5 Simple Toys for Toddlers That Will Hold Their Interest for Years

5 Simple Toys for Toddlers That Will Hold Their Interest for YearsBeing a toddler is all about growth and exploration–so when it comes to choosing the right toys for these little movers and shakers, it can be hard to tell what will hold their interest for more than a few minutes – nevermind years.

You’re best bet is to pass up all that flashy, battery-operated stuff and set your sights on simple, versatile toys that can evolve as quickly as they do.

Here are 5 Simple Toys for Toddlers That Will Hold Their Interest for Years to Come

  • Wooden Blocks – It seems obvious but really–these childhood standbys are often forgotten in the midst of mountains of “newer and better” toys that just keep on coming. Good old wooden blocks are worth their weight in gold to a toddler–stack ‘em up, knock ‘em down, repeat–it really is a glorious thing. Plus, as they grow, these trusty guys will be right there waiting–ready to be a road, tunnel, castle or anything they can imagine.
  • Play Tent – There is nothing–I mean NOTHING–more fun for a toddler than a tent. When they’re small it’s all about just crawling in, laughing and then crawling out. But as they get a little bigger, it can transform into so many things–a place to hide, to play or even to rest–that they will keep coming back to for years to come.
  • Push Wagon – The only thing better than a wagon is a wooden push wagon. Not only is it great for filling with piles of stuffed animals, blocks or anything else your toddler can find lying around–it also doubles as a sturdy tool to help an early walker gain balance and confidence. Great for pushing or pulling around both indoors and out, the most exciting part will be when they discover that best cargo is–you guessed it–themselves.
  • Rainbow Stacker – A vibrant wooden stacking toy will have your little one learning their colors in no time. From fine motor skills to shapes and sizes, there is tons to learn from a classic stacking toy. Even without the spindle, the colorful blocks are great to roll, spin, stack or incorporate into their latest building creation.
  • Dump Truck – This toy, much like a wagon, is a treasure trove of fun just waiting to happen–especially for a toddler. A durable dump truck (made from recycled plastic!) can be taken to the yard, the beach, the bath, the living room floor–this is one versatile piece of machinery. Great for hauling pinecones, zooming down hills and transporting dollies, this classic toy will go this distance day after day.

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  1. I think wooden toys are great and really educational. They are long lasting and mostly organic/bpa free. I’ve bought my little boy the wooden stacking blocks and the wooden rings when he was about 8 months old. They’re fairly simple toys but he played with them over and over till he was about 1 and a half years old.

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