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A Tale of Three Adoptions

By Linda Brodlieb Issue 139; November/December 2006 The letter came while I was at work and, rather than waiting for me to come home, my husband, Marc, called to tell me about this particular piece of mail. It was about our children, Alex and

Anatomy Of A Miracle

 By Sara Schley Web Exclusive “Birth has a purpose for the mother,” my friend, home-birth midwife, and teacher Terri Nash told me as I sat on her screen porch on a late summer morning, three months pregnant with twins, my feet in her lap.

The Risk of Radiation

The Risk of Radiation: Cell Phone Use and Children By John Briley   Here’s a question: How many times have you handed your cell phone to your child to say hi to your partner, make a call, or play a game? How often would

simple pleasures

My son, Reeve, was just home from college for the Thanksgiving holidays. He was here for the whole week—nothing else planned—and we managed to pack in a whole lot of “nothing”—leisurely time where he and Tim and I just hung out: laughed a lot,