Affordable eco goods: good.


Um, April is coming in like a lion. What the…? So much for plans of early-evening tennis. The wind would blow the ball into the next court. At least I could blame it on the wind if I whomped it there…and yet…no. 

So I got turned on to this really great site: They offer one affordable eco item until it’s sold out, and then move on to a new item. The products are 40-80% off, and you can buy up to three of them, so it’s one way to do holiday shopping all year long, in small, manageable increments. You can sign up for alerts so that when a new product is listed, you know right away. Right now they’re offering a full-sized bamboo blanket for only $35.55 (it’s usually $79).

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One thought on “Affordable eco goods: good.”

  1. I love it that sells one item until it’s sold out. What a unique idea! Thank you for sharing this.

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