Abba rewrite for Mothering: Nursing Queen

Y’all, I am so excited. Our Mothering holiday staff dinner is next Tuesday evening and I am going to rewrite the lyrics to Abba’s Dancing Queen to be a Mothering-themed song! Melissa Chianta (who in addition to being a supremely thorough managing editor, has a killer set of pipes) has agreed to lead the tune , and I basically just want to drop all of my various duties and write it up.

Right now I’m pretty sure that the chorus will feature lines ending in “Mothering/breastfeeding/nursing queen…” plus some kind of play on the ending sound of “vaccine,” and “magazine”…it’s just begging to be written. Feel free to post verses! I hope to put up a video clip after the fact…and for next year, we are kicking around the idea of choreographing a song, with costumes. Yes, Virginia, I have been watching too much Glee.

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