5 Indoor Plants to Purify Your Home

Indoor plants don't just make your home pretty, they can also give great health benefits! Indoor plants don’t just make your home pretty, they also come with great health benefits! Here are a few of our favorites!

I love plants, I love gardening, and I especially love bringing plants near the brink of death back to life! Some might say I have a green thumb, and when they do, that makes me super happy! Plants do a lot for our health too, from essential oils to medicines and fuel for our bodies. Not to mention what they do for our air quality.

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Here are some of my favorite indoor plants!

aloe-vera1. Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe vera gel is my fave! From burns to cuts and scrapes, fresh aloe vera gel can’t be beat when it comes to healing properties! Did you know though that aloe is also good for improving air quality? Yep–it can help clear air of pollutants that are found in common cleaning products, and help you breathe easier. It loves a nice sunny spot, so find some light, and let it grow!

peace-lily2. Peace Lily

Oh, how I love the Peace Lily! Not only is it beautiful, but NASA has found it can improve air quality in your home by as much as 60%. Especially if you are prone to mold in more warm climates, a peace lily can help reduce mold spores that could grow because a peace lily actually uses the mold spores as food. Yep, it absorbs the spores through leaves and then repurposes as food in the root system! Want to keep your bathroom (a place notorious for mold spores!) nice and mildew free? Have a Peace Lily inside. As a bonus? It will absorb the vapors from acetone and alcohol found in many beauty products!


3. Spider Plant

Many with ‘black thumbs’ love the spider plant because it is so easy to keep alive and grow! Another toxin remover in indoor air, the spider plant’s leaves also absorb mold and allergens, particularly dust mites and dander–which is a big deal to those of us like me who are off the charts allergic to dust! More, a spider plant actually absorbs formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, so they literally help keep poisons from entering your lungs!


4. Bamboo Palm

Depending on your climate, bamboo palms are great indoor plants! NASA rated the bamboo palm highly for air purification efficacy for its ability to filter benzene and trichloroethylene. Benzene is found in all sorts of common household products: glue, plastics, detergent and paint. Trichloroethylene is typically found in dry-cleaned products, but also in common household products like dyes, perfumes and soaps. Chrysanthemums are another amazing plant for helping reduce these toxins in your air if your climate won’t facilitate bamboo palm doing well inside.

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golden-pothos5. Golden Pothos

These lovely ivy-looking leaves are easy to grow and look lush and full, but they are also key players in reducing ozone concentrations from your home. Ozone is found in homes and businesses because of outdoor ambient air filtration and higher where there are copy machines, laser printers and ultraviolet lighting. Believe it or not, some air purification systems that use an electrostatic methodology to clean the air also increase ozone layers. The Golden Pothos helps purify air, and looks pretty doing it. Win!

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