Top 50 Most (and Least) Common Baby Names

We've got the top names of the decadeAre you curious to see where your child’s name ranks in the most (or least) most popular baby names in the United States?

The most common names of the DECADE have been compiled. Does your name make the list? Does your baby’s? Is making the list something you aspire to or something you purposely want to avoid? Check it out andlet us know.

Every year the Social Security Administration provides information on the top 1000 baby names in the US.  With monikers in the top spots being shared by more than 15,000 babies during the given year, and those at the bottom being selected by less than 250 families, the list is a fascinating picture of baby name trends. It’s also a neat source of inspiration for those still on the lookout for a name for their little one. And it’s super interesting as we head into a new decade to see what the last ten years have inspired when it comes to the monikers we give our wee ones.

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200 Most Popular Baby Names

Below is a list of the 200 most popular baby names of the decade (2010-2019) as compiled by the Social Security Administration. Each name is listed with how many times it was registered in the last decade. Where does yours fall (or does it)?

    1. Noah 163,657 | Emma 177,410
    2. Liam 152,994 | Sophia 166,986
    3. Jacob 152,020 | Olivia 165,581
    4. Mason 146,079 | Isabella 156,709
    5. William 145,893| Ava 140,979
    6. Ethan 137,512 | Mia 116,301
    7. Michael 134,043 | Abigail 109,253
    8. Alexander 130,477 | Emily 109,149
    9. James 126,060 | Madison 91,914
    10. Elijah 123,151 | Charlotte 89,043
    11. Daniel 122,962 | Elizabeth 85,832
    12. Benjamin 121,134 | Amelia 80,666
    13. Aiden 119,935 | Chloe 78,693
    14. Jayden 117,779 | Ella 77,581
    15. Logan 116,013 | Evelyn 76,389
    16. Matthew 115,486 | Avery 75,438
    17. David 107,325 | Sofia 74,881
    18. Joseph 106,125 | Harper 74,538
    19. Lucas 105,956 | Grace 66,726
    20. Jackson 105,784 | Addison 66,383
    21. Anthony 104,144 | Victoria 64,475
    22. Joshua 99,254 | Natalie 63,199
    23. Samuel 98,448 | Lily 62,684
    24. Andrew 97,948 | Aubrey 61,201
    25. Gabriel 97,485 | Lillian 59,682
    26. Christopher 94,815 | Zoey 59,065
    27. John 93,634 | Hannah 58,680
    28. Dylan 88,619 | Layla 56,533
    29. Carter 86,328 | Brooklyn 55,854
    30. Isaac 86,078 | Samantha 53,470
    31. Ryan 84,706 | Zoe 52,883
    32. Luke 84,664 | Leah 51,114
    33. Oliver 83,971 | Scarlett 51,090
    34. Nathan 81,762 | Riley 50,330
    35. Henry 81,660 | Camila 49,983
    36. Owen 81,619 | Savannah 47,535
    37. Caleb 80,104 | Anna 47,282
    38. Wyatt 78,727 | Audrey 47,071
    39. Christian 78,153 | Allison 45,492
    40. Sebastian 76,623 | Aria 45,029
    41. Jack 76,156 | Gabriella 44,507
    42. Jonathan 74,171 | Hailey 44,171
    43. Landon 73,667 | Claire 43,535
    44. Julian 70,907 | Sarah 43,154
    45. Isaiah 69,727 | Aaliyah 42,897
    46. Hunter 69,268 | Kaylee 41,958
    47. Levi 68,602 | Nevaeh 41,654
    48. Aaron 64,773 | Penelope 40,789
    49. Eli 64,124 | Alexa 39,952
    50. Charles 63,434 | Arianna 39,168
    51. Thomas 63,171 | Stella 39,138
    52. Connor 63,004 | Alexis 38,953
    53. Brayden 62,163 | Bella 38,610
    54. Nicholas 62,006 | Nora 38,071
    55. Jaxon 61,684 | Ellie 37,718
    56. Jeremiah 61,423 | Ariana 37,561
    57. Cameron 60,800 | Lucy 37,471
    58. Evan 60,700 | Mila 36,694
    59. Adrian 60,084 | Peyton 36,679
    60. Jordan 59,896 | Genesis 36,400
    61. Gavin 59,231 | Alyssa 36,154
    62. Grayson 57,925 | Taylor 36,095
    63. Angel 57,918 | Violet 36,050
    64. Robert 57,606 | Maya 35,848
    65. Tyler 56,175 | Caroline 35,643
    66. Josiah 56,010 | Madelyn 35,559
    67. Austin 54,570 | Skylar 35,274
    68. Colton 52,607 | Serenity 35,248
    69. Brandon 51,320 | Ashley 35,157
    70. Jose 50,958 | Brianna 34,910
    71. Dominic 50,602 | Kennedy 34,828
    72. Kevin 48,600 | Autumn 34,283
    73. Zachary 47,918 | Eleanor 33,853
    74. Ian 47,830 | Kylie 33,775
    75. Chase 47,026 | Sadie 33,327
    76. Jason 46,878 | Paisley 33,198
    77. Adam 46,377 | Julia 33,058
    78. Ayden 46,150 | Mackenzie 32,619
    79. Parker 45,221 | Sophie 32,424
    80. Hudson 44,896 | Naomi 32,113
    81. Cooper 44,637 | Eva 31,951
    82. Nolan 44,582 | Khloe 31,710
    83. Lincoln 44,449 | Katherine 31,635
    84. Xavier 44,343 | Gianna 31,182
    85. Carson 43,390 | Melanie 30,450
    86. Jace 43,245 | Aubree 30,232
    87. Justin 42,944 | Piper 29,833
    88. Easton 41,825 | Ruby 29,620
    89. Mateo 41,488 | Lydia 29,603
    90. Asher 41,318 | Faith 29,554
    91. Bentley 40,789 | Madeline 29,464
    92. Blake 39,495 | Alexandra 28,788
    93. Nathaniel 38,648 | Kayla 28,606
    94. Jaxson 37,749 | Hazel 28,364
    95. Leo 37,087 | Lauren 27,349
    96. Kayden 36,270 | Annabelle 27,191
    97. Tristan 35,998 | Jasmine 27,171
    98. Luis 35,838 | Aurora 27,031
    99. Elias 35,111 | Alice 27,018
    100. Brody 34,943 | Makayla 26,539
    101. Bryson 34,890 | Sydney 26,517
    102. Juan 34,663 | Bailey 26,401
    103. Vincent 33,427 | Luna 26,293
    104. Cole 33,252 | Maria 26,179
    105. Micah 33,076 | Reagan 26,062
    106. Ryder 32,633 | Morgan 25,945
    107. Theodore 32,516 | Isabelle 25,941
    108. Carlos 32,395 | Rylee 25,705
    109. Ezra 31,971 | Kimberly 25,688
    110. Damian 31,765 | Andrea 25,155
    111. Miles 31,638 | London 24,842
    112. Santiago 31,360 | Elena 24,799
    113. Max 31,327 | Jocelyn 24,794
    114. Jesus 31,215 | Natalia 24,604
    115. Leonardo 30,765 | Trinity 24,585
    116. Sawyer 30,419 | Eliana 24,265
    117. Diego 30,364 | Vivian 24,256
    118. Alex 30,097 | Cora 24,171
    119. Roman 30,093 | Quinn 23,970
    120. Maxwell 29,742 | Liliana 23,771
    121. Eric 29,256 | Molly 23,769
    122. Greyson 28,569 | Jade 23,765
    123. Hayden 27,738 | Clara 23,653
    124. Giovanni 27,668 | Valentina 23,382
    125. Wesley 27,337 | Mary 23,304
    126. Axel 27,240 | Brielle 23,233
    127. Camden 27,196 | Hadley 22,875
    128. Braxton 27,184 | Kinsley 22,722
    129. Ivan 27,177 | Willow 22,336
    130. Ashton 27,105 | Brooke 22,332
    131. Declan 27,087 | Lilly 21,851
    132. Bryce 27,045 | Delilah 21,766
    133. Timothy 26,030 | Payton 21,663
    134. Antonio 25,976 | Mariah 21,207
    135. Silas 25,961 | Paige 21,197
    136. Kaiden 25,342 | Jordyn 20,970
    137. Ezekiel 25,290 | Nicole 20,897
    138. Jonah 25,276 | Mya 20,895
    139. Weston 25,194 | Josephine 20,776
    140. George 25,149 | Isabel 20,475
    141. Harrison 25,063 | Lyla 20,430
    142. Steven 24,828 | Adeline 20,248
    143. Miguel 24,712 | Destiny 19,970
    144. Richard 24,683 | Ivy 19,725
    145. Bryan 24,224 | Emilia 19,529
    146. Kaleb 24,160 | Rachel 19,438
    147. Victor 23,983 | Angelina 19,383
    148. Aidan 23,834 | Valeria 19,380
    149. Jameson 23,800 | Kendall 19,005
    150. Joel 23,667 | Sara 18,915
    151. Patrick 23,373 | Ximena 18,813
    152. Jaden 23,306 | Isla 18,793
    153. Colin 23,304 | Aliyah 18,426
    154. Everett 23,273 | Reese 18,352
    155. Preston 23,229 | Vanessa 18,340
    156. Maddox 23,136 | Juliana 18,314
    157. Edward 23,131 | Mckenzie 18,303
    158. Alejandro 23,041 | Amy 18,239
    159. Kaden 22,829 | Laila 18,162
    160. Jesse 22,817 | Adalynn 18,022
    161. Emmanuel 22,756 | Emery 17,923
    162. Kyle 22,677 | Margaret 17,782
    163. Brian 22,567 | Eden 17,694
    164. Emmett 22,562 | Gabrielle 17,635
    165. Jude 22,517 | Kaitlyn 17,623
    166. Marcus 22,327| Ariel 17,615
    167. Kingston 22,219| Gracie 17,591
    168. Kai 22,145 | Brooklynn 17,508
    169. Alan 22,033 | Melody 17,339
    170. Malachi 21,986 | Jessica 17,202
    171. Grant 21,765| Valerie 17,096
    172. Jeremy 21,726| Adalyn 17,010
    173. Riley 21,703 | Adriana 16,866
    174. Jayce 21,594 | Elise 16,760
    175. Bennett 21,329 | Michelle 16,178
    176. Abel 21,006 | Rebecca 16,158
    177. Ryker 20,982 | Daisy 16,090
    178. Caden 20,851 | Everly 16,023
    179. Brantley 20,731 | Katelyn 15,911
    180. Luca 20,462 | Ryleigh 15,811
    181. Brady 20,398 | Catherine 15,805
    182. Calvin 20,392 | Norah 15,745
    183. Sean 20,346 | Alaina 15,692
    184. Oscar 20,338 | Athena 15,518
    185. Jake 20,196 | Leilani 15,408
    186. Maverick 20,139 | Londyn 15,297
    187. Abraham 20,093 | Eliza 15,227
    188. Mark 19,359 | Jayla 15,207
    189. Tucker 19,196 | Summer 15,188
    190. Nicolas 19,044 | Lila 15,163
    191. Bradley 18,668 | Makenzie 15,001
    192. Kenneth 18,532 | Izabella 14,974
    193. Avery 18,450 | Daniela 14,927
    194. Cayden 18,352 | Stephanie 14,921
    195. King 17,875 | Julianna 14,915
    196. Paul 17,463 | Rose 14,905
    197. Amir 17,453 | Alana 14,878
    198. Gael 17,428 | Harmony 14,509
    199. Graham 17,077 | Jennifer 14,438
    200. Maximus 16,988 | Hayden 14,427

For more information on baby name trends, including lists for additional years and popular choices by US state, check out the Social Security Administration’s baby name page.


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254 thoughts on “Top 50 Most (and Least) Common Baby Names”

    1. I agree my oldest son (5) is Diego-Caleb and my youngest son (4) is Chaske and neither names are there either lmao

      1. You missed Bayleigh (which is just someone’s fancy spelling for Bail or Bailey) #253 My cousin’s 15 year old is Bailey, also, that’s why I picked up on it. Her other daughter is Riley.

    2. My kids arent on there:


      Pfffttt… Sad thing is, it wouldn’t be odd if I DID name my kids that. The comments below actually make me physically sick. Are we SO desperate for attention as a society that we are naming our children SO FFFFFFF-ING ridiculously? Seriously? Archer!? Gauge?? WTF? How many generations until we’re naming our kids “The Rock,” “Ultimate Warrior,” or “Hacksaw Jim Duggan” Smith. Geez people. I have a strong feeling its mostly millennials (which I count myself among) that are naming their children Beckam and SILVERADO. SILVERADO?!?!?! Bahaha. I’m physically sick, and then I’m overcome with amusement, and then I’m just sad about our look-at-me culture.

    3. My kids aren’t on here, but my names ARE rather unique.

      My two sons (3 and 15 months):
      Sssst (pronounced Forest).
      Lllll (pronounced Fievel—like from An American Tale)

    1. Those names are freaking awesome. Lightyears away from ordinary, but not too too weird. Just weird enough to be bad to the bone

        1. Yeah but she wasn’t saying it’s not on the popular list. This is an article about most popular and least popular so, the insult doesn’t really gel and it definitely wasn’t neccassary
          Not that is was ever neccassary to be rude.

        2. Me too – at least your child will be able to pronounce Karen & spell it unlike some of these other attention seeking began abominations!

      1. Bahahaha that’s gold and I was thinking the very same thing. She was being a huge gina with that comment. P.s that’s what my 4yo girl calls hers bahahaha

      1. Yes, Rowan is awesome. I have a friend who’s baby girl is named that.
        I think Brooke shields baby is named that as well.
        I love it and considered it for my son because he was to be a near-Christmas baby, and I am a Chrisstmas eve, and one of its meanings was ‘tree bearing red berries’ and I am Holly, and as I said I really like the name anyway.

  1. Oldest girl: raven rain ocean
    Second oldest boy: malachi clifford
    Third girl: Zara Michelle
    Youngest boy: Felix Otto
    Yeah for unique names

  2. My daughter’s name is on there
    Brooklyn Kamryn – 4 yrs.
    But my boys first names aren’t
    Rory Jaden-Scott – 10 yrs.
    Jourdan Christian – 8 yrs.
    Tristan Zavier – 6 yrs.

    1. I love the name Rory and think it would go well with our names (Duncan, Finlay & Ewan) but worry people think it’s a girl’s name ( thanks Gilmore Girls).

  3. Maybe I should start calling them by their middle names!
    James Edward (25)
    Ty Parry (21)
    Sophia Maria (9)
    Nicholas James (8)
    Lila Marygrace(7)
    Jaxson Brooks (5)
    Arianna Jolee (4)

  4. Marcus aj 4
    Zailen Scott 10 months
    They didn’t make either of the lists my youngest I can’t find the meaning of his name can anyone else find the meaning for me???

    1. What Does Name “Zailen” Mean

      You have aspiration and inspiration, hope and guidance. Since you are intuitive and perceptive and you understand human nature. You have the power to achieve. Diplomacy and discretion make you a good mediator. You are inspired, introspective, and have a good understanding of the human heart. You can have the ability to commercialize your artistic talents successfully. You are often a mystery to others and to yourself. You are always reaching for something higher, without exactly knowing what that “higher” is.You are bold, independent, inquisitive and interested in research. You know what you want and why you want it.
      Dependable, very down-to-earth and well grounded, you are always looking for meaningful work, a career where you can take pride in your work and do the best job you are capable of. Your prime desire is to build protected and secure environment at home and at work. You can be very persuasive in achieving goals and gaining objectives. You can be very detailed and well-organized and possess great organizational skills. At times you may appear too stubborn and overly critical to others, but your practical approach to life and productivity makes you one of the most beneficent members of community.

  5. My daughter’s names are Taylor Grace and Hunter Elisabeth. Everyone always asked me if I was a fan of The Bold & The Beautiful because Hunter Tylo played the character, Taylor. The answer is no but a fun coincidence! 🙂

  6. I’m pregnant with my second daughter. we’ve already chosen the name ‘Emma Rose’. I’ve never met anyone named Emma. Lol its number 2 on the list for most popular. I guess when she gets into school there will be several girls named Emma.
    my first daughter is ‘Deegan Renae’ it’s on the boys not so popular list. so she may run into a boy with her name. she has met a few Tegan and Reagan but no Deegan.

  7. It’s funny 11 years ago you didn’t hear Noah much,,,now it is number one. My son is Noah Daniel and my daughter is Karina Marie.

  8. We chose family names for our girls because my mom is Hungarian. Our son is named after my grandfather.
    Magdolna Rae (Maggi)
    Jaléna Kae (pronounced Ya-laina, nickname Léni, pronounced Lainie)
    Jackson Phoenix

    1. My sons name is Bowen Patrick, but was almost Bowen Wesley after his grandfather. But changed it to Patrick for my mother Patricia. He actually goes by Bodie or Bo. He’s 9. It’s a family name. Was going to be mine had I been a boy:)

      1. Wesley is actually my father’s middle name which is why we picked it 😀 I’ve had a couple women tell me it was their maiden name actually that’s awesome! We call them Bo and Blade with an occasional Bo Bo, but I think Bodie is super cute never thought of that one!

  9. my kids names aren’t on that list, darn it, or mine! I’m Margretha, thanks to my Danish parents. My husband is Arthur. I think of King Arthur when I think of his name. My daughter is Marketa, thanks to her Czech father. Marketa is the Czech equivalent of Margaret. Our son is Patrick, a common name in all European countries, not just Ireland! India used to a very common girls name in England, starting during the Victorian era when the British Raj was in India. Margaret seems to have gone out of fashion, but it will come back! patrick isn’t as popular either. We named him after Patrick Swayze. I was watching Dirty Dancing when i was in labor, and the name just stuck in my head! names are funny things.

  10. We have 8 children.

    Zachary Jameson 35
    Emily Brooke 33
    Jonathan Bruce 30
    Grace Rebecca 25
    Michael Christian Sergei 23
    Drew Elizabeth 9
    Eliza Jane 8
    Joel Ezra 8

    1. I have 8 as well
      Dean Matthew
      Tania Renee
      Kirkland Chad
      Andrew Paul
      Kelly Samantha Nikkei
      Madeline Joan
      Maynard Raine (girl)
      Deklan Blaze Reicher

    1. My daughter’s name is Juniper, she’s five. She gets “Jennifer” a lot, also – sometimes she gets Jupiter – LOL! We love her name though. 🙂

  11. I’m happy to see neither of my daughter’s names are on there. Alethea Rose and Saoirse Aurelia 🙂 Although I think Saoirse is pretty popular in Ireland.

    1. My husband and I considered Aletheia for our daughter! (My mother’s family is Greek).
      We are expecting in October and our daughter’s name is Meredith Caroline. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the lack of popularity of the name Meredith, while still being a “common” name. My name has always been misspelled or mispronounced (Malorie- I get Mallory, Mallorie, Malone, Mabry, Marjorie, and many others!)

    2. LOVE Saoirse – I would totally consider that if we have another girl. We live in Wales so people here would actually know how to pronounce it! Our little girl is Amelia Paige. She was almost Amelie, but we thought she looked like an Amelia 🙂

      1. My 3 kids are:
        James Randall (29)
        Natalie Ann (27)
        Rachel Alexandra (24)
        James after his father, Randall was my dad’s name. Natalie was named after Natalie Wood, i always thought it was such a beautiful name and Ann is my middle name. Rachel was named after her great great grandmother and my ob/gyn, his last name was Alexander, Rachel was the 1st baby named after him and he had already delivered over 2000 babies! James Randall (Jamie) daughter’s name is Penelope Jayne. I suggested Penelope and they loved it, and my son picked Jayne, that was my mom’s, his gramma’s, middle name.

  12. None of my children’s names made the list either. Their names are Caina Elise and Brittlynn Kayde. My stepdaughter’s name is KaSarah Noel. I love the uniqueness of their names yet their names are not silly and their names are beautiful. I love my girls. Each are special and their names fit them perfectly.

  13. My girls are named Kristie Leigh, Tabitha Gail,Aliceson Elisabeth and Kathryn Danielle , all 1970-1987, my grandkids take the cake though,Thailan Jackson, Dilan Macray,Zoelei Ashlynn,Keziah Raine, Perrin Jack and Tristan Michael. We love our unusual names, my soon to be born grandchild may be Marleigh if a girl and Garrett if a boy.

  14. Didn’t see my name! I have some kids that are common and some not so common: Graham (boy), Hannah (girl), Jordan (boy), Sunshine (girl), Piper (girl) and Rocket (boy).

  15. Our son did not make either list, Atticus Taylor Michael (: though the name Dad wants for boy #2 made the least popular: Magnus… But I’m not diggin’ it anyway!

  16. I never see my name anywhere…and I do like it that way! LOL

    I have:
    Travis Joshua (18)
    Jordan Caleb (12)
    Giuseppina Fé (4) (Italian first name translated to Josephine and Spanish middle translates to Faith)

  17. Though I’m 21, My name is Aryn pronounced Erin, and I have never met anther with the spelling of mine. My husbands name is on the least common boy list… Gray (grey). Our sons name is Sutton Cash and I don’t see his on any of the lists either which makes me super happy

    1. Your kids names are great! Unusual, but good names. Sometimes I think people get so caught up in making a name sound original, that they don’t realize that at some point they won’t be a cute 6 year old and they might want something that could be spoken at a board meeting or put on a business card that other people can take them seriously.

  18. Only 1 of my girls’ names made it but spelled different. I have MaKenna Alyana, Amelia Christian and Jaily Alice. Wanted different, can’t stand my name.

  19. This is such a weak list.

    There is only one Alestria in the United States and that is my son. I would say that is the least popular name.

    There are 3 or 4 Illyan in the US…my other son. You didn’t really get the least popular, just the ones on the low thousands.

    1. The SS administration only tracks the 1000 most popular names. It stands to reason that there were more than 1000 names chosen each year across the country, so of course, not every name will be on that list. And THIS list is just the top & bottom of THAT list.

  20. Jenna Katherine, Jaclyn Renae, Jillian Elyse, Juliette Sierra, Joelle Emmalena, Jarolyn Kennedy-Jean, Nahum Adrian-William. Only 1 middle name made the list.

  21. Love it my girls are on fav list Emma,Nevaeh!!! Mine maybe be on the least one but come on The name Karna rocks in general any how plus my middle name is Starr yep named after the beatles

  22. Froulia summerfly,dordon macaw, silissia shaedow, muncha lostoria !! Did’nt make either list!! Yay! I just made them up ! But still ! 🙂

  23. I have Shannon Lynn, Madison Nathaniel, Jonathan Ryan, Kyle Adam, Lily Mae, Trenton Thomas, Blake Thomas, Wayne Todd is my hubby and I am Kathy Lynn.

  24. We have an Audrey Edith (5) and Griffin James (3). Glad to see that Audrey isn’t in the very top and Griffin isn’t on either!

  25. We have 7
    Alexander James
    Parker William
    Samuel Raymond
    Zachariah Clarke
    Wesley Owen
    Teague Riley
    Kieran Christopher

    Teague has the most uncommon of all our kids. His teachers love his name. I always tell everyone it’s League with a T

  26. One of my son’s name is on the pop list Owen, but his middle name isn’t and it Vincent
    My other son’s name isn’t there and his is Lindsey, but his middle name is on the least unlikely and that’s Peirce.

    1. My dad’s middle name is Lindsey, and they gave me the feminine version, Lindsay, as a first name. Don’t see too many boys named Lindsey- the girls took it. I like it with Pierce. Good choice. 🙂

  27. My daughter’s name is Ansley Claire. I’ve never heard of anyone else with the name Ansley until after she was here and named! Crazy how that works.

  28. My daughters name is Janae Ann and while I was pregnant I called my son Festus. I told everybody that was going to be his name. It was funny. If your not old enough to have watched shows like Bonanza, you won’t get it. But he ended up with Reggie after his dad.

  29. My son’s name is Barrett Miles.
    We avoided all of those! Hooray!
    Julien is hopefully to be the name of my next son! (If I have another son)

  30. My daughter 21 is Serena Cheyenne
    son 10 is Bodie Seth
    son 15 months is Rhys Avery
    son on the way Jan 2015 is Ian Myles. Only name that was on the list was Avery and it was listed as a girl name.

  31. Son 12 Easton when he was born I had never heard of any one else having that name. Not on the list but so many baby boys with his name a decade later
    Daughter 6 Lynleigh ( pronounced Lynley for some reason people get confused) I’ve only heard one other girl a few years after we had her
    Being an Ashley myself I was proud not to see my name. Being an Ashley from the 80s/90s there were a million of us lol
    New baby if a girl with be Ruby-Jewel ( family name ) and I’m leaning towards Everett but I must admit I love the names Hawk , Grayson, Cotton and Dove for a boy also.

  32. My son’s name is Kane Jacob. Only Kane in his school so he seems to be well known, plus he’s a unique young man, it tends to suit him well….

  33. My 3 year old daughters name is
    Ellisyn Olivia (we call her Elli for short).
    Pronounced like Allison but with an El beginning sound.
    Not on the list but we have recoeved a lot of
    Compliments on it. It’s a little different but not crazy different and with such a common nickname (Elli) the playground meanies should not be an issue.

  34. 45years ago ii named my son Jordan. Kahlil……the nurse had a fit….she would not even put it on his birth certificate …..said I was ruining his life……so 6 days later. , Fighting me all the way…it finally went on his BC….I constantly asked
    Him if he liked his name…h always said he loved it… one ever had his name.

  35. Didn’t see either of my sons names and I know my daughters name is not common.

    Adam Joel (30)
    Brett Justin (30)
    Shealyn Marie (16)

  36. Brogan Liam Grant
    Briar Lael Rose
    Maria Elora
    Roan Patrick pronounced Rone
    Elle Mae
    I wasn’t so concerned with popularity as I was strength of character.

  37. My name is not on the list – Sharon Kay. LoL My son, Matthew Stephen (23) is on the list. My 1st ex is on the list of Popular names while my 2nd ex has his name on the list of Unpopular names. LoL

  38. The top lists are exactly what I avoided. My daughter’s name is Taryn Emma (she’s ten) and my son’s name is Devereaux Alix (he’s six).

    My stepdaughters are Destiny and Zoe (#31 on the Top 50 Girls), but… *shrug*

  39. My two daughters are
    Flannery and Helena.
    We live in the south so Flannery was named after the wonderfully southern eccentric author Flannery O’Connor and Helena from the German side of my husband. (His pick–I would have picked Honora instead 🙂 )

  40. I have
    Kailee Nicole (20)
    Amber Brenae (20)
    Brianna Alexis (16)
    Brayden William (12)
    Britlon Stone (11)
    Ryen Louise (8)
    Tatum Michael (4)
    So some of mine are common names and some aren’t. I’ve never heard of another Britlon, and my Ryen is a girl and Tatum is a boy.

  41. Mine all have traditional first names but more unusual middle names.
    Elizabeth Amelia 15 (Emma)
    John William Pacific 12
    Owen Darshan Spring 10

  42. None of our kiddos are on the lists either.

    Our kids are
    8-years – Beckham Jacob
    5-years – Holden Stanley
    3-years – Piper Jean
    13-days – Palmer Alice

  43. My kids names are not on it either,
    Brise Serena
    Keeta Alexander
    Forrest Drew
    Petrina Stephanie
    I have met a Forrest, but no Keeta, Brise or Petrina!

  44. Brise Serena
    Keeta Alexander
    Petrina Stephanie
    Forrest Drew

    I know a Forrest, but never met a Brise, pronounced Breeze, a Keeta, or a Petrina.

  45. We picked a super popular name for our son, Jackson Thomas (1 year). So with our daughter due in January, we went for unique and unisex, Remington Lee.

  46. The only redeeming factor to my ugly sounding name is its spelling, which I find much prettier than the common way to spell it.
    My kids have names of varying popularity:
    Matthew Ryan
    Justin Cleveland
    Cosette Louisa

  47. A lot of terrific names, ladies! I’m taking notes for our next baby, due in March. Only one of my sons’ names, and a variation of the spelling of a contender for the unborn babe are on these lists.
    I have:
    Nathan Macalister
    Warren Parker
    Alexandar Thomas
    Considering: Cavan, Kevin, Wesley, Emilia, and Annabelle for the new baby.

    I’m picking up a few from you all, though. I love Elorah, Lorelei, Adalie, and Alana for a girl, and Garret is a nice boy’s name. They’re so much harder to name, though, IMO.

  48. I have a Collin Xavier (3) and a Connor Daniel (1). I expected to see them on the list, but they aren’t there (well, Daniel is of course). Interestingly, I didn’t like Connor at all until I got pregnant. We had picked out Dillon but after I sat next to a random Dillon on the plane, I changed my mind. So funny how the smallest things lead to your child’s name! I think there were a lot of Connors playing football a couple of falls ago and I kept hearing the name in the background.

    1. Yes, it was unpopularized during WWII but i believe it’s coming back.
      I’m from Poland and i know that no one therew would name their kid Adolf for obvious reasons, but it is a nice name!

  49. Daughter is Eden Raine
    1st Son Brett Edwin
    2nd son Brantley Albert

    My name being Autumn I was always asked stupid questions like “Were your parents hippies?” “Do you have a brother named winter or a sister named spring?”

  50. My son’s name is August Mieszko (pron. Mieshkoh). Both are historical Polish names, as I am Polish. We’re picking first names that pronounce in both Polish and English.

  51. My names not on there Bethany rose and neither is my son’s Walter Maximilian my husbands first name is by his middle name yukio isn’t.

  52. None of my mom’s girls are on here…
    Alisha Brooke
    Madison Noelle
    Shanlee Tayte
    Carson Delaney
    my dad’s kids are -almost- all on here (first names at least…)

  53. My name was so common with its variations growing up that I wanted something unique for our son (I wanted the name Kailus) but when thet time came we named him after his great grandfather so I’m pleasantly surprised is not a name on here! 🙂 Oliver Dax – 3 and a half. We gave him the funky middle name so he could be a doctor or a rock star his choice lol!:)

  54. My kids aren’t on here, but my names ARE rather unique.

    My two sons (3 and 15 months):
    Sssst (pronounced Forest).
    Lllll (pronounced Fievel—like from An American Tale)

  55. My daughter has a very old fashioned firet and middle name, that has two meanings; being she is both Indian and European Mix.

    Harleen Estelle


    Indian Meaning – Absorbed in God’s Love
    English Meaning -The Hare Meadow or The Hare in the Meadow.

    Estelle (my great grandmothers middle name, miss and love her.)

    Meaning – Star

    Both lovely beautiful and lovely names, and meanings.

    1. while in labor watching all my children, my husband (unusual term meaning legally married to mother, legitimate father of incumbent infant) came in the room and said “whats wrong with Devon”?
      I answered “Brook is mad because she’s drunk”
      “No, I mean whats wrong with that name”?
      ” Nothing, I like it.How about Brook for a middle name”
      And an infant girl named Devon Brook was born.
      We thought we were so clever,
      Growing up she had 2 other friends with the same name from the same show…so…

  56. Kaiya Winter, 6yr old Daughter.
    Kashus Fall, 2yr old Son.
    My 3rd is on the way two more weeks, but haven’t figured out a name.

  57. I thought my name would be in the least most common but not in ethier one least or popular:'( its savanna

  58. Valuable information. Fortunate me I found your web site unintentionally, and I’m surprised why this twist of fate did not took place earlier!
    I bookmarked it.

  59. I’m a kid but my name isn’t on any of the lists, I’m a girl and my name is Caroline, if I missed my name on the list please point that out but I’m pretty sure it’s not there. I think Caroline might be a kinda rare name but not super rare because I know two people named Caroline.

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