5 Ways To Save The Most Money On Cyber Monday

Here are some of the best ways to save money on Cyber Monday this year!It’s that time of year, and deals are everywhere to be found. So many so that it may be hard to keep track! Here are some of the best ways to save money on Cyber Monday this year!

I love a good deal, which is why I love Black Friday and Cyber-Monday shopping! Admittedly, I have already done most of my holiday shopping (yep, I’m that mom!) but there are always things I wait for to see sale prices on — particularly on CyberMonday.

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Where it seems like Black Friday ‘leaks’ keep coming out earlier and earlier, and sales start sooner and sooner, Cyber Monday still has the air of mystery about how deep the cuts will be, and what kind of deals will really be had. As such, I want to share some ways to make sure you are getting the best deals you can!

1. Brad’s Deals. I love this site! I get regular updates from this site about things I may be interested in, and best? You can enter alerts for things you are looking for and you’ll get an email when the site has found one. The representatives of Brad’s deals literally spend their days looking for the lowest prices on everything, and then share the good news with you! Score!

2. Keepa. If you swear by Amazon like I do, you’ll love Keepa! It sort of works like Brad’s Deals in that it will notify you if the price of something drops to what you are hoping it does. You can let it send you deals for categories, or related deals on their site, and it is specifically designed to make sure Amazon gets the best price. Sometimes Amazon takes advantage of the thought that ‘it’s always cheaper on Amazon!’ so Keepa helps keep Amazon honest!

3. Honey. Honey is a browser extension that works for whatever purchases you make online, regardless of the site. It automatically sees what you are buying, tells you what the lowest price on the web that item has been (because not all Cyber Monday deals are really deals!) and applies any coupons that are out there before you checkout. I mean, is there anything more aggravating than finding out there was a better deal and you just didn’t know the code?

Honey takes care of that right as you check out, like your own personal assistant! I love Honey because when you use their codes on eligible purchases, you can even get surprise cash back, sometimes your entire purchase amount!

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4. Ebates. Yes, I know it seems like Ebates have been out forever, but I’m always surprised at how many people don’t know how easy Ebates is! Especially for Black Friday and CyberMonday, when retailers are often doubling and even tripling their rebates! Stack that on the fabulous CyberMonday sale and it really is like you are getting paid to shop! If you don’t have the Ebates extension on your browser, get it! It seriously saves me money every time I use it!

5. Clear browsing history. Yep, you read that right! Clear your browsing history! You know all those things you’ve been eyeing all year? Yeah, so do retailers, because of your cookies and cache in your computer’s history.

Hillary Mendelsohn wrote The Purple Book: The Definitive Guide to Exceptional Online Shopping and says that the cookies in your browser make the prices that show up show up like that, despite what they may be priced on another’s computer. She recommends clearing all the cookies in your browser BEFORE you shop, and shop as secretly as your computer’s browser will let you to get the lowest deals.

Mendelsohn says that when sites know what your habits are, they also guestimate what you’re willing to pay for things, and adjust the prices accordingly. Trust me, it makes a big difference!

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