15 Healthy Snacks for Kids That Are Easy to Fit Into Your Daily Routine

15 Healthy And Easy Snacks For Kids

As a mom of four, having snacks around for my kids is a necessity for my sanity and their health. Since I travel out of state periodically for my work as a childbirth educator, it has become even more important for our family to have healthy and easy snacks for kids that are accessible and low prep. This way, when I am gone, my busy family can still be fed healthy (and easy) snacks. The children can be more independent, and my husband, who works long hours, can handle life without me.

There will be things on this list that don’t work for your family, due to allergies or preference. Use what works for you and discard the rest!

15 Healthy and Easy Snacks for Kids

15 Healthy and Easy Snacks for Kids
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1) Cheese– Cheese sticks or baby brie are a fabulous and protein packed healthy snack for kids.

Bonus: protein!

2) Baby Carrots- Prepared baby carrots are crunchy and kids love them. My kids are big enough that they can eat a regular big old carrot, but the baby ones are nice for traveling or smaller kids.

Bonus: beta carotene!

3) Seaweed– You can find toasted seaweed in a variety of flavors, in large packs at stores like Costco (for the best deal) and even in grocery stores. My kids love this and it is a nice alternative to potato chips. For real!

Bonus: green food!

15 Healthy and Easy Snacks for Kids
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4) Sprouted Wheat Bagels– This are awesome for breakfast, snack, and even lunch. I love a local brand of sprouted bagels because they taste yummy and they are packed with protein, from 10-11 grams in one bagel. See what you can find in your area. The healthier, whole grain and sprouted bagels generally do cost a little more, but they are wonderful. Top it with cream cheese or nut butter for more protein power.

Bonus: whole grains and vegan protein!

5) Berries– Berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries require almost no prep and are some of the healthiest foods out there. Plus, these are a favorite for my kids. With four of them, we could spend millions on fresh berries! The benefits are awesome with all the nutrients packed in these little miracles of nature.

Bonus: dessert replacement!

15 Healthy and Easy Snacks for Kids
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6) Roasted Nuts– Yummy…nuts. This is one of my favorite snacks for me and for my kids. They fill me up, they are super portable and don’t require refrigeration, and I swear they even curb moody kid fits. Love nuts!

Bonus: Fit in your purse without making a mess!

7) Applesauce- An oldie but a goodie, applesauce, or any other fruit sauce can be easily purchased pre packaged (or portioned into tiny mason jars if you are focusing on zero waste) and is pretty much beloved by all children. Make it healthier by getting one that has no added sugar. Applesauce is sweet enough without adding corn syrup, and if your kids never get used to the hyper sweetened version, they won’t know the difference.

Bonus: Super easy to pack anywhere and no prep!

8) Raw almonds– I know we already talked about roasted nuts, but raw almonds are also an awesome snack, and kids love them. Satiating, filled with healthy fats, and a perfect raw food, raw almonds are a go to for kids and moms alike.

Bonus: healthy fats!

9) Celery with nut butter– Cutting up celery does require a little bit of prep, but if you choose one day a week to do your healthy snack prep, you can have these ready to go in your fridge at a moments notice. I like to put mine in a glass container with water in the bottom to keep them fresh throughout the week. Place it on the middle of the table and the kids will have a veggie/protein snack they will love.

Bonus: veggies!

15 Healthy and Easy Snacks for Kids
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10) Hummus with pita or veggies– Who doesn’t love hummus? This is easy to buy anywhere either premade or in a powder that you just add water to. Or, if you prefer to make it yourself, it is really very easy. A few cans of garbanzo beans, some tahini, a little garlic (if you prefer), olive oil and kosher salt and sesame seeds, add to your food processor and…voila- homemade hummus!

Bonus: filling and a yummy dip!

11) Granola bars-There are lots of healthy granola bar options out there now. Just look for a brand without lots of yucky sweeteners or extra sugar. There are a few national brands that contain mostly nuts and those are a great option. I prefer those with protein so the kids aren’t just loading up on carbohydrates all day long.

Bonus: Easy!

12) Natural packaged alternatives– It’s true that all the other kids are munching on goldfish crackers and fruit snacks. I don’t love my kids having those, but as a treat I do occasionally buy a box of organic snacks that have healthier alternatives to the mainstream corn syrup filled versions and my kids feel like they are getting a special treat.

Bonus: no refrigeration required!

13) Jicama– This root vegetable is crisp like an apple with a touch of sweetness. Great for dipping, my kids just love munching on jicama as a snack. It is a healthy snack for kids and doesn’t require much preparation. I just peel the thick skin off and cut into rectangles. It never lasts long!

Bonus: root veggie!

15 Healthy and Easy Snacks For Kids
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14) Sugar Snap Peas– Honestly, I could eat a huge bag of sugar snap peas all by myself. They are so sweet and delicious, plus they require no prep at all and are great as a stand alone healthy and easy kid snack. If you get the stringless variety, they get eaten even faster and won’t bother those with more texture issues.

Bonus: sweet veggie!

15) Cucumber with vinegar– Cucumbers are so inexpensive and accessible. Oddly enough, this is a snack that my kids adore. I peel off the skin and cut into silver dollar rounds and throw them in a bowl. Then, I douse the whole lot of cucumbers with balsamic vinegar. You would be surprised how quickly these get eaten up. They are usually asking for more! If your kids prefer, they are also good with apple cider vinegar, and then you have the benefit of the probiotic cultures from the mother in the vinegar. Whoot for gut health!

Bonus: hydrating and refreshing!

You CAN feed kids healthy snacks even with your busy life. I know these 15 healthy and easy snacks for kids have made my life easier and kept my children healthy and happy. I hope they can do the same for you! As a bonus, all of these snacks are also great for pregnant or nursing moms! Happy eating!

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