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A special thank you to Anni Dautler for writing this guest blog post on the sacredness that is pregnancy and birth!

When I was pregnant with my second child, Lotus, I became obsessed with trying to find women I could connect with that knew about the sacredness of birth and the rite of passage process that every mother goes through, but few mark. My pregnancy craving was for that sisterhood that used to exist back in the day when women lived in tribes and pregnancy wisdom was passed down from mother to mother. Not being able to find what I was truly looking for, I realized something was missing in how we go through our pregnancies in this culture, and that sacred mother sisterhood had been buried, not lost, but buried deep in the past and needed to re-surge for all women. Our bodies create babies, and everyone agrees that is a miraculous wonder, but our spirits create souls and we need to know how to handle the process of creating a “whole” person. I truly believe the way to do this is by connecting to ourselves, the process of growing a baby and other wise women.

Pregnancy is a ride and we need to dig deep in order to navigate the emotional and physical waters of that journey. Its wild, scary, fun, joyous, beautiful, sexy, dirty, bloody and most of all it shapes us into mothers and re-defines how we look at the world.  Every woman DESERVES a Sacred Pregnancy, because it’s her birth-right and it’s our most sacred work that we will ever do. A Sacred Pregnancy is one that is honored and shaped with intention, purpose and celebration. We need to go back to the Kiva and sit with our women tribes and be held with their empowerment, get showered with adornment and learn more ways how to say “YES” to nurturing ourselves. We need to decorate our bellies and let it all hang out, honor our partners as they too travel the road with us, be brave and vulnerable, look into the eyes of our own childhoods so we may pick and choose what we want to take with us into our own mothering choices and most importantly we need to learn that this is a journey we share with others, but ultimately travel alone.

A Sacred Pregnancy is a gift you give yourself and your baby, and one that is unique to every single pregnancy and birthing experience.  It’s where, if you let it happen, you become one of the wise women with a blessed sisterhood knowledge that one day you will give to maidens. Hold that power with a delicate hand and when the time is right you will know how to pass it on.

I am honored, humbled and just tickled pink that I have been given the opportunity to write Sacred Pregnancy : the book and that folks are responding so well to it. I hope that each of you finds your way into the book, the website and the community. The Sacred Pregnancy movement has so much planned and we hope that you are all there to share it with us.

The Sacred Pregnancy book is now available for purchase and we are VERY excited to have just launched Sacred Pregnancy : the magazine (www.sacredpregnancy.com). In our efforts to start a movement and bring the sacredness back to pregnancy for more women, we are also launching the Sacred Pregnancy “8 week pregnancy journey” classes for pregnant women and the “4 week birth journey” classes for pregnant couples. If you are interested in starting a Sacred Pregnancy career and becoming a certified SP instructor, please email us at info@sacredpregnancy.com to find out more details on the training retreats we are holding all around the world.

In deep + loving gratitude,

Anni Daulter

Sacred Pregnancy

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Here is a little bit about my new book Sacred Pregnancy

Sacred Pregnancy

A Loving Guide and Journal for Expectant Moms
by Anni Daulter
North Atlantic Books

May 2012


Color Photographs

ISBN-13: 978-1583944448

In today’s western cultures, the typical pregnancy focuses on the baby to the exclusion of the woman herself. Most often the entire experience is more about preparing for the baby’s arrival than self examination to prepare emotionally for all the changes creating a new life brings. Sacred Pregnancy was written to help the pregnant woman journey within herself and prepare for the birth of her baby.

Sacred Pregnancy is a gorgeous four-color book especially created for mothers-to-be to reflect on the many personal milestones of the full gestation period of a pregnancy. With beautiful professional photos that correspond to each topic, Sacred Pregnancy also features a journal space for the pregnant woman to record her thoughts and feelings. Daulter offers weekly information for the mother-to-be on her baby, her body, and her spirit. Asked to reflect on the changes happening via the topic of the week, Sacred Pregnancy touches on a variety of issues such as sexuality, fears about labor, becoming a mother, courage, rite of passage, adornment, body image, meditation, and sisterhood. Mothers-to-be are invited to look deeply at the issues unique to their journey and find a centered, peaceful place to live their pregnancy fully. Lastly, Sacred Pregnancy includes place for the new mother to record her birth story and a large resource section on various birthing options and supports for pregnant women.


About the Author

ANNI DAULTER, a conscious family living lifestyle expert, professional cook, and advocate of natural family living, has been encouraging women to take control of their birthing experiences for many years. Daulter recently launched her new Sacred Pregnancy

Amy Paolinelli

About Amy Paolinelli

Amy is a mom of 3 lively kiddos, a wife, and an advocate for natural living. Prior to having children, she worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist with high-risk youth. After having her first daughter, she found her passion in pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and natural living. She is now an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in private practice, a student of Herbal Medicine for Women, and cofounder of 3Girls Holistic – a truly pure herbal skin care line. She loves getting her hands dirty in the garden and spending time near the water. You can find more of her writings at www.3girlsholistic.com

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