A Few Ways To Pamper Teachers On World Teachers’ Day

Here are some ways to make sure your child's teachers feel the love!It’s World Teachers’ Day, and we know you want to make sure those amazing teachers in charge of educating your children are pampered as the life-changers that they are! We have some ways to make sure they feel the love!

Did you know that October 5 is World Teacher’s Day?

Every year, over 100 countries participate in appreciating their teachers by observing World Teachers’ Day. In 1994, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) inaugurated October 5th to mark the UNESCO/ILO recommendation based on the Status of Teachers in 1966, which noted that the right to education was a fundamental human right and one in which teachers played a tremendous role.

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Every year, there are campaigns to recognize teachers and the vital contributions they make to educating minds and developing our future leaders. UNESCO maintains that recognizing teachers for the valuable assets that they are is important for teachers and students alike.

So, how can we really show appreciation? I may be biased as a former classroom teacher, but I have to say that there are fewer people on this planet I find more valuable than those who teach my son. That said, I try to do my best to help and support and supply them with whatever they need as the needs arise. Yes, I’m the mom who buys extra boxes of tissues, glue sticks and pencils because I know how quickly they go.

I’m also the teacher who has more mugs, baskets of post-it notes and candles than I know what to do with, even though I’ve not been in the classroom in years. I’d suggest that if you really want to show appreciation for your child’s teacher, do something for them solely.

Send a gift card that would take care of dinner for the family one night. Ask around (or the teacher directly) what their ‘treats’ are considered — if it’s a massage, get a gift card for one. If it’s luxury reading time, a gift card to the local bookstore is fabulous thing, but be sure to let him or her know you want them to spend the card on them!!

If those aren’t doable, send a meal. Prearrange to be sure there are no food allergies or picky eaters, and then offer to send a meal that can be taken home that night and simply heated and served. After a long day with your children, it’s hard for teachers to come home and give their all to their own children. Pamper them by helping make that easier.

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Last, always know that sincere words are a teacher’s great gifts. To know that she or he is making a difference in your child’s life, and in yours really is what they keep going for. It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of someone’s life story, and you sharing what that means to your child’s teacher will be a forever keepsake, I promise.

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