8 Tricks and Treats for a Naturally Inspired Halloween

Tricks and Treats for a Naturally Inspired Halloween

Easy, natural Halloween ideas that expand on the fun of this creative holiday!

Creative Candy Crafts

Looking for something to do with all of that unwanted Halloween candy? Check out these crafts and activities!

Jack-O-Lantern Cookies

Have some sweet and spooky fun with these wholesome Jack-O’-Lantern cookies.

Green Halloween dECOr

Discover unique and inexpensive ways to create eco-friendly decorations everyone will love.

Earth-Friendly Treats and Treasures

Look beyond plastic trinkets and sugary candy with these simple ideas for a greener holiday.

Healthier Halloween Treats

Looking for some tasty treats to replace candy this Halloween? Here are some simple alternatives.

DIY Face Paints

Commercial face paints are often unsafe for children. Here is a fun do-it-yourself replacement. This recipe calls for diaper cream as a base. Check out our guide to safe diaper creams for help choosing the best one.

Free Halloween Audio Story

You”ll love this delightful tale from Sparkle Stories. It’s magical without being scary, and perfect for all ages.

Candy Experiments

Ton of candy? You’ll love these totally unique ways to turn sugar overload into education fun.


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