Monthly :: August 2010

Of Potty Pauses

We started using elimination communication (EC) with Leone, who’s almost ten months old, when she was just seven weeks old. I’d never known anyone who had a diaper-free baby or who practiced elimination communication until my friend Lizzy loaned me Ingrid Bauer’s Diaper Free!

The Rubberband of Marriage

Up & Down Three young children ain’t for the weak of heart. Grown up needs aren’t always met and sometimes, tensions mount. How do we reconcile ourselves to this, we the generation of pleasure seeking, goal attaining, push-the-envelope, follow your heart, live by your dream,

Abeego Wraps Winners announced…

The five Abeego winners are: Alyson, comment #62 Jamie, comment #111 Nicole, comment #248 Tana, comment #332 Jessica, comment #508 Congrats, mamas! And thanks to all of you who participated. Subscribe to the Blogs Feed This entry was posted on Monday, August 30th,

Building Your Own Library

In addition to building my baby nephew’s library, I’m always on the lookout to build my own library. As I struggle to conceive, I have immersed myself in books about infertility, conception, and pregnancy. Medical and educational books can be full of useful information.