5 STEM Projects to Celebrate Earth Day!

Here are five STEM projects that incorporate what's good for Earth and good for our kid's brain!Earth Day is on Saturday! Here are five of our favorite STEM projects that incorporate what’s good for Earth and good for our kids’ brains!

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We love the opportunity to teach our children that being good stewards of the earth is not only easy, but fun, and can teach us things in the process!

DIY Bubble Blowers Are fun for earth day!

1. Do-It-Yourself Bubble Blower.

I loved making this last year with my little guy! Our friends at “Hello, Wonderful” have a beautiful video tutorial, as well as some adorable pictures of how to use recycled items to create an awesome snake bubble blower! We enjoyed experimenting with different end pieces and proportions to see if the bubbles were created differently. Super fun!

Kids can do Stem projects to learn about air pollution                                                                 Steve Spangler Science

2. Make It Rain.

Young children may have a hard time understanding what air pollution is, and how it affects us, because often, they can’t necessarily see or smell it. The National Energy Technology Laboratory has a great DIY Rain Cloud activity that allows your child to have a tangible picture of how pollution can affect our air, rain and Earth!

Kids learn about the impact of oil spills with this STEM activity

3. Oil Spill Challenge.

Sadly, unless we live near the coasts of affected areas, we all too often hear of an oil spill without giving much thought into the ecological damage that it creates. Again, because littles have a hard time with understanding an intangible concept, this activity from Stem Activities For Kids teaches them about how those far-away disasters are actually far-reaching in their impact and devastation.

Window Greenhouses can show life cycle of plants

4. Window Greenhouses. 

Last year, my son came home with a lima bean in a bag. His class had made window greenhouses, similar to the ones in this activity I found at Teach Preschool, and we loved watching them grow! We even took the seed and planted it, grew it and allowed it to reseed and form new plants. A fun and fabulous way to teach kids about the seed cycle, and one that can be leveled up or down in difficulty depending on your child’s age and ability!

Oobleck is a great STEM activity for Earth Day

5. Oobleck.

Oobleck has to be one of my all-time favorite things in the world! It’s an easy concoction to make that shows kids the various matters of mass in one creation! Using Dr. Seuss’s famous Bartholomew and The Oobleck to talk about how words matter and we should never take what comes from the sky (rain, snow, fog, etc.) for granted, your kids will ask to make this year-round!

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