Abbreviations And Acronyms

The Mothering community uses a number of abbreviations and acronyms that may be new to some, especially those new to discussion forums and/or attachment parenting and natural family living. We hope this list will help you decipher things as you read and participate in discussions.

1HT: One handed typing
2WW: 2 Week Wait, time between O and AF or pregnancy
ABC: Artificial Birth Control
ABF: Adoptive Breastfeeding
ABM: Artificial Baby Milk (Formula)
AF: Aunt Flow (Period Started)
AIO: All In One (diaper and cover together)
AP: Attachment Parenting
API: Attachment Parenting International (organization for AP groups)
AROM: Artificial rupture of membranes (amniotomy, have your water broke by OB/MW)
AMA: Against Medical Advice
b’h: see explanation at bottom**
bs’d: see explanation at bottom**
BB: Bulletin Board
BBS: Bulletin Board System
BBT: Basil Body Temperature
BC: Birth Control
BCP’s: Birth Control Pills
BD, BDing: Baby Dance(ing) (making babies)
BF: Breastfeed or Breastfed
Bfing: Breastfeeding
BFN(P): Bald Face Negative (Positive)(re: pregnancy test) Or Big Fat Pos/Neg
BIL: Brother In Law
BMS: Baby Making Sex (TTC)
BOTD: Benefit of the Doubt
BP: Birthparent
BTDT:Been There, Done That
BTW: By The Way
CBE: childbirth educator
CD: Cloth Diapering
CD#: Cycle Day, followed by a number (CD1 is first day of period)
CEFM: Continual External Fetal Monitoring
CIRC: Circumcision
CIO: Cry It Out
CM: Cervical Mucus
CMP: Certified Professional Midwife

CNM: Certified Nurse Midwife
CO: Cervical Opening
CP: Cervical Position
CPF: Chinese Pre Folds (diapers)
C-S, C/S, CS: Depends on context, can be cesarean section, or co-sleeping
CTA: Charting To Avoid (conception)
DDC: Due Date Club
DDCC: Due Date Club Crasher
DDDDC: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap (MDC fundraising project)
DD: Dear Daughter *
DEM: Direct Entry Midwife
DFD: Dear Foster Daughter
DFS: Dear Foster Son
DH: Dear Husband *
DP: Dear Partner *
DPO: Days Post Ovulation
DS: Dear Son *
DSD: Dear Stepdaughter *
DSS: Dear Stepson *
DSPF: Diaper service Pre-Fold
DW: Dear Wife *
EBF: Extended Breastfeeding (past 1 year), or Exclusive Breastfeeding (no solids or supplementation)
EBM: Expressed Breast Milk
EC: Elimination Communication or Excellent Condition in trade threads
EDD: Estimated Due Date
EFM: External Fetal Monitoring
ENDO: Endometriosis (cause of IF)
EO: Essential Oil

EP: Exclusively Pumping (breastmilk)
EPO: Evening Primrose Oil
EPI: short for Epidural anesthesia
ETA: Edited to Add or Estimated Time of Arrival

EWCM: Egg White Cervical Mucus
FAM: Fertility Awareness Method
FB: Fuzzi Bunz (brand of cloth diapers)
FFS: Free For Shipping
FMBG: Full Moon Baby Gear (brand of cloth diaper)
FP: Family Practitioner
FS: for sale
FSBC: Free standing birth center
FSOT: For Sale or Trade
FTE: Full Time Employment

FTM: Female to Male (transgender) or First Time Mom
FTR: For The Record
FWIW: For what it’s worth
GA: Granola Ambassador
GBS (+ or -): Group B Strep (positive or negative sign may follow)
GD: Gentle Discipline or Gestational Diabetes check context for meaning.
GD&R: Grinning, Ducking & Running
HB: Homebirth
HTA: Hoping to Avoid (conception)
HTH: Hope This Helps

ICI: Intracervical Insemination
IF: Infertility
IIRC: If I Recall Correctly
ISO: In Search Of
ITA: I totally agree
IUI: Intrauterine Insemination (IF procedure)
IYKWIM: If You Know What I Mean
JMHO: Just my honest/humble opinion
KOTC: king of the castle
KWIM?: Know What I Mean ?
LAFS: Love at first sight
LAM: Lactational Amenorrhea Method of birthcontrol (absence of fertility due to breastfeeding.)
LLL: La Leche League (international breastfeeding support organization)
LOL: Laughing Out Loud
LL: Little Lambs (brand of cloth diapers)
LM: Lay Midwife
LMAO: Laughing My Arse Off
LO: Lavender Oil
MAK: Multi-tasking at Keyboard
M/C: Miscarriage
MDC: Mothering Dot Com
ME: Motherease (brand of cloth diapers)
MIL: Mother In Law
MW: midwife
NAK: Nursing At Keyboard
NATCH: Naturally
NIB: New in box
NIP: Nurse In Public (or for trading post New In Package)
NFL: Natural Family Living
NFP: Natural Family Planning method of birthcontrol
NP: No Problem
NT: No text, usually a post where the text portion has been removed either by the poster or a moderator ~or~ Nourishing Traditions, a cookbook and way of eating
NWT: New With Tag
NWOT: New Without Tag
O: Ovulation
OB: Obstetrician
oht: one hand typing
OMG: Oh My Gosh!(Goodness, God etc.)
OOAK: One of A Kind
OP: Original Poster
OSW: One Size Wonder (Luke’s drawers one size diapers)
OT: Off Topic
OTOH: On The Other Hand
PCOS: Polycystic ovaries (IF problem)
PL: Potty Learning
PLMK: Please Let me Know
PM: Private Message
PROM: premature rupture of membranes
PO: Peppermint Oil
POAS/POS: Pee On A Stick (Pregnancy Test)
POV: Point of View
PPD: In trading threads means Postage Paid, in other places may mean Post Partum Depression
PSA: Public Service Announcement
PUL: polyurethane laminate (the waterproof outer on cloth diapers)
QOTC: queen of the castle
RE: Reproductive Endocrinologist (fertility specialist) or abbreviation of “reason” as in “reason for post” in Spirituality forum could mean Religious Education.
REHI: hello again
RIC: Routine Infant Circumcision
ROM: Rupture of Membranes (water breaks in childbirth)
ROTFLMAO: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Arse Off
ROTFLOL: Rolling On The Floor, Laughing Out Loud
SAHD: Stay At Home Dad
SAHM: Stay At Home Mom
SHMBO: she who must be obeyed (a fave of DH *grin*)
SID: Sensory Integration Dysfunction/disorder
SIL: Sister In Law
SIWW: super industrial whisper wrap (a type of diaper cover)
SO: Significant Other
SOS: Suzie’s One-Size (brand of cloth diapers)
SP?: usually in parentheses means poster is not sure of spelling of word or phraseing
ST: Sleep Training
STBX: Soon to be Ex
Subbing or Sub: meaning to subscribe to a particular thread or forum.
SW: Social Worker
TAO: Talk Amongst Ourselves (an MDC non-topic specific forum)
TBH: To Be Honest
TCS: Taking Children Seriously
TCOYF: Taking Charge Of Your Fertility (TTC bible) by Toni Weschler
TIA: Thanks In Advance
TMI: To Much Information
TTA: Trying To Avoid (conception)
TTC#: Trying To Conceive, usually followed by # indicating which child
TTO: Tea Tree Oil
TTFN: Ta Ta For Now
TTW#: Trying to wait (# indicates which child)
TTYL: Talk To You Later
UA: MDC User Agreement
UB: Unassisted Birth
UC: Unassisted/unattended Childbirth
UP: Unassisted Pregnancy/Self-Care
US: Ultrasound
UU: Unitarian Universalist Church or a member of that church as in “I am a UU”
VAX: Vaccination
VBAC: Vaginal Birth After Cesearen, others in this vain are HBAC=home birth after C, UBAC=unassisted birth after C.
VPD: Vaccine preventable disease
WB: Waterbirth
WAHD: Work At Home Dad
WAHM: Work At Home Mom
WOH: working out of the home
WOHM(D): Work Out of Home Mom (Dad)
WWW: World Wide Web
WWYD: what would you do
WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get
YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary, as in your results may be different than mine
🙂 Smile, grin, happy face, way to let someone know that it is a positive statement
😉 Wink…there are many variations of this “emoticon”
😎 Smile from someone with glasses
🙁 Frown
:-O Amazement
😛 Sticking out my tongue at you
:-Q Nausea, disgust
<>< Fish symbol that indicates Christianity
)O( waxing/full/waning moon, maiden/mother/crone, symbol of the triple goddess, paganism, or wicca.
^i^ Angel
*(.)(.)* Hairy armpits on a woman

*The first “D” in any of these can mean any or all of the following:
darling, dear, darn, !@$&, dastardly, dreadful… etc. etc…



Originally Posted by merpk
The b’H is an acronym for the Hebrew “barukh HaShem,” literally meaning “bless G-d,” or idiomatically, “thank G-d.”
The bs’d is an acronym for the Aramaic “b’siyata di’Shmaya,” meaning “with the help of Heaven.”
They are written (usually in Hebrew letters) on the top of a page of writing, before writing anything, one or the other, interchangeably. Orthodox Jewish folks will write it on every page they write. On the Internet & on the printed English page, the letters you saw are the way it comes out …

 Huge thanks go to MDC member MamaFae! She compiled virtually the entire list below from 430+ posts!

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