2011 Great Cloth Diaper Change Retrospective

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is back to break the world record for simultaneous cloth diaper changes on April 21, 2012 at 9am Pacific Daylight Time.  To help you envision what a Great Cloth Diaper Change event looks like, Mary Jo Giufre writes about her experience hosting in 2011.

Lucky for me, our premier local kids play gym, Rolly Pollies, is owned by a cloth diapering family!  They were very excited to host the Buffalo, NY location of this global event last April, and they’re hosting again this year.

For me, organization is the key to a great event.  Everything just flows and the participants have a wonderful experience.  I love planning events. Thirty-five families with a total of 37 babies preregistered via email before the event.

Goody bags for 2011 Buffalo Great Cloth Diaper Change participants

Registration (with the option of a $1 donation to the Real Diaper Association) was from 11am to 11:30am.  We had several simultaneous activities running to make this day one BIG play date!  Upon arrival, families could simply socialize; play in the kids gym; browse the raffle items and enter; eat snacks and meet new friends in the kitchen area; join the toddler yoga room with a local kids yoga instructor; or meet local business owners that support cloth diapering and natural parenting.  The local business owners were part of the “mix & mingle” atmosphere. The local and national vendors represented a broad spectrum of products and services. Each local and national vendor had a coupon, sample, or information flyer in our goodie bags.  Goodie bags were displayed on a large table and picked up on the way out at 1:15pm.  They were thank you bags filled with great stuff!  Also, the bags were reusable in the spirit of the Earth Day weekend and cloth diapers.

Participants setting up for 2011 Buffalo Great Cloth Diaper Change

To organize the official diaper change location area, all families were cleared out of the play gym area. Other adults and older siblings joined the kids yoga class or went to the snack or raffle area.  They could also watch the event from behind a half wall.  Once admitted into the area, no one could exit until after the official change – we meant business!  Adults and babies were counted by collecting the admission tickets.  Everyone was previously instructed to bring their diaper bag, a small blanket, a changing pad and a wet bag to the official diaper change area.

To signal the official change, we all watched the clock together and to begin the simultaneous baring of the bummies, I rang a set of tibetan bells at 12:30pm.  We can all say that that moment in time was the most enjoyable diaper change we had ever done…at least until the 2012 record-breaking change comes around!

So as you can see the event is a really fun, family event with activities for all. Of course each location is different, but we encourage all parents – even those that are new to cloth diapering or haven’t even cloth diapered to come and learn more. If you’re thinking about participating in the 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Change in your city, visit www.GreatClothDiaperChange.com to find a location.

– – Mary Jo Giufre, Buffalo Area Real Diaper Circle Leader, Baby Bongos owner, mother of 2, wife of 1, math teacher of many!

Great Cloth Diaper Change

About The Great Cloth Diaper Change Ambassadors

We are a team of writers who are all part of The Great Cloth Diaper Change, an international initiative organized with the help of the nonprofit Real Diaper Association. The event is designed to show the world that cloth diapers are a real option for today’s families. The Great Cloth Diaper Change is an exciting Guinness World Record breaking event, and in 2011, more than 5,000 babies were changed simultaneously. For more information visit www.GreatClothDiaperChange.com.

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