A Motherhood Affirmation

Motherhood Affirmation


There are affirmations for birth and pregnancy and life in general.  There does however seem to be a dearth of motherhood affirmations.  And boy, I sure could use one ever now and again.  So here is one, just for you.


I am a mother.


Working each day to






and teach.


Then love some more.


I reach for my children.


They know that I am there.


That I love them,


accept them,


as human beings.


As precious.


As important.


I am constantly learning


from them.


From other wise women.


From my triumphs,


and my mistakes.


This task is great, the calling of motherhood,


at times even overwhelming.


But I have a strong back,


kind hands


loving arms,


and a warm chest for tears, hugs, and comfort.


The joy of motherhood never ends.


It can be so constant that I long to be alone.


But a mother knows that she is never alone.


She will never be alone again


Her children even as they grow, move, mature, and change,


are always with her.


They are in her memories,


etched into her skin


engraved in the curves of her mouth,


imprinted upon her heart.


I am both soft and powerful,


able to comfort and uphold,


love and discipline,


nurture and direct.


To be a mother is to be all things to a tiny person.


And to find oneself,


as you lose yourself in another.


There is no greater calling,


no more cherished honor,


than motherhood.


(Photo courtesy of Katelyn Demidow Photography.  Find her HERE)

About Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark is a mother of four naturally birthed babies, a wife, a birth instructor, and a board member for Birth Boot Camp, a natural birth company specializing in online and in person birth education.


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