5 Simple Date Night Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to go all out; here are some simple date ideas.Valentine’s Day is a special day each year to remind your significant other how much you love them. You don’t have to go all out; here are some simple date ideas.

Valentine’s Day is what many call a “Hallmark Holiday,” meaning that it’s just a day for companies to sell more products. While that might be true, it is one day out of the year that you can dedicate to your significant other. Yes, we should remind them all year how much we love them. As parents, that can slip through the cracks, so don’t let the day slip away.

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Valentine’s Day also gets the reputation that it is expensive to celebrate. You need to go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Your wife needs new diamond earrings. While a fancy dinner and expensive gifts sound great, it takes away the purpose of the day. All you need to do is spend time together and remind each other of your love.

Simple date nights are just as good as fancy ones! Here are some ideas:

1. Order Dinner Out

Whether or not you have a babysitter, you can do this date idea! Make the kids something simple for dinner and send them to the babysitter’s or bed a bit earlier. Order your favorite take-out and cuddle together on the couch. No electronics and no talking about the kids! Just enjoy each other.

2. Cocktails Only

If you want to save some money, why not hit up a bar for some drinks without buying food? Just pick your favorite local bar and your babysitter, and have a great time, one-on-one with your beau!

3. Coffee and Sweets

Hit up the local coffee shop to chat and enjoy your favorite drinks. Grab a few donuts or cookies. It will be a blissful time with hot coffee and sweets, plus time to talk. As parents, talking typically involves what chores need to be finished and what the kids need. Use this time to talk about each other, future goals and more!

4. Game Night

Time to stay up late! My husband and I love board games. We have stayed up until 3 am playing games together. Pick a few favorites, your favorite snacks, and drinks. Put the kids together and play! Competition tends to bring couples closer. The loser gets to serve the winner breakfast in bed the next day.

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5. Check Out a Museum

Chances are the last time you went to a museum was with your children. Museums feel totally different when you go with your spouse. Kids love to breeze by some displays. Time together allows you to check out and read all the exhibits. You might find subjects that you both enjoy. Learning together is a great way to spend a few hours!

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