6 Birth Videos I Used to Prepare My Child for His Sibling’s Entrance


I’ve written before about preparing your child to attend the birth of a sibling. A big part of preparing my son to see me labor and give birth was watching videos. I got a lot of questions about what videos I watched. There are many readily available on YouTube, and I’m going to share some of the ones I’ve found that do a great job of covering aspects of birth.

It was especially helpful for my son to know what kinds of noises I might make and how I might be concentrating inward. It was also important that he understood where the baby would be coming out and what the baby would look like. Always screen videos before you show a young child. You need to be prepared to answer the questions they’ll have. You’ll need to know if any aspect of the video may be upsetting to them.

That said: I hope these birth videos are a great jumping off point.

1. This is a great first video. The way it’s edited and presented is gorgeous. It’s a peaceful home water birth where two older siblings are in attendance. You can clearly see the baby emerging under the water. There’s a very sweet moment as one of the older sisters meets her new sibling for the first time.

2. This video is also edited with music and is enjoyable to watch. It’s another home water birth. There is a sweet moment with the older siblings before they leave. There is a break in the music when it comes time for the birth, and the mom makes some moaning pushing sounds.

3.  Here is yet another water birth. This one is incredibly peaceful and calm. And mom stays in the birth tub for the delivery of the placenta and there are a lot of great shots of that. My son was really interested in the umbilical cord and the placenta. Added bonus of a lot of great shots of the newborn.

4. This video is also incredibly peaceful. Mom is lying on a pallet on her side when she delivers. There is excellent detail in showing how the baby’s head emerges from the birth canal, and then twists so that the body can be born. It’s absolutely gorgeous and mom is beaming. This one continues during the third stage as well with the delivery of the placenta.

5. An older sibling attends this home water birth. There is a great range of sounds and behaviors from mom as she is in the intense part of labor. There are many times where she is breathing heavily and concentrating, and lots of pushing and grunting and yelling. But between contractions, she’s calm and cheerful and talking to her daughter who is in the room.

6. This last video has some colorful language, so definitely screen this one first. But it shows a mom delivering her baby at home. She’s on the bed in a semi-reclined position. I think it’s important to show the loud labors as well as the quiet ones. This mom is really strong and pushes the baby’s head out really quickly.

Image: Kala Bernier

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    1. Amy, which video is yours? I loved watching so many for this article, and all of these ones were so amazing! I’m glad I could share yours. 🙂

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