Monthly :: December 2011

Best nativity scene ever!

A drawing my son, Reeve, did in kindergarten. I love how jubilant Mary is here. Anyone who’s given birth knows that feeling. . . WOOHOO! (And Merry Christmas, y’all!)   Tags: baby, birth, christmas=, drawing, Jesus, joy, jubilation, kindergarten, manger, Mary, nativity, reeve This

Is Barbie The Problem?

I’m excited to see my kids’ faces on Christmas morning. They’ll each get a few gifts that I’m pretty sure they’re going to flip for. My five-year old loves books (especially about Asia), ABC workbooks, and construction toys. My two-year old is obsessed with

The Santa Thing.

  Christmas 2010   ‘Tis the season!  Why not discuss our beliefs regarding Santa?  One reason might be because this is a surprisingly controversial topic.  But I am interested in sharing my little family’s developing traditions & hearing others’, so here goes:   We

Fragrant Pregnancy

By Kamyar M. Hedayat, MD Web Exclusive – September 01, 2009 IntroductionIf I asked you to describe pregnancy, would one of the words you used be fragrant? Probably not. If you think of ways of describing pregnancy, scent is probably not one of them.

Newborn Decisions

During the moments directly after birth, you need plenty of time to rest quietly with your baby. Don’t let anything stand in the way of that. If you give birth in a hospital, there may be some pressure from nurses who want to take