A Daddy Day Out

Carrie’s awake!
Daddy’s awake!

But mommy’s not awake. She’s really not awake.
She’s been up all night with a cold.

You know what this means?
It’s time for a daddy day out!

Grab some snacks, extra pants, wallet, where are the car keys?
And away we go!

But the sun’s not awake, everything’s quiet.
Where can a toddler and her daddy go at 5:00 am?

Truck stops serve very good breakfasts.
The waitress calls Daddy “sugar”.
Big bearded men smile as Carrie waves.
Pictures come out of wallets. Crayons are found under counters.
Daddy asks, “Smoothie, home fries or toast?”
Carrie says, “Yes.”
It is a very big breakfast.

Supermarket’s almost open. See the sleepy stock girls?
Wipe off the red cart and test-drive in the parking lot.
Manager waves, store’s open.
This or that?
Aisles are good for hide and seek.
Hop on just the colored tiles.
Check out.

The playground is empty. Almost.
Run to the swing! Another underdog please.
Try all the slides four times. Lose count and slide more.
Too young for the climbing wall? Not with help.

Watermelon break.
More juice?
I guess ducks don’t like black olives.

Craft-time at the library.
What are we making? Is this enough glue?
Three legs are better than two and nine legs are better than three.
Can’t have too much glitter.

A stack of books and a comfy chair.
The goofy dog rides the train.
Now she’s on the moon!
Goofy dog builds a house. Are you still listening?

Gentle into car seat.
Eyes close as car rolls.
Find a shady spot, windows down, seat back.
A well-deserved nap.

Mommy’s awake.
Awake enough to find two travelers,
asleep in her driveway.


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