Monthly :: April 2014

Are You an Attachment Parent?

By Jennifer Scoby, API Leader, Peoria, Illinois Republished with permission from Attachment Parenting International. Explore their site for many more helpful articles and resources. Attachment Parenting International is often contacted by confused parents like a mother who recently asked, “I no longer breastfeed my

Mothering is an Action

  We are all pretty ex****ted today.  My fifteen month old has been battling an ear infection, and when little ears hurt, mamas don’t get much sleep.  So after I dropped my oldest at kindergarten, we trudged back into the house, and I turned

Show Me Family

By This is Childhood contributing author, Amanda Magee I’m sitting upstairs in bed; back propped up with pillows, feet enveloped in ridiculously thick winter socks, and the loving directive from my husband ringing in my ears, “Just go take some time.” He’d started a

The Birth of River

With every birth a mother is born.  Whether it’s your first or fifth birth, it is a transformative time, poignant and capable of creating personal revolutions.  As soon as my husband, Chad, and I found out we were expecting a baby, I knew I was