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FREE TELECLASS! What NOBODY tells you to EXPECT for conception, pregnancy, birth & new motherhood!

By Jessica Williams, Free Teleclass: “What Nobody Tells You to Expect When You’re Expecting!” From Preconception through Early Motherhood. Hosted by Sheryl Paul of Conscious Motherhood SIGN UP NOW!! Featuring: Carrie Dinow, MFT, speaking about the mind-body fertility connection. Sheryl Paul, MA, speaking about pregnancy.

The Turtle Women

By Elizabeth O’Sullivan Issue 127, November/December 2004 Although a doula had been with Pat Welch when her daughter was born, she hadn’t been able to afford a doula two years later, at the birth of her son. When the pushing stage of labor triggered

A VBAC Experience

Birthing Again: A VBAC Experience By Melissa Aberle-GrasseWeb Exclusive I lay on my bed in a square of moonlight, resting. Emma, only seven hours old, slept next to me, her hands folded together as if in meditation. Only my heart’s pounding–not with anxiety, but

Clapping Games Build Brainpower

In our family, changing the lyrics to “If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands” is essential to the song. We substitute words like silly, grumpy, snotty, and even verklempt for “happy.”  Making up appropriate accompanying motions, well, that’s the fun part. Apparently hand-clapping

One Day of Peace

The Vietnam War shaped my life in powerful ways. I was politically conservative when I entered college in the fall of 1965. As the daughter of an Air Force pilot I was unaccustomed to questioning authority. I believed what I was told. I was

Family Meal Planning

I wrote recently about my seasonally-inspired need to reflect upon, and normalize, some new rules in our family. With school well underway, our schedules have become less forgiving and the calendar is suddenly full of visits, classes, birthday parties and dentist appointments. Spontaneity feels