4 Reasons to Skip The Hotel On Your Next Summer Vacation

cabin-1030945_640What’s one of the first things you do when beginning to plan a big trip? For many of us, it’s researching–and booking–hotel rooms.

Gotta love ‘em. Those germ-infested, overpriced little boxes seem to be a non-negotiable part of every family vacation. But, as most of us know, they are not usually a very kid-friendly environment.

The sleeping arrangements are next to impossible to customize for safe co-sleeping (think ridiculously high beds plus super hard floor), there are endless cords, outlets and tippy pieces of furniture and to top it all off, literally dozens of other guests just waiting to complain about the noise-level coming from your room.

The whole thing sounds like a recipe for disaster–or at least a very unpleasant traveling experience.

Thankfully, there are few other options out there that are just waiting to make your next trip a whole lot nicer.

If you’re planning on staying in the same general area for the duration of your trip, consider renting a vacation home. Or, if you’re planning on being on the move, an RV might be a better choice (Don’t own one? You can actually rent all kinds, from giant motorhomes to pop-up campers).

With either choice, you end up with an array of family-friendly benefits at a price that’s usually comparable to your average hotel room.

Here are 4 reasons to look beyond hotels for your next vacation:

Cook your own food. Having access to a kitchen while traveling can be a real game-changer. Not only will you save money by avoiding all that pricey take-out and picnic food, you’ll also be able to better control the quality of the food your family is eating while away.

Have a better bedtime. Co-sleeping on the road can be a real drag but renting a vacation home, or even an RV, can make it a little easier. Need to put the bed on the floor? You can probably figure out a way to do that (if you’re in an RV consider the convertible couch, which sits very low to the ground). Plus, with separate rooms, the kids might actually stay asleep while the grown-ups get some much needed quiet time.

Make your space safer. The beauty of an RV is that it’s already a kid-friendly environment. Most furniture is secured to the floor, the fridge locks and the drawers/cupboard are pretty tough to get open (so they stay shut during travel). A vacation home, too, offers more freedom to secure or remove dangerous elements from your child’s reach.

Get closer to nature. Perhaps one of the best things about both a vacation home and an RV is that they get you closer to the environment you’re there to visit instead of being on the third floor, surrounded by miles of parking lot, which can leave you feeling rather cut off from the real world. Whether you’re choosing a rental home with a deck and a yard or an awesome RV resort with a pool and a playground, everyone is likely appreciate the extra benefits of having better access to the outdoors.

No matter how you choose to travel this year, enjoy your vacation! Find more family-friendly travel tips here.

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