25 Weird Things About Me: A First Person Account From a 5-Month-Old

LeoneOnNursingChair#1: I love to suck on Mommy’s chin. Wait, where did it go? Ah [drool, drool], there it is. Yummy.

#2: I can sit up by myself. Oops. Until I fall over.

#3: I am a good grabber.

#4: I grab Big Sister #2’s hair.

#5: I grab Big Brother’s shirt.

#6: I grab the platter. Oops. Now it’s on the floor.

#7: I grab — [editor’s note: I think everyone gets the idea.]

#8: I like to stand on laps.

#9: I like to bounce on laps. Bouncy bouncy bouncy.

#10: My fingernails are razor sharp, even though Mommy cuts them almost every day.

#11: Waah, something just scratched my cheek.

#12: Waah, someone just pulled my hair on the back of my head.

#13: You can hold me if you want. I probably won’t cry like I did when I was three months old. Unless you smell bad.

#14: There’s a hole in my face and I like to put everything I can in it: Mommy’s chin (see #1), Big Sisters’ hair (see #4), my toys, my diaper (what’s that yellow stuff on it?), and my thumb.

#15: Today I found something really cool on my toy–a rectangle thingy that sticks out. Really interesting. Way more interesting than the toy.

#16: I only fall asleep when you don’t want me to (like right before it’s time to get out of the car).

#17: I still have a small bald spot on the back of my head that Mommy hates. She says her other babies’ never had it and that it shows that everyone puts me on my back too much.

#18: No one puts me on my back too much.

#19: I can roll from my tummy to my back.

#20: Go head, put me on my tummy and I’ll show you a good trick!

#21: I love nursing.

#22: Life is too interesting to nurse.

#23: I start nursing and then turn my head to look at Big Brother #1 and then something warm and white gets all over my face and Mommy’s clothes.

#24: I love to drop everything.

#25: When I drop it, I look for it. Mommy thinks that means I am understanding object permanence now but actually I just like to drop stuff because it makes everyone laugh.

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6 thoughts on “25 Weird Things About Me: A First Person Account From a 5-Month-Old”

  1. From that picture it looks like Leone has a little of each of her siblings in her. She’s adorable (and very lucky).

  2. Mary, I love the dress! She was wearing it to a Passover seder, which we were about to go to, which is why she looks so snazzy in the picture.

  3. I can’t believe it.. to me, it feels like she JUST arrived. Of course, she really did.. 5 months is not that long in the scheme of things. I was just showing my youngest old videos of her as a baby/toddler. It was fun to watch the videos and brought back some wonderful memories.
    .-= Claudine´s last blog ..Keep Talking =-.

  4. OMG this post really made me laugh. I spent so many years writing “what your baby knows” and “what the world looks to your baby” features for Parenting, and never did I think to write from baby’s point of view.

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