20 Toys Under $20: Mothering’s Natural Toy Guide 2012


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Wilbert the Worm Rolling Toy


Why We Love It: Constructed from midwestern hardwoods and mildly coated with natural beeswax in Illinois this toy is just right for rolling about. It can also be used as a teether. 


Price: $15.99


Where to Buy: Peapods




Felt Horse


Why We Love It: Whether you’re teaming this all-natural horse up with a little cowgirl or cowboy (see the doll category) or letting her free to roam without a rider, this engaging felt friend will be the basis for endless hours of creative play time. 


Price: $14.95 (small) or $15.95 (large)


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden






Sarah’s Silks Silk Streamers


Why We Love It: Indoors or outdoors these flowing silk streamers are a uniquely joyful play item. Children will have hours of fun running and watching the silk flow behind them, twirling the colors around their little bodies and using the wands as props in dress up. 


Price:  $7.95 (mini) or $10.95 (regular)


Where to Buy: Sarah’s Silks

Winter Gnome Set


Why We Love It: These adorable little friends are just waiting to join in on some magical fun! Pair them up with a winter play silk or giant felt mushroom for endless imaginative possibilities. Made of wood and wool in the USA. 


Price: $19.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden






Green Toys Submarine Bath Toy


Why We Love It: All Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs.and are BPA, phthalate and PVC free. This delightful submarine is perfect for play time or bath time and is super easy to keep clean. 


Price: $14.99


Where to Buy: Peapods





Stockmar Modelling Beeswax


Why We Love It: Any child is sure to find endless ways to use this natural modelling beeswax. Unlike clay, the beeswax softens when warm so it is very easy to work with and the colors are so bright and rich that little ones can create anything they can imagine. Once a creation cools it is hard enough to keep and display, or simply warm it up to use it again. Talk about fun! 


Price: $12.95 (12-piece)


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden



Springing Puppy


Why We Love It: This is a great, well-made toy to hang from a doorway or mantle. Puppy ears flop around as the puppy springs in the air. Made from beech wood and 100% natural cotton twine. (18x3x6cm). US Made.


Price: $14.00


Where to Buy: Real Wooden Toys






Plush Hammer Rattle


Why We Love It: What a great rattle!! Both my babies like to hit things with their rattles, and this just insures that the cat doesn’t get bonked with something hard! It is a great shape for waving and “hammering” and the rattle is nice and loud. The shape also gives the baby interesting bits to chew on, which is a big pastime right now. The fabrics are very colorful and seem very durable. The rattle itself is well padded. We really like the different print options.


Price: $9.00


Where to Buy: Little Demoura Designs




Whoo’s There? A Bedtime Shadow Book


Why We Love It: Guaranteed to produce some oohs and ahs: this book is a brilliant way to bring old fashioned shadow puppet fun to bedtime. Just shine a flashlight through the imaginative pictures to project them on the wall and the story comes alive right before your eyes. 


Price: $12.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden





Doodletown Wooden Vehicles 


Why We Love It: These cute little vehicles are handmade in Minnesota from sustainable pine and are priced right! Choose from a tractor, helicopter, airplane, car, train, bus, or bulldozer for tons of imaginative fun. 


Price: $6.99


Where to Buy: Peapods




Window Crayons for Glass


Why We Love It: Looking for a unique way to entertain the kids? This is it! Whether they’re decorating for a special occasion or just being creative the little ones will adore being able to draw where they never have before–all over the window! The crayons are made of non-toxic, water-soluble wax and clean up with just a little soap and water. They work on plastic too. 


Price:  $12.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden






Sarah’s Silks Play Silks


Why We Love It: These 35″ play silks can be used for any number of fun adventures around the house. They easily become a cape or skirt in dress up, a colorful backdrop for a puppet show or a flowing flag on top of an impromptu fort. Dyed in the USA. 


Price: $14.95 (each)


Where to Buy: Sarah’s Silks




Nature Bingo


Why We Love It: Bingo just got a whole lot better! The gorgeous and realistic animal images in this fun spin on a much loved classic explains why it has won one award after another since its release. There is something here for kids of all ages. Perfect for family game night and parties! 


Price:  $15.95 


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden






Rainbow Boat


Why We Love It: This beautifully constructed boat is handmade in the USA and filled with wonderful little people of many colors. Kids will love taking these little friends in and out of the boat before sending them off for high seas adventures.


Price:  $17.95


Where to Buy: Down to Earth Toys




Treasure Chest of Activities


Why We Love It: This fun set includes everything an older child needs to keep themselves entertained for hours–including the paper, scissors and glue. Watch as they make 

everything from paper balloons to origami and feel great knowing it is made in the USA. 


Price: $14.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden


Under the Nile Handkerchief Doll


Why We Love It: The handpicked, organic Egyptian cotton that Under the Nile uses for its soft toys makes them irresistible and so safe for baby. I love the Handkerchief Doll with its formed head and loose cloth body: a perfect first toy for baby. Under the Nile toys are impossible to put down. They are uniquely designed, imaginative and safe for baby.


Price: $8.00


Where to Buy: Under the Nile






ASL I Love You Teether


Why We Love It: If you are using ASL based baby sign language this teether is a fun way to reinforce that. The width of the toy, as well as the fingers sticking up, offer perfect chewing surfaces. The wood is non-splintering and naturally antibacterial, non-allergenic, and non-toxic. The maker uses FSC certified hardwoods and plants a tree for every toy sold. Made in WI, USA.


Price: $12.00


Where to Buy: Little Sapling Toys





Wikki Stix Activity Set and Rainbow Pak


Why We Love It:These are great creative toys with a low mess factor! As soon as the box was opened my daughter began to play with them and create both pictures and figures. I love that they never dry out like modeling clay can. This is the first time we had the activity board and my daughter is able to create some pretty elaborate pictures on it. With the addition of the Rainbow Pack or extra Stix, I would imagine this will be a toy that last for a long time and inspires some very creative projects.


Price: $16.50 (activity set) and $3.50 (rainbow pak)


Where to Buy: Wikki Stix


Snuggle Baby & Super Snuggle Baby


Why We Love It: As soon as my 3 month old saw this doll she grinned and stared at it for a long time. The simple features are very recognizable to her and the soft, simple construction means she can grab it and not risk anything coming off or hitting herself with a hard piece. The fabrics are great quality and very cute. Even my 6 year old thought they were cute. We like that they came in both a simple print and the Super Snuggle Baby who has a cape and mask.


Price: $18.00 and $21.00


Where to Buy: Little Demoura Designs




Nature Kaleidoscope Kit


Why We Love It: This kit includes everything you need to make a kaleidoscope inspired by nature. The kids will have a blast constructing it and trying out the endless possibilities that the included flowers, stones and other items provide. They can even find their own small items and see what new patterns their imaginations can create! 


Price: $14.95


Where to Buy: A Toy Garden



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