A good morning.

9:15 am.

This morning, so far, is perfect! I woke up before the alarm. Nathaniel climbed in bed with me to cuddle. We got to talk about how it’s never okay to pee in the sandbox at school *eyeroll* since I found out that he and his friend did that recently. Not having to wake him up is always a treat. He doesn’t like to emerge from sleep unless it’s his decision.

Honorée put together a mini Ravensberger 3-d globe puzzle while she had her cereal. She was super psyched that I brought home Bink’d temporary tattoo “earrings” since she really wants to get her ears pierced but we want her to wait until her 9th birthday. I come from a long line of women with very intolerant earlobes–I tried to get mine pierced 2x but they always got infected and closed up at the earliest opportunity.

Although we usually go barreling out of the house at the last possible minute, this morning we had enough time to read a chapter of The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton before we left for school. Time was on our side.

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2 thoughts on “A good morning.”

  1. I aim to leave about a half hour before the departure time I really need to leave by. So if I need to leave by 8:15, I shoot for 7:45. Also, if I wake up early and get myself ready first, I feel more together and can command the monkeys with more focus and patience. If I get ready last, I make everyone else late! And this does happen about once a week. Other things that help: picking out clothes and packing lunches the night before, and being realistic about what to expect from my kids. If I have the brush handy, I can hand it to my daughter, and she’ll brush her hair more reliably than if I send her off to go find it and then brush her hair–that’s a lost cause!

    Thank you so much about the advice on piercings. I will look for Shopper’s Drug Mart–do they have a website?


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