7 Things I Don’t Understand, by Leone, age 10 months


I may look little but I wrote this post. Ask my mom if you don't believe me!

I may look little but I wrote this post. Ask my mom if you don’t believe me!

1) Why, no matter how hard I tug, I can’t get the pretty soft stuff off Big Brother’s head.

2) Why, when I’m taking a bath and playing with toys and drinking some nice warm soapy delicious water, Mommy says “Yuck! Don’t do that!” and takes the cup away.

3) Why Daddy doesn’t like it when I suck on small rocks.

4) Why Big Sister #2 and Big Brother scream when I crawl over to play Legos with them.

5) Why no one wants to play with me in the middle of the night, even when I give Mommy my most winsome smile.

6) Why people who smell strange try to hold me even though I shriek and scream and want to go back to my big sisters.

7) Where Mommy’s breast goes. I just doze off … for a minute … but it’s never there when I wake up.

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