A Fab Lunapads Giveaway: 4 Organic Magenta Mandala Sampler Packs!

Hey, mamas, great news! Lunapads has four Organic Sampler Packs to give away to four lucky A la Mama blog readers. Many of you gave us great feedback about our recent article, “A Planet-Friendly Period,” on cloth pads and natural alternatives to disposable menstrual products.

Each Lunapads Organic Sampler Pack includes 1 Mini Pantyliner, 1 Maxi Pad and 1 each Basic and Wing Liners, all in their beautiful custom print, Magenta Mandala.

Here’s some intel from Lunapads:

“Since 1993, Lunapads has been dedicated to providing women with healthy, eco positive alternatives to disposable pads and tampons. Thanks to our customers having “made the switch” over 1 million disposable pads and tampons are now being diverted from landfills every month. Join the global sisterhood of women reducing waste and having ‘happier periods, naturally’ with Lunapads washable pads and Lunapanties all-in-one padded underwear.”

Lunapads is also offering a special discount code to Mothering readers: “Mothering10″ gets you 15% off orders over $50.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below, and if you have a sec, the answer to one of the following questions:

Why do you want to try Lunapads?


Why are you a fan of using natural menstrual products?

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390 thoughts on “A Fab Lunapads Giveaway: 4 Organic Magenta Mandala Sampler Packs!”

  1. I just got into cloth diapering with my daughter when she was born 10 months ago, and it is so much easier than I thought it would be. I always hated running to the store every month to buy pads or tampons, and inevitably being caught empty-handed. Also they are so expensive! Now that I know how easy re-usable products are I am eager to try Luna pads and say goodbye to disposable products.

  2. I would love to try Lunapads because I already cloth diaper, I also just switched over to “unpaper” towels. Cloth pads seem like the next natural step 🙂

  3. I am so glad I switched to natural menstrual products! They are so much more comfortable, healthier for my body, and gentler on the earth. I cannot wait to introduce my daughters to the world of cloth pads! 🙂

  4. This is such perfect timing. I’ve been really interested in switching to cloth pads lately. I use cloth on my baby so it only makes sense that I should use cloth myself.

  5. I have used cloth for a long time and love it–I love trying new kinds and having variety…I usually make my own but have heard good things about Luna’s

  6. I would love to try them because they seem like they would be so much more comfortable than disposable ones. And they’re pretty!

  7. when i think of how many pads are used by women all over the world, and that they go into landfills, it makes me cringe. thats why i want to convert to ALL cloth pads (i use only half at this point). love luna pads!

  8. I love cloth diapering my children. Money is saved and that makes me very happy! I’d love to try these Luna pads because they’re a budget-helper and there’s nothing that comes secondly gross to me than having to throw $6+ dollars away every cycle for the next 40+ years!

  9. Cloth diapering my little man who is due the 19th and looking for other ways to help cut down on waste products, this would be an excellent way.
    .-= Kari´s last blog ..38 Weeks =-.

  10. I feel so much better about my health and my impact on the environment since I switched to natural products. I hope my daughter never even knows that disposable products used to be the norm!

  11. i have been contemplating going to cloth pads, especially with the upcoming birth of my little man. This would be a great way to try them!

  12. I am currently pregnant but looking forward to switching. It is amazing the things that are put into making products that we use in our bodies. Using organic but also products that let the body just do its thing, is just another step to make our bodies healthier. Looking forward to learning more about Lunapads. Thanks for doing the giveaway.
    .-= Linda J (@helpfulsister)´s last blog ..Can you REALLY afford Cloth Diapers =-.

  13. I have always wanted to try Luna Pads.

    Our family has been taking many steps towards going more Green this year and this would be a fantastic way to help reduce our carbon footprint.

    Thanks to Luna Pads and Mothering Magazine for the chance to win.

    PenPoint Editorial Services


  14. I have been wanting to try cloth pads for a while now. We use cloth diapers for our son, and if I don’t use disposable products with him- why should I for myself? Reasons: the environmental impact and reducing my chemical exposure.

  15. I want to try Lunapads because I just recently got my period back after having my last baby, and my husband just got a vasectomy, so I’m stuck with it until menopause!

  16. I’m trying to make the switch to cloth for me, as we’re using cloth for new baby. I’ve heard a lot of great things about cloth pads!

  17. I’d love to try cloth for myself. I have been looking into it, and this is a great chance! 🙂 Of course, I just found out that I am expecting, so it will be a while before I actually get to try them… 🙂

  18. just read the article in Mothering about cloth pad and definitely interested in switching!!! thanks for the give away chance…

  19. I really want to try them! I’ve wanted to use them for a while now and am due to have a baby in a few months and would like to use them postpartum as well.

  20. I want to try cloth pads because I hate the feeling of disposable pads and don’t care for tampons. I’ve used cloth diapers on both my girls so why not use cloth myself too?

  21. I would like to try them because they would be gentler on the earth and my body. I was actually planning on buying something like this before my next period. I’m also looking at the different types of Diva cups.

  22. I would love to try these! I used cloth for my boys, and I use cloth pads for myself, but these are GORGEOUS!!!

  23. I would like to try Lunapads, because I decided to use cloth diapers with our son and he loves them and so do I – so much better than disposables, so I figured what’s good for the goose is good for the gander… or rather the reverse – what’s good for the gander is good for the goose 🙂

  24. Before I became pregnant this time, I was using the Diva Cup with pantyliners – I have been waiting to try Luna Pads for a long time. What a great opportunity!!

  25. we cloth diaper, use cloth wipes and cloth nursing pads. when my period came back last month, i felt silly and wasteful using disposable pads. my husband is a little creeped out at the thought of reuseable menstral pads, but i’d like to give it a go.

  26. i have never tried cloth pads yet, i would love to win these cause i am changing my ways to be more greener.

    Why do you want to try Lunapads?

    I wanna try them cause i only wear pads; i hate tampons and i feel bad throwing my disposable ones away; to fill up the landfill. I have started to use folded up cloth napkins that i bought at the thrift store and added velcro to them so they will stick to my panties BUT they still move around so i would love to try these ones!

  27. Those are so pretty and cheerful! I just finished my second period after enjoying a long break (breastfeeding) and have been meaning to buy a few cloth pads to go with my Diva Cup. I’ve tried to make my own but haven’t had much luck, unfortunately.

  28. My 12 year old daughter will soon begin her menstrual cycle, as my own is winding down. We try to be natural in as many aspects of our life as possible, and it is especially important to me for something that affects us so intimately. It should be non-toxic and feel good. I look forward to gifting these to my daughter.

  29. This is my first period using cloth pads, and so far, I am very happy with them. I would love to try out different kinds so that I can find the ones that are the best fit for me and my lifestyle. I only have enough to last about a day right now since I am just starting out.

    I made the switch because it seemed like the next logical step after using cloth diapers on my youngest child. If cloth was better for her, why wouldn’t it be better for me, right?

    I have heard great things about Luna Pads and do hope to try them soon, but because the cost per pad is higher with them, I didn’t buy them to start with just in case mama cloth didn’t work out for me.

    I started, and plan to continue to blog about my cloth pad experience in the hopes of converting others.
    .-= Meredith´s last blog ..Taking the next eco step =-.

  30. I’ve used cloth (along with the keeper/luna cup) for a long time — I love it and would never go back to paper/plastic pads. Cloth is just so much nicer in every way. I haven’t tried LunaPads & I would love to try them!!

  31. I’d love to give Luna pads a go. We use cloth diapers and I used cloth nursing pads when I needed them – both are so much nicer than the sposie versions so I’m sure cloth liners will be too!

  32. gosh, i haev GOT to win one of the giveaways at some point! i have been tossing the idea around to do cloth pads once my cycle starts again. since my son is in cloth diapers i thought i should do it as well. seems simple enough.

  33. Just new to cloth diapers and my horizons keep expanding…cloth pads? I mean, that is a fantastic idea!!!! The ideas and topics you guys cover never cease to amaze me!!! I’m in for the giveaway!

  34. I have used a different brand and always wanted to try luna pads. I love the fact that I have less cramps when I use them.

  35. I have been wanting to try cloth pads for ages, and I just got my first PP period (boo!), but can finally try them (yay!). We’re moving from paper to cloth for napkins and towels, and have cloth diapered for almost three years, so it seems a natural progression!

  36. I love Lunapads. I have some, but not enough. I feel so much better about my period now that I’m not destroying the environment. It really helps me feel like it is part of the cycle of life and something to be proud of as opposed to something dirty and inconvenient. I feel like they are softer too. One of these days, I need to get a Diva Cup…

  37. I would LOVE to try them. I have a few cloth pads that are very comfortable. Cheaper, nicer and better for the environment.

  38. I read the article in Mothering dedicated to cloth feminine products and thought, “I should really try that!”….especially since I am a cloth diapering, cloth napkining, hankie-using Mama. But, I haven’t bought them yet.

    I hope I win because I would LOVE to give these a try and make the switch :)!

  39. I have been contemplating trying them, but just haven’t taken the plunge. Winning wouldn’t definitely help me do that!

  40. I’ve been slowly trying to convert to cloth all around the house since the birth of my 3 yo (it was the massive amount of paper towels involved in cleaning up after feedings that broke that camel’s back). I’m now using cloth diapers on my 3 month old son and would love to try some mama cloth once AF returns.

  41. I love this giveaway! I hope I have the opportunity to try them out. Have only used cloth on my babe, and have been looking for a company that sells cloth pads.


  42. I like to use cloth menstrual pads because they are so super comfy, I save tons of money each month after years of using disposables and having a heavy flow, and I like being able to share my experience with other women in my life.

  43. I’m a cloth-diapering mom who hasn’t yet taken the plunge to cloth menstrual pads, but with disposable products not cutting it, I’d like to give them a try.

  44. i’ve been wanting to try cloth pads as another way to green our household. i don’t like the cost and waste of disposables.

  45. I’ve been wanting to try these! I’m about to become a first-time mom… We’re going to cloth diaper our daughter, why shouldn’t we cloth “diaper” me, too?

  46. I would love to try these LunaPads because I already use a DivaCup, but have never used the cloth pads!! I just feel so much better about not adding to the piles of waste in the landfills. If I love them as much as I think I will, I’d like to get some for my daughter when she starts her cycle!

  47. How serendipitous! Lunapads are the exact mama cloth I’ve been wanting to try. I’m looking to switch to cloth for the health benefits of it. My kiddos are all out of diapers now and were in cloth from birth to potty trained. Mom deserves just as good, right?

  48. I’ve been using the DivaCup (menstrual cup) for several months and I can’t say enough great things about it. It’s revolutionary in the sense that I have a completely different attitude towards my period. I am working through my leftovers of disposable pantyliners, which I use as back-up and have just started using LunaPads pantyliners. So comfy and soft. Easy to care for. Pretty. Yes, pretty!

    When you start to think of the amount of (disgusting) disposable menstrual products that are being dumped into landfills, then realise that there are excellent and practical alternatives, it’s so worth a try. I couldn’t be happier.

  49. My daughters are now coming of age and learning to use cloth pads instead of disposable. Between all the washings, the old ones are wearing out! We could use some new cloth pads and it would be a great way to try out Lunapads.

  50. We have been Cloth Diapering now for almost 2 years and I have yet to be convinced of using momma cloth. I would really like to give it a try!

  51. I’ve honestly never heard of cloth pads. But I CD my son, so it would only make sense I would use cloth myself. I would love to try them.

  52. I want to use cloth pads because I use cloth diapers with my kiddo and cloth everything else. This would save me having to make them to start out with!

  53. I love cloth pads! I am expecting our fourth baby in November, and am looking forward to using cloth pads again postpartum. They are SO much more comfortable than their disposable counterpart. I have continued to used my cloth pad stash in combination with menstrual cups (whenever I finally get to that point again). It’s amazing the difference that non-toxic, reusable products makes! Suddenly, the monthly cycle is no big deal!
    .-= Heather B.´s last blog ..Why use a Midwife =-.

  54. I love cloth pads! They’re so much more comfortable than plastic and completely cuts out all that waste I used to accumulate over the week. I’ve never regretted switching!

  55. i would like to try cloth to help do my part to keep the earth a healthy place for my family and future generations.

  56. I have just recently heard of Lunapads. I am interested in giving them a try because of that fact that they are environmentally friendly. I have been learning about the chemicals found in disposable pads and like the idea of no chemicals. I am going to have a baby soon and I am using cloth diapers, so why not use cloths pads? I’d love to try some before I buy some! Thank you!

  57. Please enter me in the contest.

    1) Why do you want to try Lunapads?

    I would love to try a new cloth pad. We use everything else natural and cloth so pads are a great option too. 🙂

    2)Why are you a fan of using natural menstrual products?

    For health, for the world, for comfort, the list goes on and on……… ~smiling~

  58. I want to try Luna pads because I think it would be better for our earth. I have been wearing disposable pads for years and just makes me sad to think of all the trash I have created in the landfills. I also, want my daughter to use cloth when the time comes. I am excited about the chance to try them.

  59. We use cloth diapers on our daughter and I’m still using disposable products. Now that doesn’t seem quite right does it?! Would love to make the switch for my health and our planet!

  60. Great giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try these for awhile. Just like diapers, I just can’t watch my waste fill up the landfills.

  61. I’ve always wanted to try an alternative to disposable menstral pads. I’ve tried diva cups and really like them, but they still leak sometimes! I am always using pads to keep things clean and this looks like a great alternative to the pads available at the store.

  62. I have been using sponge tampons for about 3 years now but always used disposable panty liners with them. I didn’t really realize that cloth pads were even an option until I was pregnant, and now I’m ready to try those, too! I’ve been planning to make my own, but as of yet only have a few that were very poorly planned out.

  63. Of course I know the benefits to the environment and my health, but the main reason I have a supply of cloth pads is for “preparedness”. What would you do if you didn’t have any pads, disposable or cloth, and couldn’t get to a store to buy any? Sit on a towel for a week, I suppose, but that’s not very practical!
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..My hometown is being eaten by a black- oily monster =-.

  64. I used cloth pads for my postpartum flow. I found my flow was lighter once i began using them. it wasn’t much extra work since i already cloth diaper. makes me happy i can do something for the environment.

  65. I use a diva cup but have always been interested in trying cloth pads, I’ve just never taken the plunge! Would love to win this.

  66. I would love to be entered so I can try lunapads!

    Why are you a fan of using natural menstrual products?

    I love using reusable products because not only are they good for the environment and for mine and my family’s health, they’re so much better for my pocketbook, too!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Domestic pursuits =-.

  67. I switched to cloth pads after the birth of my first child when I got my first diaper rash from the disposable pads. Everyone that I spoke with about it fought back against the idea, but I felt like I had no choice. It was instant love. I will never switch back!

  68. I love cloth pads! I’ve made my own and find they’re very comfortable. I wear them with my Diva Cup. These look so cute!

  69. After reading all of the articles and doing some research I’m excited to try cloth pads. It seems so right for my body while being ecofriendly and natural at the same time. I hope to investigate a variety of natural products and decide what works best for me so that I can pass cloth pads on to my daughter when she begins menstruating.

  70. I want to try them because our daughter is all cloth why shouldn’t mommy be too…I have been wanting to try them but just don’t have the funds to purchase them…

  71. I actually am not very big on pads but I want to try these because I am working on making my home as self sufficient as possible and to save money. What if I had no money for some reason and no tampons or pads? I wouldn’t have to worry if I had enough of something like this. So I REALLY want to try them and I hope I like them whenever I do!

    I also just started cloth diapering a bit back with my 2nd son so this seems like another good step!

    FYI I also care very much about the earth but in terms of “That time of the month” I need whatever works best for me! So I will keep my fingers crossed!
    .-= Sally L´s last blog ..EcoMom and Revolution Foods Giveaway Winner =-.

  72. I have been cloth diapering my kids for years and have been very satisfied. Recently, I’ve starting thinking about myself and the amount of waste that disposable pads are causing and the amount of chemicals I am exposing myself to when I use them, so I’m interested in switching to something like Lunapads that are reusable and planet-friendly!

  73. I’ve been slowly making the switch to a diva cup and cloth pads. I only have 1 full pad and 4 liners. I really need to buy more, but they’re kinda pricey. I need to save up to do so. Or I should learn to sew some!

  74. I want to try cloth pads and a brand before I buy them. I have bout natural ones buut want to lean towards cloth. I am also due 9/11 so good timing to try them.

  75. I’ve been interested in trying cloth pads for a while but am trying to use up my supply of disposable. I’d love to try them!

  76. I’ve finally switched to cloth diapers, cloth breastpads, and mastered breatfeeding after my 3rd child and I’m feeling like I’m on a roll with lots of little changes! This is a change I’ve been wanting to make, but with 3 kids I’d like to try them before I invest the money

  77. I have always wanted to try the cloth route, but have been afraid to put up the initial expense in case I don’t like them.

  78. I am a new mom, cloth diapering my son. Since I am breastfeeding, I haven’t begun a cycle but when I do, I plan on investing in cloth pads and a diva cup. This would be a great help in getting me over to that side of cloth!

  79. I’d love to win some lunapads so I can take the plunge into earth friendly menstrual cycles and discontinue having paper/plastic/BPA/chlorine/who-knows-what sitting so close to such sensitive parts!

    I’m expecting my 3rd baby in Sept. and will be cloth diapering/ECing with baby. I deserve the good stuff, too. 🙂

  80. I would like to try cloth pads. I’ve never used them, but I use cloth on my babies. Shouldn’t I be as kind to myself as I am to them? That’s my goal this year – to try to treat myself as I treat my kids (safe, natural products, healthy fresh foods, etc). This would be a great way to start.

  81. I like cloth pads because they don’t create any more waste for the landfills. I am also allergic to many synthetics. I tried lunapads in the past, but they were a bit too pricey for my budget.

  82. I am cloth diapering my daughter and i am thinking switching to cloth pads once my period start once again ( iam breastfeeding, so this giveaway would be a really good chance to try them out.

  83. I would LOVE to try some luna pads! i have been using a diva cup for over two years but i still wear a pantyliner or pad as back up or at night on heavy days!!!! I haven’t been able to afford to try them out yet!

  84. I’ve really wanted to try cloth but am a little chicken. I figure I CD my kids, why not use cloth myself? Hope to win! 🙂

  85. I want to try them because my La Leche League leaders told me they really do decrease your flow, and because I hate, hate, hate the thought of throwing away yucky pads that don’t decompose. Just think of all that waste! It’s the natural progression after switching to cloth diapering, I think.

    Same goes for breast pads!
    .-= Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas´s last blog ..4th of July recap- buffet-style =-.

  86. I always run out of pads because I dislike buying them so much! It’s wasteful all the way around!! Plus what is in these things most of the time is harmful to you.

    And also, tampons are insane…if it was meant to be plugged then it would never leak.

  87. I’ve used cloth & sponges since I was 15 and I love them. I use disposable while traveling, etc. and cloth is SO MUCH more comfortable! And a big part of how I knew to use cloth diapers when my oldest was born – if it’s more comfy for me, must be more comfy for baby, too! I’d love to have these since I am STILL using some of the ones I got when I was 15 (!)

  88. I have been trying to be more “green” in my life. The older I get I realize how much more sensitive my skin is becoming to chemicals. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while now. I also have two daughters who are interested in trying them as well. So if I win them, try them and love them – I will invest to get them some too (they have also expressed interest in trying them).

  89. I have been recently thinking about using luna pads or something similar. When I am not out of the house during my menses/moontime, I spend a lot of time sitting on towels rather than bothering with disposable products. I would like to see how these would make me more functional in and out of the house.

  90. What a great giveaway! I generally use the luna pads pantyliner with my diva cup and meluna cup, but I’ve wanted to try the regular pads, too. I never really thought about the chemicals in my menstrual products until I began cloth diapering my babies. I really wish I had tried the luna pantyliners while I was pregnant!
    .-= Wendy´s last blog ..Mama Comforts =-.

  91. Yes. I am a fan. I have a couple lunapads already. I really want to win because I just got my period back after baby!

  92. I am always looking for ways to be more conscientious about my carbon footprint. Recently started using a menstrual cup, which I totally love and would like to use lunapads as well, just in case 🙂

  93. Curiosity! Baby 1 is coming end of September and will have cloth dipes… I’m guessing cloth might be nicer for me in those post partum weeks. Would love to try.

  94. I have been using CD almost exclusively on both my daughters (3 months and 2 years) and have been wanting to try cloth pads for myself for the same reasons I CD my girls. Environment, comfort, health, etc. I already have been using a Diva Cup for almost 5 years and I love it. But I would love to have cloth against my skin as backup instead of plastic. Yuck! I have been hesitant to buy my first cloth pads because of the cost and my worry that I won’t like them for some reason. Money is very tight in our family right now because I’m a SAHM and my husband lost his job. This sampler pack would be a great gift for me!

  95. I currently use a Diva Cup, but still have to add a disposable pad on my heavier days. Having some Lunapads would make me feel much better about *all* of the products I use during my monthly cycle.

  96. It only seemed natural to use cloth for me as well as for my babies. I love my cloth pads as they are so much more comfortable than disposables, and I know I am doing the right thing for our environment.

  97. I am ready to make the switch. However I am having trouble justifying the cost even though I know it will save me money in the long run. I also want to try the diva cup.

  98. After using cloth diapers on my daughter, I can’t imagine using regular pads again. I still don’t have my period back (I have an IUD) but I am stocking up on cloth pads for when the day comes! Actually excited to try them out.
    .-= Jade´s last blog ..Apology =-.

  99. I use cloth diapers on our daughter, and didn’t even know about cloth menstrual pads! How awesome, I would love to use them!

  100. Using cloth diapers has made me want to start using mama cloth when the time comes. Would love to save money and help the environment even more!

  101. I want to try cloth pads because I use cloth diapers on my daughter and cloth pads look so much more comfortable and healthier then disposable ones!

  102. After using disposable pantyliners for years due to irregular flow, I can no longer bear how irritating they are. Cloth for me and baby all the way!

  103. Hi ! I have been using my cloth pads for so long they are starting to get faded and crunchy… Boy, I could really use this sample pack. Thank you for doing this giveaway, and blessings on your work to reduce waste and help women reconnect to their bodies !!

  104. I like using cloth pads and my keeper because it is better for me and the enviroment. PLUS coth pads are WAY more comfy than disposable pads.

  105. I use my own homemade cloth pads but haven’t found a great way to attach them. I’d love to try these and them maybe I wouldn’t have to fish anymore out of the potty after it slipping out. YUCK!!!!

  106. I would love to try these. Sewing my own mama cloth has been on my to-do list for a while and unfortunately keeps getting postponed due to other sewing projects. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  107. I am new to the whole idea of cloth and menstrual cups and am so excited that there is a better way to have your period! I just got a cup and would love to try cloth pads too!

  108. I have been curious about trying cloth for myself. I have CD both of my kids but just haven’t made the leap to myself.

  109. After having my little one and cloth diapering, I think this is a natural progression. I’m now aware of so many things that I didn’t think about before… And these will help my health, the environment and my finances!

  110. I love using my menstrual cup and cloth pads because I now have a lighter and less painful period since switching to non-disposable. I also like to fertilize my plants with my blood. They love it!

  111. I’ve been happily using cloth pads for years now and love that using them gives me a healthier and more colorful way to appreciate and celebrate my moon time, the disposable mentality feels somehow disrespectful to such an important and sacred process.

    I’d love to have a new set to celebrate my postpartum flow coming up in a few months 🙂

    Thanks & Good Luck to everyone 🙂

  112. I cloth diaper my girls, use cloth nursing pads, don’t use chemical cleansers or body products, and eat as organic as possible…why should I continue to use chemical products for my periods?!

  113. I have been meaning to try Lunapads for so long! I cringe everytime I use up disposable ones — so much waste!!

  114. I want to try lunapads because I am tired of buying expensive tampons & worrying about possible effects of them.

  115. i would love to try lunapads. I use some wahm pads and love them but i need to do laundry quite often during that time of the month due to only having 4 pads. a few more would be great.

  116. “Why are you a fan of using natural menstrual products?”

    I’m trying hard to reduce the amount of waste that I produce, and this is the next logical step. It seems to me that the most effective way women can do that is to start with the one thing that will, over the course of our lives, create the largest amount of waste. Plus, tampons have caused me nothing but grief for the last 15 years. I’m over the chemicals!!! 🙂

    P.S. Do you have a Twitter account??
    .-= Sheila´s last blog ..sdhardie- RT -StealthAve- 10 Steps Toward Becoming a Sustainable Human Being gogreen organic recycle http-owly-24l8r =-.

  117. I would love to try this product because we are an eco-friendly household (to reduce waste) and also so that I can make healthier choices (feminine products without chemicals etc).

  118. Awesome! I’m just in the past few months converting to cloth pads (after that great article in Mothering!) I would love to try these. I think its good to try a few brands to see what works best for you. I plan to buy a few each month or so until I have a good stash! No more chemical pads and tampons for me!

  119. I have been wanting to try clothpads but the expense in creating a stash has made me put it on hold. I would love to try lunapds 🙂

  120. I cloth diaper, so it is just natural I would use cloth pads for my period! Except I spent all my money on diapers, and cannot afford a starter kit!

  121. The gigantic waste of disposable has really started to bug me, and I figure that with our first child on the way and deciding to cloth diaper to be more friendly to the environment as well as baby’s bottom… why do I not do the same for myself? I have been looking and looking at the different types and keep putting off the decision. It would be nice to get a sample selection to test drive at least one of the available brands 🙂

  122. I would love to win them in order to share them with my teenage daughter. The idea of a non-wasteful way to deal with your period is wonderful!

  123. I would love to try Lunapads! I use a Diva Cup, but always use a pad for backup. I hate buying garbage, and I have an allergic reaction to the regular pads as well… I only have 1 cloth pad so it would be great to have more!

  124. I would love to switch to cloth pads – but there have been so many choices out there – so having a chance to try Luna would be great!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. My reasons are really similar to the women above-we cloth diaper our baby and I want to show her there are many ways to save the environment and be MORE comfortable at the same time!

    ~Would LOVE to try these out!~

  126. I am a fan of natural menstrual products because its more cost effective and healthier!! Less waste and better for the environment are definitely big pluses too!! We also cloth diaper, I love not having bags and bags of diapers or “personal trash” during “that time.” lol

  127. I would lllooove to try Lunapads. I have made my own cloth pads before but with two little ones I have no time to make all the extras I need. They are great to save money, the envoronment, etc. but also they BREATH! For the same reason you put cloth on your baby they are great for your bottom too!!

  128. I am trying to convert to cloth pads and have bought a couple from Etsy- would love to try a few different brands to see which I like best.

  129. i too use a diva cup, but would love some lunapads for the days when my flow is lighter. i hate all the crap that’s in store-bought pads – don’t want that anywhere near my body!

  130. I would love to try Lunapads. I currently use organic cotton disposables – but would love to try something that is reusable.

  131. I want to try lunapads because I don’t want to be wasteful anymore, nor do I want all the nasty chemicals in regular disposable pads coming into close contact with my reproductive parts any longer!

  132. I’ve been wanting to try these for so long, even more so since I read the article in Mothering, but I haven’t been able to afford any. I was hoping to get a starter kit at some point, for now I’m still using the Natracare organic cotton pads and tampons, which are expensive but if you buy them online they’re not so bad. I could never use mainstream brands again, I like my cotton unbleached and organic, and the fact that they’re biodegradable makes me not feel as bad about using disposeables. I’d love to try cloth though, it just makes sense!

  133. natural/reusable products feel so much better than their paper counterparts! I use cloth on my babies so it’s only natural that I would want to use cloth on myself as well 🙂

  134. I love MamaCloth! I’ve never used Luna pads and would love to try. 🙂 I have organic cotton pads and a Diva cup. I would never go back to disposables.

  135. I want to try Lunapads for several reasons!

    We try to be as low-waste as possibly in our home. We cloth diaper, so it seems like a no-brainer to go the cloth pad route as well! I am aware of the nasty chemicals in tampons and pads, and natural alternatives are super expensive. I have considered trying cloth pads for the last year or so, but the initial cost has been a out of my budget. It would be awesome to try these out though!

  136. Cloth menstrual pads make sense! They are eco friendly by not piling up in landfills, do not have all those chemical toxins in them, plus I’m sure they are much more comfortable. If I had a million dollars I would already own these, but all my money goes towards the kids needs.

  137. I would love to try Lunapads because I am due with my second child in the next month and have only a few cloth pads, not enough (or heavy enough) to go cloth for postpartum.

  138. I’ve been interested in trying cloth pads since I first heard about them a few months back. We already use cloth diapers on our 2 month old and our 22 month old and I’d love to reduce the waste in our house even more!

  139. I’ve been wanting to try cloth pads for a while, but I’ve just never done it. I cloth diaper my babes and use a Diva cup myself…kinda’ silly to use a Diva and disposable pads, huh? :$ Thanks for the opportunity!

  140. I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but always interested in trying things out that are more natural and better for the environment. 🙂
    .-= Kelly Seow´s last blog ..

  141. I love that these pads are made from organic cotton and the sampler pack would be ideal! Would love to try all the different pads.

    I just started using cloth pads a few months ago (even though both my kids are/were cloth diaper babies) and now I am so happy I made that choice. Cloth pads are by far more comfortable than throw away pads!

    I love using natural menstrual products for the same reason I used cloth diapers. I want to steer clear of the all the toxins and “disposable” plastics.

  142. The article was the final push I needed to give-up the disposable products. I have since been using The Keeper but only have a couple reusable pads and have been meaning to get more!

    Thanks for all the timely advice you put out Mothering!


  143. I like natural menstrual products because they are more comfortable, good for the environment, and you never run out and have to run to the store. I love my Diva cup and cloth pads!

  144. I want to try Lunapads because I have heard a lot of rave reviews of them! I’m also only getting started with using cloth, and I need to build up my stash if at all possible.

    I love cloth pads because they allow me to not be exposed to harsh chemicals, and actually decrease symptoms like cramping. I also think they’re less gross than their storebought counterparts because they don’t feel so nasty and they’re made of nice fabrics that don’t bunch and stick and smell gross. There are so many reasons why cloth is superior! I’ve only just started using these types of products, but I love them already.

  145. I would love to win these. I started using Mama cloth about a year ago and am HOOKED! I haven’t tried Lunapads yet though….they sure look nice 🙂

  146. I am a fan of using natural menstrual products because I believe it is important to keep chemicals out of and away from my body. In addition to health benefits, I try to do what I can to limit waste and do my part to not participate in polluting our environment with processing by-products. It seems silly to use cloth diapers on my baby, but use disposable products for me!

  147. These look beautiful. I have an allergic reaction to the stuff in disposable pads and have been using cotton pads for 11 years. I would love to try these Lunapads.

  148. I would love to try these b/c I started cloth diapering my boys, and now I’m thinking, “What about me?” Cloth sounds so much nicer than disposable! I loved the Mothering article on them a few issues back. I

  149. Same reason I use cloth diapers. The dioxin has been linked to cancer. It is in diaposable diapers, breastpads, and tampons.

  150. I would love to try these as I cannot use my menstrual cup immediately post-partum and all the disposable waste just makes me cringe.

  151. I’ve been using cloth pads for about four years now. They’re more comfortable than paper pads or tampons and better for the environment too. I’d love to try Lunapads because they’re CUTE–mine are boring looking, LOL!

  152. I have used Luna pads for the past seven years and love them. I started using them to reduce waste, but I learned that it was also a much healthier alternative for myself as well

  153. I am still nursing my 14 month old son and just started my menstrual cycle again, would love to start using cloth pads. while I was pregnant i received 1 cloth pad in a cloth diaper sample kit. I used it during my pregnancy occasionally and was amazed how comfortable it felt, especially during the hot weather, it was so much better than having some irritating plastic pad in such a sacred, sensitive area…I swore I’d never go back!would love a stater kit!

  154. I’ve been wanting to try these! I’m working hard to live a more environmentally responsible life, and this is one of those things that seems like a choice I should have made a long time ago.

  155. I would love to win these to give to my daughter who will be beginning menstruation soon.

    It is always good to know all your options for your period and if she doesn’t like them-well I could always use them!

  156. Why do you want to try Lunapads? Well I have been trying to make earth friendly changes in our house by making organic baby food, making our own chemical free toothpaste, deodorant and lotions and using cloth dipes along with many other changes. I breastfeed my son and just last month started to get my period back, so I would love to try but the budget is kinda tight this month. Would really like to try them and hope I have more of a budget to spend next month so I could buy some.

  157. I am, right this second, having my first af entirely using cloth! I love it! Would be nice not to wash every day though. In process of stash building and figuring what I like/don’t like.

  158. I’ve switched to a Diva Cup (that I bought from Lunapads.com), and now would like to switch to a cloth back-up system. We already stopped buying paper towels, kleenex, plastic toys, and we use 1/2 as many disposable diapers as we did before buying some cloth. Would love to stop buying plastic disposable pads next!! =D Better for our budget, better for our health, & better for our planet!

  159. I would love to try the Luna pads because I try to be as green as possible and using your own cloth pads is cheaper in the long run than purchasing throw away pads.

    I have a few I bought from Etsy and I love them!

  160. Ooh! I would love to try these. I have been using old diaper inserts and other homemade, and not very good, alternatives.

  161. I would love to try this product. I’ve been intending to make my own for a while, but with three kids, it’s hard to find the time.

    Would love the opportunity to have some! Thanks!

  162. Would love to try these – I hate sposie pads! These look so cute too 🙂 I cloth diaper my kids yet hadn’t used cloth myself ’til now (I’m planning to for post-partum use).

  163. I’m a firm believer in reusable menstrual products–partially because of the waste issue and partially because of the harmful chemicals in mainstream products. I already use the Diva cup which I LOVE but I like to use a pad the last day or two. I’ve tried several different brands of cloth pads and although I use them, I haven’t found one that is truly comfortable. The Luna pads look lightweight, comfortable and are such fun colors…I can’t wait to try them!

  164. I would love to try cloth pads because I have a very heavy flow. Since I started using cloth diapers with my daughter I’ve discovered the difference between putting cloth and chemically laden paper products on sensitive areas of the body. People keep telling me that cloth pads have helped their flow issues and I am eager to put them to the test. Thanks!

  165. I would love to try Luna pads. I’ve been using cloth for 20 yrs, now and will never go back to disposable. Cloth is so luxurious! I’m worth it! :))

  166. Though I’ve been using the Diva Cup for several months, I’d like to try cloth pads on the last few days of my cycle when I have a light flow.

  167. I have been planning to start using cloth pads when I start my period again – have a five month old. Mainly because I have a problem with the chemicals in disposables that close to my sensitive areas. I would love to win these and start my stash.

  168. I’ve been wanting to try Lunapads because they have a great postpartum package. I use the Diva Cup for my regular flow, but that won’t work right after giving birth.

  169. I love using washable cotton pads because not only are they better for the environment, they are better for me. Not to mention that they are waaaay more comfortable than the store bought deal. Plus they save you money! A winner in every way!

  170. I have been trying to go Chemical Free. From cleaning supplies to cloth diapers, I want healthier choices for my family. I do have a diva cup, but I cant use it on my light days, and I want another choice for the light days. I do like the color.

  171. I hate producing so much garbage, and I hate spending so much money on something I’m going to throw away!

  172. I love love to try these because it would be a next step for me towards becoming more naturally minded. i hate throwing pads away, what a waste!

  173. These look so precious. I’ve been thinking about using cloth pads for a while, but with my daughter in diapers and my husband leaving for the Air Force, more laundry was the last thing I wanted. DD is potty trained now, and I think it’s time for me to make a change!

  174. I’ve been using my own homemade cloth pads for years, and would love to try some Lunapads. They look very luxurious! I could never go back to paper/plastic pads or tampons after knowing the comfort & benefits of cloth!

  175. I’ve adored the cloth pads vie used up until this point, but they’re getting more than a little ragged. New ones would be so fantastic.

  176. We cloth diaper and we have cut out the use of paper towels and kleenex. My list of changes still to make includes cloth for myself.

  177. I use a dive cup now and LOVE it. I sometimes get leaks and would love this to keep my undies from all those stains.

  178. I’m a fan of natural menstrual products for the same reasons I’m a fan of cloth diapering my son. It’s earth friendly, economically friendly, and because it’s best for my body and my son’s body. These cloth products mean that no synthetics or chemicals touch our body for natural processes such as urinating/menstruating.

  179. I’d love to try these lundapads….I use cloth menstrual pads as they feel more comfortable and I get terribly irritated from the disposable pads. I wash diapers so may as well wash pads as well!!

  180. I would love to try these. I have been using lots of pantiliners lately because of some leaking issues, and I’m tired of creating all the extra trash. I bought my last box this morning and decided to look into cloth options. This would be a perfect way to try these out and find out about cloth pads!

  181. I, like so many, am trying hard to green up any and every part of my life. I’ve wanted to try making some mama pads of my own, but just haven’t found the time. Winning a sample pack might make it easier to make the switch.
    .-= Kristina @ Our Little Lentil´s last blog ..Talking with our baby =-.

  182. I used cloth diapers for my daughter…. This is what I believed to be best for her and the earth… so why not do what is best for me (and the earth)?! I would love to try cloth pads, but honestly would be afraid to make a purchase w/o having experience. This is why I’d love to try this sampler pack.

  183. I’ve been making a sloooowww shift towards more natural menstrual products. I’m now using all natural cotton (disposable) tampons, but would LOVE to try Lunapads!
    .-= Sarah Kerrigan´s last blog ..Independence Day- =-.

  184. I’ve always wanted to try these, I’m switching everything else in my life over too the more natural alternatives, I cloth diaper my son, so why not this too?

  185. I would like to try Lunapads because ever since I had my son and started my cycle again, my periods have been very uncomfortable, particularly when using tampons or even disposable pads. I’d like to try a healthier, more eco-friendly product that will benefit my body and the earth.

  186. I bought a menstrual cup a few months back and discovered that (in my body, at least) it contributes to an overgrowth of yeast. The following month I was getting rashes from using disposable pads… so now I’m dedicated to reusable cloth. I’ve always wanted to try some of the professionally made pads!

  187. Have always wanted to try these – I am sure I would convert pretty easy as I already use The Keeper – which I love! Thanks for the opportunity!

  188. Yay! I’m so glad for a non-diaper give-a-way, as I no longer have a babe in diapers.

    I use cloth in tandem with the ‘Keeper.’ I believe it’s best for me, my wallet, and the earth. I’d love to try the Lunapads – currently I’m using a homemade sampler pack bought from on Esty, and some cotton pads from several years ago that could use some replacing.

  189. We recently started cloth-diapering our son and love, love, love it. I figured, I might as well take steps to do the same for myself and start using re-usable feminine products. 🙂 It just makes sense!!

  190. I’m a fan of natural menstrual products because I do everything I can to help the environment. I can’t stand the thought of throwing plastic into the Earth. I use the Diva Cup and Luna pads are the perfect compliment for overnight and lighter days.

  191. I am going more and more green. The lunapads would be a great addition to my cloth diapering and changing all our cleaning supplies. :)If I win I am not just doing something good for my child and my family but also something good for me personally. 🙂

  192. I use cloth diapers on my kids and it made sense that it would be a healthier and a good environmental choice to use cloth for me too. I also found out that it was the disposable pads that smelt bad, not me!

  193. I love mama cloth and my Diva. They feel better, are better for the environment and because they are pretty they make me smile 😀

  194. I have been thinking of going to cloth and would love to try these. I have a hard time finding pads that don’t leave me irritated and that are comfortable to wear. It seems like by the time I am done with my period I am so sore and chafed that I barely recover before its time for another period! Since the birth of my son I have been having 21 day cycles! These would be wonderful! I use cloth on my son why shouldn’t I pamper my own tender parts?

  195. I have made the switch to cloth diapers and love what they do for my son. I think switching to cloth pads would benefit me too. It is amazing how much waste our house hold generates. I am trying to cut back.

  196. I’ve always wanted to try them but right now, the money isn’t in the budget. Much like cloth diapers, they are well worth the investment for sure so it is on the list for the next item to save for!

  197. I have been wanting to try a natural product for my periods but it is too expensive for us at this time. I know it is actually less expensive in the long run it is just the money up front right now that is hard. This would be a great opportunity to try them, then hopefully make the change! I am even more curious about them after reading the many comments. Thank you

  198. In addition to wanting a more sustainable option than disposable pads, I seem to have developed some kind of allergy to the disposables, as they are giving me a *lovely* rash, so I would love to try these cloth pads!

  199. I have been using a Diva cup for several years now and love that I am not producing tons of messy waste for the landfill. However I have sill been using thin pads as a back-up, especially on my heaviest days and overnight, and I would love to completely eliminate the landfill imprint of my monthly cycle. I have tried other cloth pads and they were bulky and uncomfortable, these look to be far superior! My oldest daughter is nearing her first cycle, I would love to be able to start her off right!!

  200. I’ve been using cloth pads for a couple years now. I was really squeamish at first but once you start cloth diapering it’s just a natural progression to cloth pads. I am 4 months postpartum with my second son and I brought cloth to the hospital with me. The disposable pads that the hospital puts on you stick to the sensitive skin and you literally have to peel the pad off of you. YUCK and OUCH! Oh my cloth pads were so soft and comfortable and my postpartum bleeding ended much faster this time around. Call it a conspiracy theory but something in the disposable pads makes your period last longer making you buy more pads. Cloth pads like diapers are more economic…you can just wash and reuse..no need to keep dropping money on something you are just going to throw out! They are greener…no biohazard sitting in the landfills.

  201. I’ve been interested for awhile in trying reusable/natural menstrual products but don’t really know where to start. I love cloth diapers for my son so it seems natural to go the route of cloth/reusable for myself.

  202. I love cloth diapers, so it makes so much sense to move to mama pads as well. I keep hearing wonderful things about Luna pads particularly.

  203. I have been wanting to try these for so long. They are such a cute and eco friendly way to honor ourselves and mother earth. Pick me, oh please pick me!!

  204. I had a baby 6 months ago and used cloth pads for the first time postpartum and absolutely loved them!!! Leading a cleaner more green life is very important to me especially now that I have a little one. I want to leave this planet a little better and one of my grains of sand is using cloth pads and cloth diapers.

  205. I would love to try cloth menstrual pads. I hate having to throw away disposables. It’s such a waste. I’ve been wanting to try these.

  206. I love Natural luna pads for the moontime because I can soak before wash and feed/water my houseplants some nourishment that connects me to the earth and the greater whole.

  207. I wanted to try cloth pads for a while now but I’m still nursing and haven’t started my cycle back up yet. I use cloth diapers so why not pads.

  208. I’d love to try them. If I can cloth diaper why am I still throwing away pads? I’ve been meaning to try something when I run out of my current supply.

  209. I feel so wasteful using disposable pads. I am more than ready to make a change!! A sampler pack seems to be the perfect way to try out some reusables. I have heard great things about Luna pads.

  210. I would like to try out LunaPads because I LOVE cloth pads – I love the colours, love the softness. I have only used cloth panty liners till now, after 2 years without menstruating (pregnancy + bf) but got my first period this month and am most willing to try out cloth menstrual pads too (although I am thinking of getting one of those ‘cups’ too).

    Fuschia is my favourite colour, too :-).

  211. I love Lunapads! I recommend them to all my clients (I’m a doula). I desperately need some more. I love using natural menstrual products because I find they are much easier on my skin. Every time I use disposable sanitary napkins and tampons, I get a terrible rash that itches and burns. It is such misery. By using natural menstrual products, I’ve completely eliminated that problem! It’s such a relief.

  212. Ooo, I really want to try some of these!! I am interested in having a reusable option instead of throwing disposable pads in the landfill every month. I especially want to check out the mini pantyliner cause I don’t want anything big or bulky and my flow is usually pretty light.

  213. I would really love to try these. I use a diva cup, but still have to have a backup pad for the first day or two.

  214. I’ve cloth diapered for over 2 years, I used washable nursing pads and I’ve realized that the disposable pantyliners I was using make me way more susceptible to recurrent yeast infections. I am due to have my second baby soon and would love to try Lunapads for postpartum.

  215. I wanted to buy some of these for my newly menstruating daughter, but looked at the price and found they are out of our range, so decided to make her some! But would LOVE to win some for her, and she’d love the color! I’d love to keep disposable ickys away from her and start her on a reusable lifestyle before bad habits set in.

  216. I keep telling myself I’ll sew my own cloth pads… and I still haven’t done it! I’d be thrilled to win some in the meantime!

  217. I feel better at not dumping so much waste every month, but have had trouble finding reliable products. These look like they could be perfect!

  218. I have really been wanting to try these. I cloth diaper my babies so I’m definitely open and excited to try cloth for myself as well.

  219. I’d love to try these. I’ve only made my one funky cloth pads, which are functional, but not the cutest. It’s so nice to use cloth and not have yucky chemicals and paper next to your skin.

  220. I would love to try Luna pads because after having my baby last month and dedicating myself to using cloth diapers for her, I thought it was strange that I wasn’t using cloth for me. I actually found it to be painful during my recovery from giving birth to use regular pads. I used wash cloths because I didn’t think I could use my diva cup yet. Cloth pads would be so much better for me and my daughter. Even if I don’t win I’m going to look into these further.

  221. I’ve been wanting to try these for awhile. Similar reason to many of the other women…finally committed to cloth diapering and now want to commit to this too!

  222. I tried making my own when I was making cloth diapers and I failed miserably. I would love to use cloth!!

  223. I want to try using cloth for myself after my babe is born! I use cloth for my toddler, so it makes sense!

  224. As a mother of young girls and an assistant midwife, I am constantly looking for great natural products to share. I would love to try these and then spread the word about how wonderful they are.

  225. I’ve tried a few other cloth pads which have been okay, but everyone says these are the best! We use reusable other things as much as possible (napkins, diapers, etc.) so this just makes sense. 🙂
    .-= sherrieg´s last blog ..MILs brown bread =-.

  226. Family cloth ans mama cloth never occurred to me until I started using cloth diapers- now all my disposable products seem so wasteful! I’d love to get a start on cloth pads!

  227. I’m a huge fan of natural menstrual products. I’ve used a diva for years and I love the fact that it’s reusable, green and far less toxic for the environment and my body. I’d love to try lunapads because I have a very heavy flow and generally need backup. It would also be nice to keep one in my purse in case I’m caught off guard. I’m still nursing and my cycles aren’t regular yet so I never really know when I’ll need one!

  228. I’ve been using pads more than tampons and want to try reusable pads. This would be a great way to try it!

  229. Been wanting to try these for a while, figure I don’t use chemicals in my food shouldn’t I be concerned about this too. The environmental impact is so huge


  230. I’ve been working on switch off of as many disposable products as possible – diapers, nursing pads, etc. A set of these could cross another item off my list!

  231. I’d love to try these because I’ve been thinking about changing to washable pads for a while but haven’t taken the plunge yet.

  232. I have been wanting to try cloth pads after reading the article in Mothering a few months ago. Also my sister told me that it really helps lessen her menstrual cramps. I’d love to give it a try 🙂

  233. been wanting some for awhile, since i started cloth diapering my son! disposables are not comfortable, but i imagine organic cloth would be. and no throwing away.

  234. I’ve been using cloth pads for most of the last 6-7 years. I’ve made nearly all of them myself, but I love the look and design of the LunaPads and would really like to try them.

  235. I received a free lunapad pantiliner with my DivaCup. I Love It! I’ve been cloth diapering for years and have now decided that it makes sense to use reusable choices for myself too. I’d love to win!

  236. My primary reason for using cloth diapers is the environmental benefits. It just makes sense to use reusable menstrual pads. However, I have never made that leap, but I would love to try the Lunapads products.

  237. I’ve really been wanting to try these! I cloth diaper, and saving money and the environment is very important to me!

  238. Luna pads are too pretty to be menstrual pads! I think it’s wonderful that there are beautiful products for “that time of the month” especially as I never feel pretty during my period. I’ve never tried cloth menstrual pads before although I used cloth diapers with my two children. Environmentally, I know they are superior to disposable pads, so I would really like to try them, plus they are pretty. Beautiful design with function.

  239. I love using natural menstrual products because they are SO much more comfortable than disposable products!

  240. I love using cloth diapers for my son and enjoyed the article a couple months ago about cloth pads.

  241. I am pregnant with our 3rd child and I want to try them post-pregnancy. We use cloth diapers and I just figure whats a little more laundry…

  242. I had been using natural, but disposable tampons prior to becoming pregnant – now I’m thinking about making the switch to re-usable after the birth.

  243. I have been thinking about trying and then making some mama pads of my own. I would love to try a sample pack!!

  244. Would love to start using cloth pads when my period returns. My boy uses cloth diapers, it seems so much more natural.

  245. Really would like to use cloth pads when my period returns! Used a Keeper cup for many years and loved it. Felt healthier and cleaner, not to mention cheaper and better for the environment 🙂

  246. I have heard great things about these and since I use disposable diapers for my kiddos, I would love to try them, pick me, pick me! >grin<

  247. I’ve used cloth pads for years and I LOVE them! They don’t irritate my skin the way over-bleached, plasticy disposables do, and they don’t smell of cheap chemical perfumes the way disposables do. I highly recommend that everyone give them a try!

  248. i LOVE cloth pads. i have some that i’ve had for years and they are getting a bit ratty, would love some new ones. i like them because they are gentle on the earth and gentle on my body- other pads, even the organic cotton disposables, make me itch and feel awful. not cloth! everyone should use ’em!

  249. I would love to try these. Before I was pregnant, I used organic cotton tampons but when my period returns (my son is just about to turn a year old!) I’m hoping to go with a reusable option. We cloth diaper and I have been using cloth nursing pads, which aren’t any extra laundry because they are so small and I just throw them in with the clothes.

  250. I started using cloth diapers with our second, of six, children. I had never even considered cloth pads or other non-commercial products for myself. One day, someone asked me if I wanted to piggy back on their cloth pad order and share the shipping cost. I did some reading and found testimonials saying that you bleed less, cramp less with natural products. I thought that this was a marketing scheme, but liked the idea of non disposable products and ordered anyway. I found the testimonial to be accurate, as did my teenage daughter, who had a terrible time with cramping and long bleeding times. Incredible! The pads felt nicer than paper and we loved the fun colours. Was it just a happy coincidence, though, that with mass marketed pads and tampons, you bleed more and cramp more, thus using more of the product?

  251. Even having only 4 periods a year (I take Seasonale), I hate the money I’m wasting and the junk I’m adding to landfills by using disposable pads. Also, it’ll be a BIG plus to be able to change my pad in a public restroom without everyone else in the other stalls knowing what I’m doing from the krinkling of the wrappers!

  252. I’ve been thinking about trying these for a while. Due to crazy hormones, I bleed almost every single day. Using disposable pads every day feels uncomfortable, unhealthy, and wasteful. Short of finding a miracle cure for my system, I’d love to have a better alternative to the way I’ve been managing things.

  253. I want these for my daughter to try because I want her to try natural, reusable products that will be comfortable for her sensitive skin. I’ve heard good things about the Luna pad brand.

  254. I’m a big fan of the luna cup. I love the idea that I don’t use tampons anymore and contribute to reducing waste. Now it’s time for me to stop using pads and liners!

  255. I want to try Luna pads b/c I’ve been trying out different styles of mamacloth. I’d love to see how these work for me.

  256. I love using cloth menstural products- my periods have been so much shorter and lighter, and they are so soft.

    I haven’t tried Lunapads yet, but I have heard wonderful things about them, and I would LOVE to try some out!

  257. Since I became pregnant with my daughter, who is now TWO years old (oh my!!) I have become hyperaware of the toxins that we expose ourselves to everyday without even thinking about it. Disposable menstrual products are manufactured in a polluting and energy intensive process and they use a variety of chemicals, which if they were listed on the package, no woman would want to expose herself to them in such an intimate way. Same reason I use cloth diapers. Once I made the switch, I realized it’s really simple to throw in my mama cloth with my other laundry. Saves money too!

  258. I would love to try Lunapads as I would be interested in reducing the amount of waste coming out of our house! I use cloth diapers for the baby, cloth napkins for the family, so why not try this out too?

  259. When I discovered Lunapads a few years ago (and the diva cup) my first reaction was – 15 years?!?! I spent 15 years using tampons when I could have been using these! Arg!

    Reusable, comfortable, what’s not to love? The more I use them the more reasons I find to love them. The designs are cute. I don’t feel dried out. No leaks. Awesome.

    Definitely think my daughter must be more comfortable in her cloth diapers, too. And when she’s older, she’ll be using cloth pads as well.

  260. I only use mama pads for inbetween days, but I would love to try some as a back up for my Diva Cup!

  261. I didn’t even know these existed, and in my favorite color at that. I would like to try these for my health and for the health of our planet. Thanks for putting out another product that eases the suffering we impose on Mother Earth.

  262. oh my


    I love mama cloth products! I had been doing cloth personally for a year before I got pregnant with our 3 child. I suffer from endometriosis and have large ovarian cysts. I would have massive cramping and nothing would alleviate the pain. The doctor put me on a heavy narcotic painkiller that I would hate to take because it left me dazed to the world.

    I caught wind to try mama cloth. Nothing pretty, just some cloth rags that did the job. I no longer had issues with yeast and some times the pain wouldn’t be as bad.

    I’d love to dress up my panties once I start menstruating again!

  263. I’ve been wanting to try these for awhile now, but I’m just a little hesitant for a change I guess. Not a good enough reason at all!! I’m sure it would be like CD’ing. Once I just do it, I will be hooked! I really love how cute they make these!!

  264. Im concern about my health…I do not want to use disposables anymore, I think the chemicals they put in them can cause harm, plus I have a daughter and I want to set the example by the time She needs them.

    Besides I live in Arizona and the heat is terrible, wearing disposables for almost a week every month during summer time is no comfortable at all. I bet Lunapads feel great!…I want to feel the same feeling that my baby boy has with his cloth diapers!!

  265. I have been using Luna pads for 5 years, I decided to start as I was using cloth diapers. Now diapers are (almost) done and I will never switch. They are so comfy. I love that I can easily wash them and dont have to throw anything away. I am constantly trying to convert my friends.

  266. I love never throwing things away. I love love LOVE my lunapads. Never leave home without them! They are cute, fun and environmentally friendly!

  267. I love Lunapads! I’ve been a user for several years and would love to increase my stash. They’re amazing!

  268. I love that it is better for the environment, for my body, for my pocketbook. But truthfully, THEY ARE SUPER COMFORTABLE!

  269. I started making some for myself (probably not nearly as good as lunapads!) because of the environmental impact of disposables, and also how many chemicals they have! TMI, but the disposables were uncomfortable and gave me rashes, and tampons are just so bad for you…. I had to try cloth. And I LOVE them. My periods are shorter now that I’ve switched and I’m more comfortable. I’m trying to convert all my friends… and am having some success! I’d really like to go organic, too….

  270. I have ordered Luna pads to use postpartum. I have used the Diva Cup for 5 years and did not want to use regular menstrual products after all this time. We are cloth diapering our baby and using reusable menstrual products seems like the logical choice! I am also looking forward to the comfort of cloth!

  271. I tried the Diva Cup for awhile, but it didn’t work very well for me, and was hit or miss if it even worked at all. I tried making my own cloth pads, but the quality and construction are obviously lacking. I’ve had my eye on lunapads for some time now, and can’t wait to be able to afford them and give them a try!

  272. Disposables are uncomfortable and bad for our Earth! I’m starting cloth diapering and want to try these now as well.

  273. I have been using them for going on 10 years now. I love them! I also bought cloth diapers for a few friends and my sister, and a few of them have started using cloth pads as result! Soft, Comfortable, fun and easy!

  274. Why are you a fan of using natural menstrual products?

    There are so many reasons;

    The chemicals in plastic/paper menstrual products irritate sensitive skin.

    Better for the Earth.

    Don’t have to go to the grocery store to buy something so personal.

    The commercials for plastic pads are offensive!

    Using cloth diapers/EC leads naturally to cloth pads.

    Super absorbent pads can cause more flow and cramping then the natural pads.

    I love the personalized prints and especially the black fabric!

  275. I prefer LunaPads and natural menstrual products because they are better (way better) than the alternative! Better for my body, my soul, and the planet. Love you LunaPad ladies!

  276. i have a friend who is openingmy eyes to new things and i think i am ready to take the step and try them out….

  277. I have used cloth pads and I like them. I just have a small trash can in the bathroom next to the toilet and I just spray them off with a pad cleaner and toss them in the can, then wash. I’ve never tried Lunapads, but I would like to because I’ve heard so much about them.

  278. I have used a reusable cup (many years ago and a few years ago switched to the Diva) for a long time. I continued to use disposable pads for many years because I didn’t realize that anyone made them. I made some homemade style reusable pads, but they are not great. I’m looking forward to getting my package in the mail so I can try out my new stuff. This keeps the planet happy, supports small business, and will surely stay in place and be more comfortable than my home-rigged versions. 🙂

  279. I’ve been using Lunapads for about 3 months now and LOVE them. They actually make me enjoy my period! Instead of opening a plastic wrapper, I get to use a soft beautifully designed product that complements my body. I have a new found positive attitude when it come to my period! AND I’d love some help in growing my collection!

  280. I have some reusable pads, but have never tried Luna Pads, I like being able to have pads that are soft that I can just toss into the diaper bin and not the trash.

  281. I would personally like to try Lunapads because I am concerned about the chemicals in disposable pads. But also I would like my daughter to try them because she wants to wear a liner everyday for cleanliness and I would prefer she not have the disposable pads on every day.

    I love the fuschia color of the advertised Lunapad above.

  282. I’ve been wanting to try them, but too apprehensive to take the plunge. Such savings, though, and such a more planet and skin friendly choice.

  283. I’d like to try them! I feel using disposable pads is like using disposable diapers, they don’t disapear and they’re better for our bodies.

  284. I’ve been using alternative menstrual products for a few years now, first Divacup and now a mix of Meluna (a European Divacup alternative that comes in smaller sizes and with different ends) and Lunapads. I use them for a number of reasons, in no particular order:

    1) Cost savings. Sure they’re more expensive in initial outlay, but they save a LOT of money over time.

    2) Convenience. Especially with a menstrual cup, there’s less to carry around and deal with.

    3) Comfort. The menstrual cups are far better than tampons for comfort, and reusable pads are very comfortable against the skin. I get far less irritation and yeast infections now.

    4) Conscience. I’m a creature of laziness, and if the fact that these products are far more eco friendly were the only reason behind them, then… I must admit I probably wouldn’t use them. But it’s nice to have a product that’s both BETTER and better for the environment!

  285. I have a DivaCup and like using that but would love to have an eco pad for when I don’t feel like using the DivaCup.

  286. I have been wanting to try Lunapads for years! The cost is steep at first, but when you think of the monetary savings alone–not to mention the ecological savings–it really is a good investment. Now, just to scrape up those funds in the first place! 🙂

  287. I have been using, and am a big fan of, reusable pads since 1996. When I occasionally have to wear a disposable one, I am always reminded how lucky I am to wear the cloth kind.

    The ‘dry-weave’ in some of the disposable pads can cause odor and yeast infections (my friend who is a doctor says this is commonly known by those in the medical profession). Also- ever wonder why other countries use unbleached cotton pads, tampons, and diapers? It is due to health concerns. In the USA, many think that bleached white = clean. What ashame. More people should look up the word ‘dioxin’ and think about if they want that chemical up against their (and their babies’ (with diapers)) reproductive organs. I also like that the cotton pads reduce waste and cost less in the long run.

    The main thing that I love about cloth pads is the comfort. I would be hard pressed to find a woman that could honestly say that a plasticy, crinkly pad is more comfy than a cotton one. If this were the case, women would be wearing plasticy underwear (funny, gross, outlandish thought)! Can’t beat cotton for comfort.

    I haven’t tried the brand Lunapads, but they look very intriguing and if I were to win some, I would be pleased to try them out, as my pads from about 14 years ago are finally wearing out and I need to decide what brand to replace them with.

  288. I’m a fan because I know they are the healthiest choice for my body and the planet! Additionally, it’s helped me to connect with my cycle and be aware of what’s going on, which is a brilliant and welcome “side effect.”

  289. I love reusable menstrual products because they are so comfortable and don’t give me nasty rashes like disposables do!

  290. I’m a fan of natural menstrual products because they fit into my determination to live intentionally and for the benefit of the world around me. Reusing cloth pads is eco-friendly and healthier. I love my Diva cup because it’s so much better and more comfortable, not to mention ecological. ^__^

  291. I’m a fan because of the benefit to the environment and having natural materials next to our skin. I’ve never tried Luna pads, but have tried other natural pads. I love them.

  292. I’d love to try lunapads because i’ve heard how comfortable they are. The fact that I won’t have to keep purchasing disposable products sounds great.

  293. I always dreaded getting my period… and didnt look forward to all the icky feeling pads gave. I gave Lunapads a whirl last month and love them!!

  294. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers – and yet when it came to myself, I’d never considered using reusable pads. I never knew they existed…which is silly, since I’m quite sure that people used cloth for hundreds/thousands of years! I’d love to try these!

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