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It takes a miracle . . .

Yes, indeed. Tim and I were a little shell-shocked today by the awareness that our son, Reeve, is now officially an adult. He turned 21 today.

We celebrated with a family road trip (Reeve’s girlfriend, Eliza, joined us) to Chaco Canyon and will continue a celebration of sorts tomorrow, as we caravan down to Las Cruces (about 4 hours south of here)—where Reeve is in school—to help him move into his new digs. . .

So. A joyous day of exploration, stunning scenery, stimulating conversation, fabulous road music, lots of laughter and reminiscences—and high-fives all around. Twenty-one. Wow.

And now, it’s on to the last-minute scurry of late-night packing . . .

Photo of our legal adult, at 4 days old.



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