A Week of Toy Giveaways by UrthChild!


Hello, Mamas!

Please enjoy the debut of a new A la Mama feature: A Week of Giveaways (this time by UrthChild.com).

Owned by a WAHM and devoted Mothering reader, UrthChild is a retail store that specializes in organic and eco-friendly items for the entire family. Each day this week, UrthChild is giving away an item to highlight their diverse selection of happy, healthy goods.


First up is UrthChild’s toy department, which features organic, natural, and wooden toys that are free from BPA, lead, and other nasty chemicals. Just in time for the holidays, enter today to win HABA’s Sakrada Block Set. With their whimsical designs, unexpected shapes, and vivid colors, this 10-piece block set will draw your child into an imaginative world for hours on end.

Here’s how you enter to win:

1. Leave a comment below. Let us know your favorite item on the UrthChild site. While you’re over there, please do sign up for the Urth Child newsletter; enter your email address at the bottom of the homepage and click “submit.”

2. For a second chance to win, please go to UrthChild’s Facebook page and “Like” it. Then come back here, leave a second comment telling me that you did.

3. For a third chance to win, follow UrthChild on Twitter. Leave a 3rd comment to let me know you did.

Thank you, and please come back each day to enter the daily UrthChild giveaways. It’s a delightful way to get a little break from the Thanksgiving hubbub (not that we don’t love it!).

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261 thoughts on “A Week of Toy Giveaways by UrthChild!”

  1. I am so excited to see more and more organic and earth friendly companies and products being more widespread over the years of motherhood for me. Its boomed since 8 years ago when my 1st of three was born.


  2. My favorite toy is Plan Toys Dancing Alligator Pull Toy. I’ve actually purchased 2 of these for 1 st birthdays last year and the kiddos loved them even before the could walk!

  3. my fave item

    Heavy Baby Waldorf Doll

    i’m now following you on twitter and i’ve liked you on facebook…and i’m getting the newsletter…now bring on the freebe’s…pleeeze 😉

    seriously love the site. easy to navigate and i can’t wait to get my first newsletter!

  4. I love the green tea part set… 🙂 now that I have a little girl I can buy these kinds of toys.. my son loved the alligator pull toy.. he said.. I want that… ( he’s two 🙂

  5. UrthChild has some really great products. I like the EcoTots Beach Locker What a cool place for kids to put their shoes, bags, towels, jackets, etc when coming into the house!

  6. I went to Waldorf school for 5 years and had a Waldorf doll, so I absolutely love that Urth Child carries these beautiful dolls!

  7. Elves & Angels Anna’s Dollhouse! Oh my! This site is amazing. Everything is so beautiful and high quality. It was hard to choose one thing! 🙂

  8. How could I pick just one thing? I agree that the Elves and Angels Anna’s Dollhouse is awesome. I also love all the blocks.

  9. completed steps 1 and 2 but i dont use twitter. i love the dollhouses on the website, beautiful!!! you are officially “liked” 🙂

  10. I love Urthchild! I’d have to say my favorite is the Bamboletta dolls- I’ve tried for months to get one for my little girl.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. My inner child just screamed “I WAAAANT IT!”

    I never had a dollhouse as a child, I love the Elves & Angels Anna’s Dollhouse!

  12. It’s sort of hard to decide what my favourite thing on the website is – the products are lovely. But I suppose my particular favourite at the moment is the camden teething ring; understated, lovely, necessary, and it seems an appropriate “wish” in terms of contest winning because my sister, who herself is lovely and understated, is pregnant at forty years old and I delight in her upcoming child as she does. For the first of many Auntie-gifts, I love the teething ring.

  13. I love the haba block, so colorful and unique. I also liked the variety that the website offers. This is the first time I have seen this site but I will be coming back and sharing.

  14. I love that they are free of chemicals, that is very important for me as a mother to buy toys that are safe for my child to play with. Your store is fantastic!:)

  15. I have to say that I love everything on your site! But, if I have to pick my favourite, I’ll speak from experience: I absolutely adore my ERGO baby carrier. As a baby-wearing mama of three, I couldn’t live without it!

  16. There are a lot of products! I really like the Mimi the Sardine aprons though. I also really like how you have the description and then an UrthChild review!

  17. UrthChild is simply my kind of site, but to narrow a favorite down, I have to pick the Under the Nile fruits and veggie sets. They are so cute, colorful and I love they smile!!

  18. I love the Smiling Planet bowls and plates! The Organic Essence products! The gorgeous clothing… The Stockmar products… So much more. And the website is so beautiful!

  19. I just “liked” urthchild on facebook. Urthchild is fairly new to me and I am really loving what I see. Thanks so much mothering…you mean a lot to me :o)

  20. Do I really have to pick out a favorite!! I love that Urthchild has and outdoor toy option when you search! The trucks look really cool. My boys and I love to be outside so the outside toy option was nice…don’t see that option very often when looking for toys. I also was like the wool clothes section. Very nice stuff.

  21. OOoooh! I love the Plan Toys kitchen stuff – pots and pans, play food, toaster, WOW! So many to choose from, I can’t pick one favorite.

  22. I really do love the items you sell to complete the goal of providing products for a natural and organic baby and childhood. My favorite, though is the originality and life in the photos of the children in the clothing section. Nice.

  23. I love Urth Child! We bought our Christmas Presents from them last year and plan to do it again this year! Our favorite is still Joy’s Waldorf Heavy Doll! My son cannot sleep without his baby! I plan to get another in pink for my daughter.

  24. So many gorgeous items. Right now my favorite item is the Ecotots Bonsai Book Caddy, mainly because I’m trying to figure out some way to organize all my son’s books!

  25. My favourite item is the waldorf dolls, but I already put that in another giveaway post, so my other favourite toy is the wooden animals.

  26. My favorite item from Urthchild is the heavy baby Waldorf doll with lavender scent. The bunting is so cute and practical for a toddler to carry this kind of doll. My daughter is 15 month and just loves to play with dolls, stack things and be carried from place to place by her Mama!! 🙂

  27. Those blocks are darn cute – for either boys or girls, but I think my favorite item is the Jem of Mine Waldorf Doll – Jill. Looks like my granddaughter 🙂

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