50 Things to Love About Toddlers

Toddlers get a bad rap these days. That transitional time between babyhood and childhood is an interesting mix of learning, crazy, teething and mood swings. And while I have to admit that my least favorite age of all time is 18 months, there is a lot to love about toddlers. I always found that my kids were at their peak of cuteness at this time. 

Here are 50 Things to Love About Toddlers

1. So much learning.

2. Emerging personalities.

3. Verbal ability!


5. So many milestones.

6. Sleep! (Maybe, but not a guarantee!)

50 things to love about toddlers

7. Hand holding.

8. ”I lub you, mama.”

9. Tired cuddles.

10. They will still fall asleep in your arms.

11. Independence!

12. Except for when they still need you – which they do sometimes!

13. Chubby hands holding your cheeks and pulling you close, face to face

14. NOOOOOOO!- People hate the no, but it is so good that they find their no! An important milestone.

50 things to love about toddlers

15. Going on walks together.

16. Wonder. about everything.

17. Non-stop chatting in the back of the car.

18. Big boys and girls!

19. No more diapers!

20. You get the opportunity to learn to be a better parent. Not always easy. But needed.

21. Dancing without fear.

22. Date nights again!

23. Alone time. They want alone time.

24. Patience. You get to learn it. And you get to teach it.

25. Real friends! They start to really interact with other children by the end of toddlerhood.

26. Reading books together. (For those that will sit still.)

27. Delight.

50 things to love about toddlers

28. Parks. Endless days at the park.

29. Questions. Endless questions.

30. Tricycles.

31. I am me and you are you and we are not the same. Toddlers know they are separate from you.

32. Block towers.

33. Self-feeding!

34. Toddler beds?!

50 things to love about toddlers

35. Water play.

36. Play dough!

37. They are funny. Without realizing it.

38.T hey help you see your idiosyncrasies.

39. And your flaws.

40. And the funny way you walk.

41. They are still excited about airplanes. Every airplane.

42. Fearless!

43. Unless you have a careful one. They are fun too. Watching them learn and open up. Good stuff.

44. Playing ball!

45. Bye-bye!

46. Naps? Eventually – they are gone!

47. Running!

48. Scribbling.

50 things to love about toddlers

49. Drinking from a cup!

50. Walking up stairs.

When you talk to people, everyone seems to think that the toddler years are the worst years of parenting. Right up there with teenagers. People talk about the “terrible twos” and the even worse threes.

I myself admit that they are hard at times. But underneath it all, I love toddlers. The time from walking until three is an amazing one. You get to know that crazy, beautiful, little person that is growing up. No more babies.

Actually, there is still a baby in there. There will be a baby in there for a few more years. The baby will show itself every now and again, needing hugs, nursing, rocking to sleep.

Love your toddler. They are sweet people in a transition. From baby to child. Transitions are hard. In labor, in life, in childhood. Transitions are full of beauty and growth too. Embrace the good the bad and the ugly of your incredible toddler! There are at least 50 more things to love about toddlers.

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