best benefit of having a creative project. When you relieve yourself of stress and anxiety, when you feel more positive about life, when you value yourself, you are taking care of yourself. As moms, we are innately nurturers. We must be strong physically, mentally, and psychologically before we can take care of others.

Do you have any creative project? Please share!

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