Monthly :: December 2010

Breastfeeding VS. Sears

I’m not sure why it took me so long to get good photos done of my son & myself but he will be 3 in May & I finally got some beautiful pictures taken just before Christmas this year.  I never did professional photos when he was born;


Christmas without kids is strange. A bunch of adults sitting around a tree opening gifts. Half the boxes are full of things that are unneeded. If I listen closely, I hear an empty sound behind the holiday music on the radio. No pitter-patter of footed

Saved by the Birds

By Sarah Clachar Issue 129, March – April 2005 Winter can tax the spirit. It’s not necessarily the cold or the darkness—although those contribute—it’s the apparent lifelessness outside. The endless whites and grays of snow and the leafless trees reveal no hint of relief.

Let Them Play

By Lewis CohenIssue 103, November/December 2000 Just recently, my ten-year-old daughter disclosed to me, almost tearfully, that she was feeling as if she had “too many things to do.” With the adult responsibilities of parenting, marriage, a full-time job, and the myriad other obligations