A Newborn in the Hospital Circumcised Without his Parents’ Consent

After reading this article in the Miami Herald, “Accidental circumcision leads to lawsuit, protest,” I feel sick.

The article details how an 8-day-old baby, who was staying in the intensive care unit of South Miami Hospital, was circumcised without his parents’ consent.

They did not want him circumcised.

They did not sign a consent form.

No doctor or nurse asked the parents before doing the procedure.

How could this have happened?

It’s so disturbing and unbelievable that a doctor would cut off part of a tiny baby’s body without verifying that it should be done with the parents beforehand.

The little boy’s mom, Vera Delgado, is suing the hospital for personal injury and suing the doctor who performed the surgery for battery.

I think the Delgados deserve a tremendous amount of monetary compensation. But money won’t change the fact that Vera Delgado’s son has had his body violated and a part of his penis forcibly removed. I hope this case gets as much media coverage as possible.

It’s time for American hospitals to stop doing unnecessary interventions on newborn babies. We live in the 21st century. Let’s stop mutilating baby boys.

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