5 Reasons You Need To Get Your Child A Library Card

Here are 5 reasons why you should take your child to the library today!In the age of digital almost-everything, it may seem like ‘going to the library’ is a lost art. Here are five reasons why you should take your child to the library today!

1. Going to the library will encourage more reading.

More reading is never a bad thing! Regular visits to the library foster a love for seeking out new reading material, and developing tastes in literature. When a great book catches your little’s eye, you’ll love the excitement you see as they sit right there in the aisle to start reading it!

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2. Your librarian does more than just check books out.

Today’s librarian is full of ideas that will encourage your child to read things they are interested in, as well as facilitate a life-long love of books and learning. They’re up-to-date on all the newest and current literature your child will ask for, but they also know how to tell you classic recommendations you may have forgotten about or not even know about. They organize fun opportunities for children all the time, and make the library a place children want to go — screen free! Librarians rock!

3. Having a library card empowers your child.

When I took my son for his first library card (he was three-and-a-half) he felt like such a big kid. (I admit, it made me teary!) He proudly showed people his card and felt confident as he walked through the toddler/young reader section looking for books.

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Library cards allow children to show who they are and what they are interested in based on the books they find interesting and choose, and allow you to have some pretty awesome discussions about your preferences in books and words and choices. Not to mention, having a library card allows you to slowly introduce the concept of responsibility for things that are not ours, but for which we are in possession, and that’s a great lifetime lesson too!

4. Libraries give your children far more literature options than you ever could.

Okay, so in a perfect world, I’d spend my money on animal rescue and books. Alas, I cannot. So a library allows me and my son to have a multitude of options I simply can’t afford otherwise. Don’t get me wrong; we can do some damage at our local bookstore (and we do!). A library just makes it so much easier to expose our children to literature in mass quantities with nary a worry of the cost!

5. Libraries encourage and strengthen reading skills.

It’s no secret that reading develops our brains, particularly in the first few years of our child’s life. When we read to our children, we turn their brain cells on and strengthen their neural connections. When we share different genres of literature from the plethora the library has, we help develop new neural connections and open their eyes to the world outside their own. We offer them stronger language skills and encourage them to be life-long learners.

Most importantly, going to your local library with your child is just a fun thing to do together. It’s time you can bond and learn about each other, while losing yourselves in books in a place committed to ensuring you do just that.

So go! Get a library card, and explore the world!

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