3 Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet

Learning the alphabet is a huge milestone for a little child.Learning the alphabet is a huge milestone for a little child. Some kids struggle more than others and need some fun activities.

As a homeschooling mother, I’ve experienced a child that learns the alphabet fast and a child that is a slower learner. My daughter was reading by four years old, but my 5-year-old son still is learning his letters. Instead of stressing about it, I know that he will eventually learn them with dedication.

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Unlike my daughter, my son isn’t satisfied with simply looking at letters. He wants activities and fun ways to practice them. I’ve had to find some fun activities that would keep his attention. Activities that involve movement and motor skills are at the top of his lists! Check some these out:

1. Cotton Swab Painting

Recently, I saw an activity that I knew my son would love. I used an egg carton and put different paint colors in each egg spot. Then, I wrote the letters out on a sheet of construction paper. Using Q-tips, let your child dip them into the paint and trace the letters. In the beginning, I would let him just trace and tell him the letter he is tracing. We talk about the sounds the letters make. Now, I tell him to trace B in green paint or to trace N with yellow paint. He loves it!

2. Road Letters

This activity does take a bit of work on my end to make the letters. Start by taking black construction paper and cutting letters out. You want them to be large, so you need a sheet per letter. Then, use white paint to create a dotted line down the center of the letters, mimicking a road. If you have a laminator, laminate them so you don’t have to make them again. After the letters are made, let your child run his cars over the letters. Make sure you show him how to trace the letters correctly!

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3. Matching Letter Stickers

If you want a simple activity, matching letter stickers is so simple. Write random letters around on a sheet of paper. You don’t want them to put the letters in order. He has to search for them!

Then, get the stickers you would use for yard sales. They are small circles. Write a corresponding letter on the stickers. Let your child take his time and match the letters. Make sure that he tells you what each letter is. If your child knows most of his letters, tell him what letters to match in a random order.

Learning the alphabet shouldn’t be too complicated or stressful! Find some fun activities, and your child will eventually figure them all out.

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