A la Mama Giveaway: Apple Cheeks Cloth Diaper Prize Packs

Up for giveaway:

Apple Cheeks Prize Pack #1:

-One size 1 (6-20 lbs.) Envelope Cover in raspberry sorbet.

-One absorbent insert

-One set of khaki green Waist Extenders

-One brown Storage Sac (wet bag)

-One fleece-topped booster

-One instructional dvd

Apple Cheeks Prize Pack #2:

-One size 2 (18-15 lbs.) Envelope Cover in St. Lucia blue

-2 doublers
ac boosters

-1 bamboo cloth wipe

Please enter by leaving a comment below, with your preference for #1 or #2.

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448 thoughts on “A la Mama Giveaway: Apple Cheeks Cloth Diaper Prize Packs”

  1. I don’t have a preference, I’m due in October with my second daughter and either of those would be nice! Thanks!

  2. We are trying to find the best cloth diaper out there, – so far we have none, but we need to get going on this!! Help us out please!!

  3. Yet another brand we’d love to try, and like the last giveaway, these would be a huge blessing to our itty bitty stash!

    That size two prize pack is calling my name! 😉
    .-= Christina´s last blog ..One of these days… =-.

  4. Either of these would be awesome but I would prefer #1! Thank you so much for these great giveaways and drawing our attention to such awesome products!

  5. I still need a wet bag so #1 is my preference but either would be fine. I can put hot pink on a boy if that’s what we end up having in the next couple of weeks.

  6. I am having another baby in January and am really interested in trying these diapers! They look awesome! The #1 choice would be great. 😀

  7. I would love to try either, but number one would likely be best for us. BTW I LOVE that you are having giveaways, thank you Mothering!

  8. These give-aways are just wonderful! (THANK YOU!) I prefer package #1, but would gladly take either! I love cloth and I am always looking to increase our stash!

  9. These are adorable, and wet bags were also so convenient with my last baby! 🙂 I would prefer #1, however knowing how quickly babies grow, the weight range for #2 wouldn’t be far behind it!

  10. I’d love option #1! But either would work! I have a friend due with their first and will be going back to rwanda in the fall so her husband can continue teaching and I would love to give her this prize!

  11. I would love to have package number 1 for our new (almost here!) baby — but I would also be happy to save package number 2 for when (s)he has had some time to grow a bit in this world. Thank you!

  12. I’d love either, but I love #1 for a girl! I’m due in November, so this cloth diapering thing is totally new to me! I’m already addicted!

  13. I’d love to try this brand, it looks adorable! Either prize would be great, we have an infant and a toddler. 🙂

  14. Ooh la la! We have a big stash of all kinds, but we’ve never tried Apple Cheeks. I have heard great things though, so we’d love to try them!

    #2 would probably work best, but we would be happy with either! 🙂

  15. I am posting again (I commented on the other cloth diaper give-away) for a low-income friend who is due in October. She really wants to use cloth but it is an expensive venture at first, so I’d love to win this for her!


  16. I just started cloth diapering with my third child. I would love to try this brand. I would prefer #1 but would take #2. 🙂

  17. I am new to cloth diapering with my second child and I love it! He is a big boy so the size is what would fit his chunky legs! He is also a heavy wetter so the doublers are a must!

  18. Very cute! I’d love package # 1

    I’m pregnant with #4, but #3 is 8 years old – I gave all my old CD away years ago, so I’m starting from scratch again. So many new companies and diapers to choose from now!

  19. I’m just getting ready to start cloth diapering! I’d take package #1 as my first choice, but I’d be happy with #2 as well – we’ll get to that size in a few months either way!

  20. I’d love either or option 1 for my granddaughter! I’m trying to show my daughter how great cloth diapering is!

  21. #2 would be great!! This is my first baby and she is 7 weeks old now. She loves her cloth diapers! We haven’t tried Apple Cheeks before, but we are looking for new favorites to buy!

  22. I would have to go with #2 and just because of the color! My little man is sporting a purple cover from his sisters now. A little blue would be good.

  23. 16 month old… and the stash is looking a bit grim. Would love to brighten it up. 🙂

    #! would just make our day!!!

  24. I could use either #1 or #2…my DD would be the right size for #2 and her name is Lucia, very fitting I think!! Thanks 🙂

  25. We are just getting into cloth diapering and are looking to try many options! I’d love to win prize pack 1 – thanks!

  26. I would love to win prize package #1 as I am expecting a new baby in October and need to buy a NB stash! I have been wanting to buy an applecheeck diaper size 1 as I have heard nothing but good stuff about them.

  27. Pick me pick me! We need to buy a lot of these very soon for our little guy! Woohoo! Cloth diapering FTW!!! 🙂

  28. hello, i love the raspberry sorbet! i have a baby on the way, due in august, and a 4yr old who’s almost completely out of pullups… i’m dying to try cotton diapers but haven’t figured out the best place to start. maybe this is it! thanks.

  29. Everyone is raving about these dipes! I’d love to try them out. I don’t have a preference as I have two in diapers right now!

  30. Both gifts are great and I’d love either to try on my lil guys! If #2 is a higher weight range then that would work better for my chunkers 🙂 Thanks!!

  31. #2 please! I have 10 mo I am just starting in cloth, yay! Only 3 so far, so winning this one would be GREAT!

  32. Would LOVE Number 1. My daughter is 19 month and in disposables. We are having a boy in July and we want to switch both to cloth. 🙂

  33. My dog just CHEWED UP 2 of my cloth diapers… YUCK!!

    Now I need a few more 🙂

    Prize Pack #2 would be AWESOME!

  34. Love the st. Lucia blue! Although we could definitely use a new wetbag! 🙂 both are cute… Prize pack 2 please!

  35. Diaper Pack #1 would be wonderful. We’ve never tried Apple Cheeks and this would be the perfect introduction. Whoever wins, let us know how you like them!! 🙂

  36. #2 would be great for my youngest son (currently in diapers) but #1 would be nice for the next baby. Since gender is not yet known for the future baby, I’d choose #2, thank you.

  37. #2 please! I really want to try one of these. We’re still in the ‘experimenting to see which diapers work best for us’ stage.

  38. Well, i don’t know what a doubler is… but i’d like teh smaller cover so i’ll pick number one! :o)


  39. #2 Please. We are trying to find a diaper that will not leak on our heavy wetter daughter! I have been eyeing apple cheeks for a few days now… Would love to test them out!! 🙂

  40. I can’t express how badly we need this!! (#2) I diaper my daughter exclusively in cloth but am only working with about 15 diapers right now (that translates to a LOT of laundry!) But I’m sure whoever gets it needs it just as bad 🙂

  41. OH #2- always wanted to try an Apple Cheeks! And blue is the perfect color on my little guy!

    But 18-15 lbs? Is that right? 😀

  42. # 2 Please 🙂

    expecting baby # 2 — a boy ! & would love to try them out on him & first baby was a big girl—

    would like to have size 2 to get the most use!

  43. I have been dying to try these but have no income (SAHM homeschooling mom with husband laid off over a year ago). I love the #1 but would have to go with #2 as I have a big baby! 🙂

  44. single mom with baby born 1 month ago. Sister gave me lots of bum genius and fuzzi bunz but I would love #1 to try something different.

  45. I’d take either, since our baby isn’t born yet and either will fit! =)

    If I had to choose between them though, I’d choose #1 since we could use it soonest.

  46. I would LOVE to win #2! This is the diaper I’ve been wanting to try out for a long time and I’m in desperate need of a wet bag.

    Thank you for putting on such a great giveaway!

  47. My sister in law is having her first baby in August, after infertilty for 3 years and PRIZE PACK # 1 would be a perfect starter gift for her and her husband because they are interested in this type of diapering.

    Prize Pack # 1 gets my vote and hopes to win to surprise her.

  48. I’d love to try package #2. I’m curious as to how my daughter’s chunky little thighs would look in this system!

  49. I would be so grateful for eithe prize pack, but I would prefer #1. Just starting out on Cloth Diapering and would appreciate such a well made diaper to use!

  50. I have one applecheeks in size 1, so option#2 would be best for me, since my little one has just about grown out of the size one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. number one looks prtty sweet. We are expecting in August and would love to wrap our little guy in one of these.

  52. I’d be perfectly happy with either! I have a new baby coming that would work well in #1 and I have an older baby who is in size #2 🙂

  53. Both are super adorable, always could use more diaps! I guess i’ll go with prize #1 if I’m forced to choose!

  54. I’d love #1 for our lil boy just born today! We are building up our tiny stash and don’t have a wet bag yet.

  55. I have been dying to try cloth diapers nut my hubby’s not on board yet. I would love to try out prize #1 to show him it’s worth it!

  56. Gosh, I’d just like to win something.

    Either would be awesome! if I had to choose though (coin flipping)

    the coin says #1

    (hope I win!)

  57. I would love to win #1. We are going to start CDing our little ones this week thanks to the article in the Mothering mag!

  58. I am due on Thursday with my first child and expecting any day now! I’m so excited to try applecheeks and would love the #1 for my baby Zo

  59. I would love to win prize pack #1 please! I keep hearing so many wonderful things about this diaper, but have not had a chance to see for myself!

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  60. #1 would be perfect for my little one on the way! I started CD with my oldest when he was 18months so I don’t have small diapers!

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