A la Mama Giveaway: The Eazz Baby Wrap All-in-One Organic Zachary Blanket


This colorful, soft EAZZ WRAPS Zachary sateen blanket is 45″ x 45″ and has lots of those ribbon tabs babies and toddlers love to zoom in on. The printed side is sateen and the other side is hot pink cotton knit. CPSIA tested and approved, handmade in the USA, of cotton, hemp and bamboo.

Please leave a comment below to enter this snazzy blanket giveaway. If you want to, tell us about your baby’s favorite blankie, lovey or stuffed animal friend.

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96 thoughts on “A la Mama Giveaway: The Eazz Baby Wrap All-in-One Organic Zachary Blanket”

  1. Great giveaway! My son really doesn’t seem to favor any one toy/blanket/lovey/etc…..his favorite “toy” is mom and dad <3

  2. My 6 month old son would LOVE this blanket! He zeros in on tags on his blankets and stuffed animals. It’s gorgeous!

  3. we leave all the store tags on everything we give our daughter. She loves the tag on anything. She would love this blanket!

  4. My almost 2 year old would love one of these 🙂 I love it’s large size and bright colors! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity 🙂

  5. My youngest (4 months) prefers minky blankies, as does her older sister (2.5 years). My oldest (6 years) is sensory and his favorite blanket is a really heavy one made of old jeans.

  6. my daughter loves to go to sleep with her baby dolls. if she happens to fall asleep without one, upon waking she starts asking about it lol

  7. I love this blankie. My son who is now 6 has a blankie and boo boo bunny that he still has to have for bed and those hard moments in the day. His bunny goes almost everywhere with him. We even had to get a bag for the front of his bike so boo boo could ride with him. He keeps an ongoing conversation going with his bunny as they ride. The little things that help our angels get through the day.

  8. my little one on the way could sure use such a beautiful blankie……my son (3.5) does not have a special blankie, but he sure does love his dinosaur stuffed animal!!

  9. My eight-year-old had a collection of blankets, but her (and my) favorite one was a big, blue/green blanket that my close friend knitted for her. She was still knitting it when I went into preterm labor, so she finished it off in the labor and delivery room with me! We’re planning for another baby, now, and this blanket is lovely!

  10. Beautiful!! The current loveys (had to acquire more than one, against my pocketbook’s advice…the first was a gift) are little giraffe blankets..

  11. This is sooo cute. I love the tabs! In fact, my baby’s favorite toy is a little animal I made out of a sleeper a friend gave me the day I found out I was pregnant, it has little tabbies all along the edges and he outgrew it before he ever noticed they were there, so I made a toy! (He’s coming up shy of 4 months, so toys are a very new thing).

  12. Both of my daughters would love this! My two year old would create many styles of dresses out of it, and 8 month old would love to cozy with it!

  13. I love this! What a fabulous idea! My daughter is 3 and she has a stuffed tiger as her “lovey.” My son is 7 months old and has yet to claim one yet, he is quite attached to me though!

  14. I have 3 little ones and they each have a favorite “Bunny Bear”…. which is a soft bear with a bunny suit on

    Joshua’s is green, Damien’s is blue and Bella’s is pink ofcourse lol

  15. My daughter’s favorite toy is a little squeak mushroom from the same company that makes sophie the giraffe

  16. Love this! My first son didn’t really have a lovey, but he did have a favorite blanket. My next one is still in mama’s tummy so we shall see!

  17. My son has a sock monkey he absolutely adores:) He tucks him under the covers at bed time. Cutest thing ever. This blanket is precious!!!

  18. My sons would love these blankets. My youngest has a small ribbon blanket that he loves to cuddle with. My oldest boy has a dinosaur that he calls Long Neck!

  19. My daughter loves her “Blanky” with fringe all around it. She likes to hold 2 particular pieces of fringe that are slightly larger than the rest. She calls them “the big fringesses”.

  20. My daughter loves Mr. Sleepy head. We named him this way because he goes with her to bed every night and makes her sleepy. 🙂

  21. this blanket is adorable. My three month old had a twinkle baby. A lavender colored one. It is a little blanket baby that hold parents scent. She loves that baby…

  22. super cute! i have two small “bittybabyblankies” for my sons with their names on them. they are similar but about 12×12.

    one can never have too many blankies as far as i am concerned. 😉

  23. my 7 month old doesn’t seem to have a favorite anything…very easy going. our 2 year old has a ratty womb-sounds bear that he has had by his side at all times since he was old enough to grab on. love this blankey by the way, hope I win!

  24. Love this! My 6 mo has discovered tags on clothes/toys. She could care less about anything that doesn’t have one! This blanket is perfect! Thanks for offering!

  25. My daughter’s favorite blankie is actually mine from when I was a baby. It’s a red terry cloth material with crocheted edges. My granny hand sewed it for me. It’s falling apart of course!

    She will accept a substitute during the day, but red blankie HAS to be in her bed at least at night!

  26. Sweet giveaway!!!

    I Found out we are pregnant a month ago, so baby doesn’t have any favorites just yet! ;p

  27. I would love to have this for my 6mknth old son his favorite blanket is a Elmo blanket he sleeps with all the time and he loves his NASCAR Teddy bear radal

  28. my son doesn’t have a favorite blankie yet, he seems to just want to cling to me all the time! LOL! He’s a snuggler! I would love a special blanket for him to have.

  29. This would be great for my 7 month old boy. What a great giveaway! Gavin’s favorite toy to have with him at bedtime is a little musical seahorse that has a glowing belly. Once the music is on he snuggles right up and is on his way to dream land!

  30. My daughter didn’t have ant ayyachments to lovies or anything but now she plays with the taggie blanket that my friend hand made for her with her dolls.

  31. Beautiful blankets – love the size!!! My daughter has a little green mouse named ‘Rosie’ that she sleeps/naps with…

  32. My 18 month old son has to have his stuffed sheep and kitty with him in bed to sleep 🙂 This blanket looks amazing, would love to win it!

  33. Love this! My baby’s only 3 weeks old, so she doesn’t really have a favorite yet. She’s my third child, so she hasn’t gotten all of the gifts the first two did – it would be great to have a beautiful new blankie for her :o)

  34. My son’s favorite cuddly toy is his baby doll. We got it for him just before our second was due to arrive and he sleeps with it every night.

  35. Our baby boy has a super soft monkey and lion in his crib he loves. When we go out he loves his lamaze mortimer moose. No favorite blankie yet, this could be the one!

  36. This is so cute! My baby loves blankies– soft ones especially. We would be thrilled to win this! We are still searching for ‘The one” This could be it!

  37. My 5 month old has just discovered her little tag blanket (more like the size of a scarf!) and adores it. This blanket is adorable and a great size!

  38. I’m due in December, and I have NOTHING left from my 7-year-old son– I gave everything away! I have bought a few things for baby (we’ll learn the sex in three weeks), including a sweet stuffed Polar Bear that was crafted from recycled plastics. So excited to be mothering a new baby again! Oh, and thanks, Mothering Magazine for keeping me plugged in!

  39. Great giveaway – thanks for the chance. My second daughter’s favorite toy was and is a little pink Waldorf doll a dear friend sent her as a baby. She still takes her everywhere, and after two frantic searches when she was accidentally left someplace, we attached a little laminated “luggage tag” under her skirt with my daughter’s name and phone number and address so that she can be returned if lost again.

  40. I have always wanted a blanket like this. My son doesn’t have a blankey or lovey to sleep with. We have been on the search for the perfect one….here is hoping! 😉

  41. LOVE IT!!!!! My daughter sleeps with Hippo & Monkey. She reads to them, until they all fall asleep 😉

  42. Oh so cute! I love the ribbon loops… and that its organic. A girl cant have too many cozy blankets.

  43. Super cool! My ten month old son makes a bee-line for tags these days. Would be so great to win this for him.


  44. I love Loveys. My little guys, Noah (2) and Ethan (4.5) have well loved loveys…the kind that looks shabby, the kind with eyes missing and *that smell*…that smell that telly you they’ve been held tight and soothed fears. Ethan has a purple hippo that began as “Po” and is now “Mr. Hippo”. Noah has a purple elephant that his big brother picked out for him when he was still in the womb. Noah calls her “Ellie”. We all should have a lovey! : )

  45. My 15 months old best friend is my dolly that I had when I was little and takes it everywhere and calls it baby. I named it Joelle when I was about the same age. I would love to see her cuddled up in your blanket with her (and my) baby dolly.

  46. Lovely! My little guy has 2 small silky blankets with his pacifier clipped to them. It is tough to have your paci in your mouth all day when it is weighed down with a blankie. The plan is to remove the paci in time and he will still have his lovey to ease the transition.

  47. Isn’t it funny how each children have their own lovey/friend.

    When each of my 3 girls were born they were gifted with teddy bears that assist in sleep. My oldest had a fisher price bear that vibrated, my two youngest both ended up getting the heartbeat bears.

    They could never fall asleep without them beside them.

    For me, I was gifted at 2 yrs old a teddy bear that had already been well loved by a woman since she was a child. I slept with that bear each and every night. I loved THEO. He had tears, and burn holes. Poor thing. I still have him to this day!

  48. This blanket is sooo cute! My daughter would love it. She has a couple favorite stuffed animals, a lion and a monkey. Her face lights up every time she see’s them! The lion is the one she sleeps with sometimes.

  49. Great blanket – love the colors! My daughter’s favorite is her “mama’s shirt” – an old shirt of mine. She loves to rub the hem of shirt while sucking her thumb.

  50. My 2-year old is like Linus from Peanuts- his blanky goes everywhere. I am on the hunt for a durable, yet soft, blanky for #2, who is due in September…just in case he is like his brother!

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