6 Things Dads Don’t Get Enough Credit For

dad and child

A little humor from a father about what makes Dads special.

1. Teaching kids to think on the fly — When we forget to pack snacks, we take the kids to Whole Foods Market for the Kid’s Club and free samples.

2. Teaching kids about history — When you’re not around, we show the kids how to drink from the garden hose like we did when we were little.

3. Teaching kids ingenuity — When we take the kids away for the weekend and accidentally pack the wrong size clothing, we show kids we can use scissors to turn 3T pants into shorts for a six-year-old.

4. Teaching kids about the value of money — When we take the kids out to dinner but forget our wallet and must borrow from neighbors to pay for dinner, they learn that money is hard to come by.

5. Teaching kids “it’s what inside that matters” — We do this by completely disregarding fashion. Case in point: Dad jeans.

6. Teaching kids that they mean the world to us — We do this all the time in the way we worry about them, in the way we light up when they get home, and in the way we hug them every day.

Image credit: James Emery

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