A Hilarious Holiday Natural Birth

(Note- this post contains references to things related to Santa such as Elf on a Shelf.  If you find this offensive you may want to skip it.)  



Have you heard of the recent Elf on a Shelf phenomenon?  I was at a play date with my children the other day and there was a creepy looking elf sitting in the kitchen.  The children explained that it is a special Santa’s elf that watches them and reports back.  (Apparently the usual holiday threat “I will tell Santa that you did that and you will get coal in your stocking!” just doesn’t work for today’s more sophisticated children.)


I personally don’t have a problem with the Elf on a Shelf, (though I really enjoy the opinion of that mom over at “People I Want to Punch in the Throat”).  But like the mom over at PIWTPITT, I am struggling enough with the holiday spirit and the associated work load that comes along with it.  I cannot IMAGINE adding the stress of an elf that must do fun things at night and that I must then clean up.


But just when I was thinking that this Elf on a Shelf is pretty annoying something amazing happens.


A friend of mine puts together a video.  A birth video.  An ELF ON THE SHELF BIRTH VIDEO!  Did I mention it is a natural water birth video?  Did I mention it is in a birth center?  HOLY COW.


I might not have the energy to have an actual naughty/psychic elf in my house.  But I support ANYBODY who has a natural birth, even the elf variety.


Here is the video if you are interested.  It is HILARIOUS (as previously noted).


Did I mention that this elf also had placenta prints made?


And enjoys baby wearing?


The elf family also nurses in public.



And uses cloth diapers.



Yup.  That is an elf I can get behind.


Happy holidays to you!


(If you find yourself obsessed with elf birth- there are dozens more photos over at this blog.)



About Sarah Clark 

Sarah Clark is a natural birth teacher, a natural birth blogger, a mother of four and a wife in northern California.  She also trains natural birth teachers for Birth Boot Camp.  And, though she didn’t look as serene- she too had a natural water birth at a birth center.

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