5 Ways to Celebrate National Smile Week :)

We've collected a few ways you can celebrate "Smile Week" with your family.Smile! It’s National Smile Week and if you’re like us, you have many reasons to smile! We’ve collected a few ways you can celebrate with your family, but remember, a smile goes a long way every day of the year!

The first thing people typically notice about me is my smile, which is ironic because if there was one thing on the planet I would change about myself, it would be my smile! I got bullied when I was younger — made fun of because my teeth were still growing into my mouth and my upper lip curled a weird way (think Julia Roberts).

But you know what? I have much to smile about, and let’s be honest. It’s just more fun to smile. And it’s true what they say: when you smile, the whole world smiles with you! Here are some ways that you and your family can enjoy National Smile Week!

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1. Random acts of kindness.

These are always fun to do any day, but if you want that smile, set a dollar on the vending machine outside of the grocery store with a note that says, “Smile!” and watch secretly for the person who finds it! Or, just think of ways to make others smile — cookies for the nursing home, a drink for your local mail carrier on a hot day — small gestures that put big smiles on faces!

2. Handprint Sunshine Craft. A fun sunshine handprint craft makes everyone happy during Smile Week!

Friends From Family Focus Blog have the cutest idea that uses a paper plate and some fun colored paper to have a craft that’ll keep you smiling every time you see it! I love handprint art, and this is one of my favorites!

3. Have a giggling contest.

When my son was a toddler, he’d do this silly little Woody Woodpecker laugh that we cracked up at and called “Giggle Contest.” He’d do his, then my husband would try a Goofy-esque one of his own, and we were all cracking up. Have one in your own family, with each member taking turns being the ‘judge’ and then have a fun little treat for each winner.

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4. Selfie Contest.

This is another super fun one! Take some silly selfies with your kids, smiling of course, and actually print those babies off! You can make adorable collages on tons of different apps. Then a printing service like Shutterfly or Snapfish can have the pics sent to you in a New York minute (practically!). Guaranteed to put a smile on your face the day you take them and the day you get the collage back!

5. Enjoy a smile snack! These yummy treats let you celebrate Smile Week

My son loves these! He prefers green apples to red, but either way, they’re fun to make and super delicious to eat. You can use organic ingredients (even the marshmallows) to create them, and we bet these will be a requested treat on other days of the year too!

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