a Christmas present from Mel


And these aren’t even a twentieth of the words included in this special-edition Laura Egley Taylor Magnetic Poetry Kit which I just received from my coworker, miracle-worker Melyssa Holik. Since we have a dorm-sized fridge here at the office, I’m not sure there’s even room for all the words there. . .

words-from-melAnd what words they are! We got your very appropriate thaumaturgy, mercury, and retrograde; fun words like beslubbering, shenanigan, fugacious, and antediluvian poppycock; uplifting words like bucolic, wabi-sabi, and sheets, of, and  easter; inspiring words like creativity, lilt, and coffee; and—I’m pleased to reveal here—a brand-new word, coined by Mel, guaranteed to further your communication skills: malmanfricate.**

Thanks in advance for all the wordplay fun, Mel!


*hippopotomonstrosesquedalian: of or pertaining to extremely long words

**malmanfricate: to rub one’s hands together in a back-and-forth motion in gleeful anticipation of some nefarious undertaking

Photos above of 1) my first-ever fridge blog and 2) a mere sampling of the verbiage from Mel

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