A Newborn in the Hospital Circumcised Without his Parents’ Consent

After reading this article in the Miami Herald, “Accidental circumcision leads to lawsuit, protest,” I feel sick.

The article details how an 8-day-old baby, who was staying in the intensive care unit of South Miami Hospital, was circumcised without his parents’ consent.

They did not want him circumcised.

They did not sign a consent form.

No doctor or nurse asked the parents before doing the procedure.

How could this have happened?

It’s so disturbing and unbelievable that a doctor would cut off part of a tiny baby’s body without verifying that it should be done with the parents beforehand.

The little boy’s mom, Vera Delgado, is suing the hospital for personal injury and suing the doctor who performed the surgery for battery.

I think the Delgados deserve a tremendous amount of monetary compensation. But money won’t change the fact that Vera Delgado’s son has had his body violated and a part of his penis forcibly removed. I hope this case gets as much media coverage as possible.

It’s time for American hospitals to stop doing unnecessary interventions on newborn babies. We live in the 21st century. Let’s stop mutilating baby boys.

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15 thoughts on “A Newborn in the Hospital Circumcised Without his Parents’ Consent”

  1. Based on comments on other blogs, this hospital has a track record of repeatedly hounding mothers to circumcise their baby boys. I guess this is a very good profit center for the hospital and doctors. It does not say much for the hospital when they wait until the mother leaves intensive care before they grab the baby and circumcise him.

  2. My SIL delivered in July at Miami Valley hospital in Dayton, OH (they have a birth center in the hospital). She overheard conversation between a nurse and parents whose baby had also been circumcised with no signed consent form. I’m not sure what explanation they gave for taking the baby from the parents when they did the circumcision.

  3. Not surprising to me. When my son was born, I remember one of the OBs in my practice checking in on me and as she was heading out the door saying “I’ll take care of that circumcision…” No! We didn’t want one, I specifically said no and checked the no box everywhere. Yet she just assumed.

  4. That is absolutely horrible; it feels like it violates the sanctity of the parent/child relationship.

    I agree with staging a protest at the hospital, but I’m not sure that a lawsuit against the physician or the hospital is the right thing to do. Being at the center of a legal battle will only marginalize this little boy and he will grow up thinking that he is maimed, different, somehow odd. No matter what happens, no amount of money will make this little angel “whole” again and I hope his mother can overlook her (understandable) anger and concentrate on loving her son and teaching him to accept himself.

    Theoretically, someone could say that having to pay out a large sum of money will “teach the hospital a lesson” but so will having to endure vocal protests and media coverage.

  5. This makes me sad. I’m sad that the doctors/nurses did not do their job right, ie. follow the wishes of the patient’s parents, but also sad that in our society what speaks is a lawsuit. Sue to get attention. Sue to obtain damages. Sue to feel better. This child’s foreskin is gone forever. No lawsuit will change that. I hope hospitals will stop taking circumcision for granted and that personnel will pay more attention to what is written on those consent forms.
    .-= Alexandra´s last blog ..Pearls =-.

  6. On the flip side of this story, a good one, I had a great experience at the hospital where I had my son. The surgeons who did my c-section asked us about it and when we said no, they were ecstatic and told us to make sure everyone knew. Unfortunately, my baby had to be in the NICU for 9 days, but everyone there was very happy when we said no to circumcision. I feel bad for this family and especially for the little boy.

  7. I was so lucky to have such a great stay at Kaiser Roseville in Roseville, Ca. I would definitely advocate for this hospital. I ended up having to have a repeat c-section but they helped me the best they could and were very supportive of v-bac letting me have a trial of labor, unfortunately my body just did not progress past 2 cm after my water broke at home. Anyways to get to the issue at hand, my son ended up in NICU because his sugar was just under 20 when he was born so he needed a little bit of extra tlc, they were supportive of breastfeeding going so far as to bring me a hospital grade double electric pump to get colostrum (i actually produced almost 2 oz of colostrum for them to give him little by little) he did end up getting supplemented with a little formula to get his sugar up but it was better than iv’s..I was down in that nicu every 2-3 hrs nursing him whenever my husband or nurse wheeled me down when I asked..by the time the question of circumcision even came up we talked to his neonatologist in charge of his care and he educated us that it was not in his best interest and they thought the procedure was barbaric, i had not wanted him cut in the first place but hubby was unsure of not doing it because its all he had known..but after talking to the wonderful DR Zeigler and to my sons pediatrician Dr Maynard Johnston they both said it was unnecessary as long as we teach our son proper hygiene when he is older…needless to say he stopped formula when we got home from his stay in nicu and he nurses still at 14 months!!! I just had to let people know of my great experience there..as for the poor little man mentioned above I am glad his parents are suing and hope they win!

  8. I am so glad to hear you had such a good experience with them being happy that you opted to not circumcise, I hope more women who end up with c-sections get the experience that we did for this. Sorry your baby had to be in NICU I know how hard that is but glad to hear baby is healthy now.

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