5 Reasons to Consider an Organic Mattress for Your Baby

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Whether you are co-sleeping (with a co-sleeper or a family bed), or using a crib, one has to consider what type of mattress is best to be used for their baby. This decision can be confusing and time consuming. Hopefully, here, you will find helpful information as to why when making this important decision you should consider an organic mattress for your baby!

Organic Mattress

Reason 1: No Plastic

That’s right, no plastic!

Polyurethane/Polyethylene Foam and Polyester are the main ingredients in most conventional baby mattresses and are essentially foam or fabric versions of plastic. These plastics are not breathable and often can harbor mold and bacteria, resulting in a conventional baby mattress having a possible mold/mildew problem inside. Breathing in the spores the mold releases can be harmful to baby.

An organic baby mattress, on the other hand, tends to not have this issue. Most truly organic and natural crib and infant mattresses use organic or untreated wool as their batting.  Wool is naturally mold and mildew resistant.  In addition, an organic and natural mattress is breathable due to being made of natural fibers and materials. All of this helps to make a mold or mildew problem highly unlikely.

Reason 2: Good for the Environment

An organic and natural baby mattress is made with natural materials which do not have negative effects on the environment like a conventional mattresses’ materials would.

The main ingredient in most conventional baby mattresses is plastic.  Plastic is a petroleum based product made with the usage of various chemicals, like antifreeze, which means it can be bad for the environment, as well as potentially bad for baby’s sleep environment.

Reason 3: No Chemical Flame Retardants

Untreated or organic wool is most often used in organic and natural crib mattresses as the fire retardant.  This involves no added chemicals and is a great alternative for those who do not want to expose their children to the potential dangers of flame retardant chemicals. In addition, untreated or organic wool also has additional properties such as temperature regulation and being a great natural dust mite deterrent. 

Reason 4: No Chemical Smell

Organic Mattress

A truly organic and natural mattress is made with just natural ingredients; you don’t get that chemical smell which is common with conventional baby mattresses when you take them out of their packaging. That chemical smell can permeate the room andsometimes last for a couple of weeks to even a month or more!  Instead, an organic baby mattress may have a slight pleasant odor of organic cotton or untreated wool, which will dissipate within a few days.


Reason 5: You feel better knowing your baby is sleeping on something natural

It feels good to really know what your baby’s mattress is made of, to know where it came from, and that it is made from all-natural materials. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about what your baby sleeps on, because what baby sleeps on is all good. Babies spends most of their early life sleeping, and to have that sleeping surface be the best it can be is all any parent really wants.


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