14 Things About a 14-Month-Old Baby

• Continues her study of physics (velocity, matter) by hurling food and other objects on the floor. Last night it was the glass top to the butter dish, which broke into a thousand jagged pieces.

• Puts small objects in her mouth, and stumbles around the house drooling. Favorite choking hazards: pennies, buttons, big brother’s marbles.

• Talks all the time. In Navaho? Vulcan? “Gaygo. Dis. Ducka ducka ducka! Umm. Dee doo. Aw-woo.”

• Is affronted by the very thought of wearing clothes. Takes hers off all the time. Woe to the parent who dares to try to get her dressed.

• Helps to do the laundry by taking clean underwear and putting it around her neck like a necklace or on her head like a hat.

• Points to where she wants to go.

• Points to where she doesn’t want to go.

• Gets very mad if taken in the wrong direction.

• Has mastered walking. Is now trying to teach herself how to jump. This involves bending her legs, then straightening to tiptoe. No altitude gained.

• Interested in reading books, usually upside down, not just eating them.

• Likes to practice with a pencil. Scribble scribble. Next page. Scribble. Next page. Scribble scribble. Usually on a big sister’s precious drawing or due-tomorrow homework assignment.

• Favorite foods: Nummies, plain whole milk yogurt, grated or parent-chewed carrot.

• Would rather be outside than anywhere else. Would like to be outside RIGHT NOW. Bang. Bang. Bang. Why is no one opening this door?

• Very friendly to strangers … until they say “hi” back. Then buries her head (if being carried) or shrieks in terror (if standing by herself).

I'm 14 months old and I'm way too busy to pose for photographs

I’m 14 months old and I’m way too busy to pose for photographs

Unless you sneak up on me playing with my 15-month-old cousin (on left)

Unless you sneak up on me playing with my 15-month-old cousin (on left)

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