A friendly reminder

…to hang on to at least some of the many thousands of drawings and paintings your child will make over the next few years. Right now it might seem like the artwork is no big deal, there’s so much of it—but I’m over here in your future, telling you that these drawings will become real treasures for you down the road!

And a tip: After a drawing is finished, ask your child to tell you what’s happening in the picture and write it on the artwork itself. Then date it. And put it somewhere safe (after some time on the fridge, of course!).


Above: A drawing 5-year-old Reeve made of a chimneysweep (I’m guessing we had recently had our chimney cleaned? or had just seen Mary Poppins?) on top of Megutasaurus, a fictional Godzilla-type monster he made up based on a toy dinosaur he had gotten at the New Mexico Natural History Museum. There’s no way I would have remembered any of this if Tim hadn’t written it down.

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