100 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers You Can Find Anywhere


Trying to think of last minute stocking stuffers for the kids?

With all the busyness of the holiday season, it’s easy to delay the small stuff until the last minute! We asked the Mothering community for their best ideas for filling stockings when you’re short on time and cash.

Here are 100 suggestions that can usually be purchased at a local grocery store, market, convenience store or dollar store — even the day before Christmas!

  1. Crayons and Markers
  2. Paints and Brushes
  3. Construction Paper
  4. Scissors, Glue, Glitter
  5. Small Sewing Kit
  6. DIY ‘Doctor’s’ Kit (compile bandaids, gauze, lotion etc in a bag or box)
  7. Hats and Gloves or Mittens
  8. Lip Balm
  9. Silly Putty
  10. Small Flashlight
  11. Hair Accessories
  12. Dice
  13. Cards and Card Games (Monopoly Deal, UNO, Crazy 8s, Old Maid, Go Fish)
  14. Movie Tickets
  15. Magnifying Glass
  16. Inexpensive Binoculars
  17. Notepad and Pen
  18. Solar Calculator
  19. Small Cars
  20. Animal Figures
  21. Books or Magazines
  22. Small Dolls or Figurines
  23. Balls
  24. Magazines
  25. Socks
  26. Pretzel Sticks
  27. Toothbrush
  28. Special Coins
  29. Brush or Comb
  30. YoYo
  31. Magic Growing Animals (comes as small tablets or washclothes to be placed in water to grow)
  32. Bath Toys
  33. Story Books
  34. Comic Books
  35. Puzzle Books (word find, crosswords, sudoku etc)
  36. Gift Cards
  37. Harmonica
  38. Seeds for Growing Indoor Plants
  39. Playdough or Clay (homemade works too!)
  40. Stickers and Sticker Books
  41. Bandana
  42. Simple Homemade Treats (cookies, brownies etc wrapped in brown paper)
  43. Nail Polish
  44. Inexpensive Jewelry
  45. Lotion
  46. Bubble Bath
  47. Glow Sticks
  48. Jump Rope
  49. Jacks
  50. Sidewalk Chalk
  51. Stamps
  52. Coin Purse or Wallet
  53. Mini Tape Measure
  54. Mini Puzzles
  55. Small Plants
  56. Travel Games
  57. Small Puzzles
  58. Coloring Books
  59. Special Ornament
  60. Candy Canes
  61. Nuts and Dried Fruit
  62. Chocolate Oranges
  63. Fresh Fruit (Clementines, Pomegranate, Bananas, Apples)
  64. Chocolate Covered Raisins or Nuts
  65. Granola Bars
  66. Herbal Tea
  67. Juice Boxes
  68. Small Calendar
  69. Journal
  70. Handheld Microscope
  71. Rocks and Shells
  72. Glow in the Dark Stars and Planets
  73. Pocket Tissues
  74. Mini Cereal Boxes
  75. Chocolate Covered Cherries
  76. Sugar Plums
  77. Small Boxes of Raisins
  78. Yarn or String
  79. Knitting Needles or Crochet Hooks
  80. Lotto Tickets
  81. Keychains
  82. Magnets
  83. Music CDs
  84. Fancy Soaps
  85. Small Stuffed Animals
  86. Special Mug, Cup, Bowl or Spoon
  87. Truffles
  88. Guitar Picks
  89. Fancy Band Aids
  90. Tape (in different colors)
  91. Small Knitted or Crocheted Items (playfood, balls, chains etc)
  92. Stencils
  93. ‘Silk’ Scarfs and Other Treasure from a Thrift Store
  94. Pencil Sharpener
  95. Whistle
  96. Craft Pipe Cleaners
  97. Finger Puppets
  98. Special Rocks (for smaller kids)
  99. Mini Cheeses
  100. Fancy Straw

Image: A Forest Frolic

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