Monthly :: June 2011

Waiting for Liam

For some women getting pregnant is the struggle, for others it’s the pregnancy itself that causes difficulties; for me the only hard part was waiting for him to be born.  I don’t mean the labor, I’ll get to that later, but the actual anticipation

Getting Out the Angries

Issue 97, November/December 1999 By Christine Benevuto Even before he could speak, our son knew when he was angry. Gabriel knew because my husband and I told him. “Ooh, that makes you mad,” we would groan with enthusiastic empathy. “That really makes you mad.”

The Case Against Time Out

  By Peter Ernest Haiman, Ph.D.   For generations, parents have sought a reliable and dependable way to handle childhood misbehavior. The most recent and popular discipline technique is time-out. Although time-out is better than spanking, it is not an appropriate way for parents to cope

The Problem With Time Out

The problem with time-out is that it doesn’t work. Time-out teaches a child little about her behavior or how to act differently in the future. A time-out is supposed to give a child a chance to collect herself and reflect on her wrong-doings –

Enlightenment at Three

Growing Down: My Three-year-old Teaches Me About Enlightenment By Maggie SheaWeb Exclusive, June 26, 2006 Nestled in the cave of her bottom bunk, dressed in a purple nightgown, a miniature philosopher attempts to enlighten her mother. At three, she has the cosmos on her

We Are All Habiba

Habiba is a Morroccan immigrant mother in Madrid, Spain who sought shelter in the Minor and Family Institute (IMMF) after leaving an abusive family situation. On May 30, 2011, her 15 month old breastfeeding daughter, Alma, was taken from her on the basis that